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art/prehistoric art/mosaic muses augusta treverorum trier
Mosaic of Nine Muses, from Augusta Treverorum (Trier)
art/prehistoric art/terracotta goddess statue tell es sawwan
Terracotta goddess statue, from Tell es-Sawwan
art/prehistoric art/fragments pottery monte bignone province imperia
Fragments of pottery, from Monte Bignone, Province of Imperia, Italy
art/prehistoric art/fragment female statue abruzzo region italy
Fragment of female statue, from Abruzzo Region, Italy
art/prehistoric art/red ceramic tripod jug weifang china 3rd millennium
Red ceramic tripod jug from Weifang, China, 3rd millennium B.C
art/prehistoric art/ceramic cup surroundings erice trapani province
Ceramic cup, from surroundings of Erice, Trapani Province, Italy
art/prehistoric art/serbia copper storage facility copper smelter
Serbia, Copper from storage facility of copper smelter in Belgrade
art/prehistoric art/denmark jutland norresundby triangular viking
Denmark, Jutland, Norresundby, Triangular Viking burial dating back to Iron Age
art/prehistoric art/colombia huila department san agustin archeological
Colombia, Huila Department, San Agustin, Archeological Park, Dolmen with caryatids
art/prehistoric art/young scythian typical clothes illustration
Young Scythian in typical clothes, Illustration
art/prehistoric art/ceramic vessel grottazzolina province fermo
Ceramic vessel, from Grottazzolina, province of Fermo
art/prehistoric art/ornamented bronze votive cart dejbjaerg
Ornamented bronze votive cart, from Dejbjaerg
art/prehistoric art/large polished axes marche region
Large polished axes, from Marche region
art/prehistoric art/granite idol known stele granja toninuelo jerez
Granite idol known as Stele of Granja de Toninuelo, from Jerez de los Caballeros, Badajoz
art/prehistoric art/italy lombardy region capo di ponte camonica valley
Italy, Lombardy region, Capo di Ponte, Camonica valley, Brescia province, National
art/prehistoric art/skull homo erectus known sangiran skull indonesia
Skull of Homo erectus known as Sangiran skull, from Indonesia
art/prehistoric art/denmark jelling mounds runic stones carvings
Denmark, Jelling mounds, runic stones, Detail of carvings on runestone
art/prehistoric art/bone engraved figure deer laugerie basse
Bone engraved with figure of deer, from Laugerie-Basse in Aquitaine
art/prehistoric art/bronze knife wavy blade villanovan culture
Bronze knife with wavy blade from Villanovan Culture
art/prehistoric art/sweden stockholm axes battle axe culture
Sweden, Stockholm, axes of the Battle Axe Culture
art/prehistoric art/clay figurine man servirola province reggio emilia
Clay figurine of man, from Servirola, Province of Reggio Emilia, Italy
art/prehistoric art/mycenaean idol scoglio del tonno taranto
Mycenaean idol from Scoglio del Tonno, Taranto
art/prehistoric art/anthropomorphic statue stele consisting head neck
Anthropomorphic statue-stele consisting of head and neck, from Val di Magra in Lunigiana
art/prehistoric art/cave painting catal huyuk catalhoyuk sanctuary
Cave painting, from Catal Huyuk or Catalhoyuk sanctuary, 7th millenium BC
art/prehistoric art/italy sardinia region nuoro province macomer
Italy, Sardinia Region, Nuoro Province, Macomer, Nuragic nuraghe
art/prehistoric art/bronze model nuraghe olmedo
Bronze model of Nuraghe of Olmedo
art/prehistoric art/deer bone liguria region italy
Deer bone, from Liguria Region, Italy
art/prehistoric art/bronze sword castions di strada province udine
Bronze sword, from Castions di Strada, Province of Udine, Italy
art/prehistoric art/reconstruction neolithic dwelling
Reconstruction of neolithic dwelling
art/prehistoric art/mosaic medallion depicting horse dog roman trier
Mosaic medallion depicting horse and dog, from Roman Trier, Augusta Treverorum
art/prehistoric art/spain madrid zoomorphic vase rio gor area
Spain, Madrid, Zoomorphic vase from Rio Gor area
art/prehistoric art/anthropomorphic terracotta cinerary urn borucino
Anthropomorphic terracotta cinerary urn, from Borucino, Gdansk
art/prehistoric art/double bladed flint ax label original inventory
Double-bladed flint ax with label of original inventory by Jacques Boucher de Perthes
art/prehistoric art/fossils arthropods trilobites
Fossils of Arthropods and Trilobites
art/prehistoric art/flint arrowheads friuli venezia giulia region
Flint arrowheads, from Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, Italy
art/prehistoric art/stylized female figure bone dolni vestonice
Stylized female figure in bone, from Dolni Vestonice
art/prehistoric art/spearhead emilia romagna region italy
Spearhead, from Emilia Romagna Region, Italy
art/prehistoric art/finds stenhojgard treasure svendborg
Finds from Stenhojgard Treasure, from Svendborg
art/prehistoric art/male torso statue atessa province chieti italy
Male torso statue, from Atessa, Province of Chieti, Italy
art/prehistoric art/italy sicily region castelluccio culture terracotta
Italy, Sicily Region, Castelluccio Culture, Terracotta pot with geometrical figures
art/prehistoric art/gold collar ring belt buckles bracelet princely
Gold collar, ring, belt buckles and bracelet, from princely burial of Germanic warrior
art/prehistoric art/sweden smaland hanger pot engravings combat
Sweden, Smaland, Hanger, Pot with engravings of the combat axe culture
art/prehistoric art/flask shaped vase
Flask-shaped vase
art/prehistoric art/egypt libyan nubian sahara desert millstone
Egypt, Libyan-Nubian Sahara desert, Millstone
art/prehistoric art/reconstruction burial neanderthal man homo sapiens
Reconstruction of burial of Neanderthal Man (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) at La
art/prehistoric art/arrowheads javelin points perugia area umbria
Arrowheads and javelin points from Perugia area, Umbria region
art/prehistoric art/arrow points spear heads scrapers excavations
Arrow points, spear heads and scrapers from the excavations at Lisen and Ondranice
art/prehistoric art/stylized female figure maliqi albania
Stylized female figure, from Maliqi, Albania
art/prehistoric art/cinerary urn decorated engravings geometric motif
Cinerary urn decorated with engravings, Detail of geometric motif
art/prehistoric art/miner shoe signal horn saltmine hallstatt
Miner shoe and signal horn, from the saltmine at Hallstatt
art/prehistoric art/polished flint dagger umbria region
Polished flint dagger, from Umbria region
art/prehistoric art/italy liguria region urn pre roman chiavari
Italy, Liguria region, urn from pre-Roman Chiavari necropolis
art/prehistoric art/australia northern territory iwlipataka reserve
Australia, Northern Territory, Iwlipataka Reserve, Rock paintings
art/prehistoric art/el argar culture pottery
El Argar culture, Pottery
art/prehistoric art/bronze plaque matraszele
Bronze plaque, from Matraszele
art/prehistoric art/birth mithras rock surrounded signs zodiac augusta
Birth of Mithras from rock surrounded by signs of zodiac, from Augusta Treverorum (Trier)
art/prehistoric art/funerary vases
Funerary vases
art/prehistoric art/finds excavations piediluco province terni
Finds from excavations of Piediluco, province of Terni
art/prehistoric art/france corsica castle arraggio casteddu daraghju
France, Corsica, Castle of Arraggio (casteddu d'Araghju), Bronze Age monumental complex
art/prehistoric art/uk england wiltshire stonehenge
UK, England, Wiltshire, Stonehenge
art/prehistoric art/levalloisian culture flint utensil montreres
Levalloisian culture, Flint utensil from Montreres
art/prehistoric art/large bronze fibula shape boat
Large bronze fibula in shape of boat
art/prehistoric art/pear shaped pitcher engraved decorations sardinia
Pear-shaped pitcher with engraved decorations, from Sardinia Region
art/prehistoric art/bronze knife decorations axe dipper cup
Bronze knife with decorations, axe and dipper cup
art/prehistoric art/italy liguria region necklace valle argentina
Italy, Liguria region, Necklace from Valle Argentina
art/prehistoric art/spiral shaped bronze fibula swidnica
Spiral-shaped bronze fibula, from Swidnica
art/prehistoric art/prehistory jurassic period dinosaurs diplodocus
Prehistory, Jurassic period, Dinosaurs, Diplodocus, Illustration
art/prehistoric art/spain cantabria santander surroundings altamira
Spain, Cantabria, Santander surroundings, Altamira Cave, Upper Paleolithic cave paintings
art/prehistoric art/pendant
art/prehistoric art/decorated bronze horse bits
Decorated bronze horse bits
art/prehistoric art/fragment sculpture representing leg caverna
Fragment of sculpture representing leg, from Caverna (cave) della Pollera, Finale Ligure
art/prehistoric art/decorated bronze cup bylani culture
Decorated bronze cup, Bylani culture
art/prehistoric art/reconstruction incineration tomb villanovan
Reconstruction of an incineration tomb from Villanovan Culture
art/prehistoric art/spain balearic islands minorca island ruins
Spain, Balearic Islands, Minorca Island, ruins of Talati de Dalt, archaeological zone with talayot
art/prehistoric art/france pyrenees isturitz reindeer horn carved
France, Pyrenees, Isturitz, Reindeer horn carved into the shape of a feline
art/prehistoric art/decorated handle emilia romagna region italy
Decorated handle, from Emilia Romagna Region, Italy
art/prehistoric art/archaeological finds monte venera province reggio
Archaeological finds, from Monte Venera, Province of Reggio Emilia, Italy
art/prehistoric art/denmark copenhagen animal shaped amber figurines
Denmark, Copenhagen, animal shaped amber figurines
art/prehistoric art/dark pots novilara province pesaro urbino italy
Dark pots, from Novilara, Province of Pesaro-Urbino, Italy
art/prehistoric art/silver torque necklace armilla bracelet excavations
Silver torque or necklace and armilla (bracelet) from excavations of Carpenedolo, Brescia province
art/prehistoric art/italy liguria region stone age knives
Italy, Liguria region, Stone Age, Knives
art/prehistoric art/stone bas relief depicting deer isturitz
Stone bas-relief depicting deer, from Isturitz
art/prehistoric art/clay model representing libation scene kotchati
Clay model representing libation scene, from Kotchati necropolis
art/prehistoric art/silver fibula rings needle
Silver fibula with rings on needle
art/prehistoric art/spear heads sardinia region
Spear heads, from Sardinia Region
art/prehistoric art/italy sardinia region arzachena province olbia tempio
Italy, Sardinia Region, Arzachena, province of Olbia-Tempio, Li Longhi Giants' tomb
art/prehistoric art/france reconstruction reindeer horn tool carved
France, reconstruction of a reindeer horn tool carved into the shape of a bird,
art/prehistoric art/ceramic funerary urn geometric decoration pan
Ceramic funerary urn with geometric decoration, from Pan Shan
art/prehistoric art/cave painting depicting bull hunting scene catal
Cave painting depicting bull hunting scene, from Catal Huyuk sanctuary, Turkey
art/prehistoric art/france brittany dol de bretagne department
France, Brittany, Dol-de-Bretagne Department, Champ Dolent megalith
art/prehistoric art/jewelry box oschiri province olbia tempio italy
Jewelry box, from Oschiri, province of Olbia-Tempio, Italy
art/prehistoric art/ornamental disk
Ornamental disk
art/prehistoric art/terracotta vessel shape pig
Terracotta vessel in shape of pig
art/prehistoric art/kephtiu type cup elbasan albania
Kephtiu type cup, from Elbasan, Albania
art/prehistoric art/almond shaped weapons apulia region italy
Almond shaped weapons, from Apulia Region, Italy
art/prehistoric art/sweden sotockholm ostasiatiska museet green
Sweden, Sotockholm, Ostasiatiska Museet, Green jade Huan disc from Banshan
art/prehistoric art/palaeozoology mesozoic family dinosaurs beach
Palaeozoology, Mesozoic, family of dinosaurs on beach, illustration by Dougal Dixon
art/prehistoric art/eneolithic ceramic bowl inscriptions gradesnica
Eneolithic ceramic bowl with inscriptions from Gradesnica, Bulgaria
art/prehistoric art/spoke wheel emilia romagna region italy
Six spoke wheel, from Emilia Romagna Region, Italy


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