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art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/mappa mundi ink colors parchment created london
Mappa Mundi, ink and colors on parchment, created in London about 1265
art/painting sculpture prints/austria vienna view wiener staatsoper vienna
Austria, Vienna, View of the Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera), color print, 1925
art/painting sculpture prints/benito mussolini the quadrumvirs photograph
Benito Mussolini and "The Quadrumvirs", photograph, October 1922
art/painting sculpture prints/afghan nomad family buddhas bamiyan 1950
Afghan nomad family in front of one of two Buddhas of Bamiyan, 1950, Painting
art/painting sculpture prints/italy livorno port giuseppe cianchi scagliola
Italy, Livorno, Port by Giuseppe Cianchi, scagliola
art/painting sculpture prints/great white way time square theatre district
The Great White Way: Time Square and Theatre District in New York by Howard Thain
art/painting sculpture prints/italy saint agnes
Italy, Saint Agnes
art/painting sculpture prints/italy florence firenzuola coach porta fiorentina
Italy, Florence, Firenzuola, coach with Porta Fiorentina in background, 20th century
art/painting sculpture prints/italy capri piazzetta umberto i square clock
Italy, Capri, Piazzetta (Umberto I Square) with clock tower on right side, 1910
art/painting sculpture prints/italy naples marina harbor road postcard
Italy, Naples, Via Marina (Harbor Road), postcard, 1900
art/painting sculpture prints/feast gifts piazza della signoria florence loggia
The Feast of gifts in Piazza della Signoria in Florence under Loggia dei Lanzi building
art/painting sculpture prints/france portrait marguerite valois also known
France, Portrait of Marguerite de Valois (also known as La Reine Margot (1553 - 1615)
art/painting sculpture prints/liege river meuse quai le batte photograph
Liege, River Meuse and Quai de le Batte, photograph
art/painting sculpture prints/italy milan bocconi stores piazza duomo 1881
Italy, Milan, Bocconi Stores in Piazza Duomo in 1881
art/painting sculpture prints/interior winter bierhaus vienna wilhelm gause
Interior of the winter Bierhaus in Vienna by Wilhelm Gause (1853-1916), watercolor
art/painting sculpture prints/nobles lunching cave pietro fabris
Nobles lunching in front of cave by Pietro Fabris
art/painting sculpture prints/slovenia view koper engraving 1780
Slovenia, view of Koper, engraving, 1780
art/painting sculpture prints/italy fiasco 1915
Italy, Fiasco, 1915
art/painting sculpture prints/italy venice children playing water watched
Italy, Venice, children playing in water, watched over by mothers and governesses at Lido Baths
art/painting sculpture prints/austria vienna sidewalk cafe
Austria, Vienna, Sidewalk cafe
art/painting sculpture prints/italy rome fresco small temple prayer villa
Italy, Rome, Fresco with small temple and prayer from Villa San Marco in Castellamare
art/painting sculpture prints/italy milan duomo square people trams 20th
Italy, Milan, Duomo Square, people and trams, 20th century
art/painting sculpture prints/france sketch costume act manon performance
France, sketch of costume for act five of Manon, performance at Opera de Paris
art/painting sculpture prints/netherlands amsterdam nieuwe kerk new church
Netherlands, Amsterdam, Nieuwe Kerk (New Church), by Isaak Ouwater, illustration
art/painting sculpture prints/italy view urbino engraving 1737
Italy, view of Urbino, engraving, 1737
art/painting sculpture prints/a2001906
art/painting sculpture prints/france paris capture calais duke guise 9th
France, Paris, The Capture of Calais by the Duke of Guise, 9th January 1558
art/painting sculpture prints/87013425
art/painting sculpture prints/italy viterbo saint lawrences cathedral t bishops
Italy, Viterbo, Saint Lawrence's Cathedral and t Bishop's Palace, engraving
art/painting sculpture prints/italy theseus athens miniature french manuscript
Italy, Theseus in Athens, miniature from French manuscript of the Book of Theseus/Theseid
art/painting sculpture prints/italy sideboard crockery fruit vegetables
Italy, Sideboard with Crockery, Fruit, Vegetables, Sausage and ham
art/painting sculpture prints/czech prague lighthouse columns 1921
Czech, Prague, Lighthouse (Columns), 1921
art/painting sculpture prints/italy santanna 1921
Italy, Mill of Sant'Anna, 1921
art/painting sculpture prints/map turin joan blaeu theatrum sabaudiae engraving
Map of Turin, by Joan Blaeu from Theatrum Sabaudiae, engraving, 1682
art/painting sculpture prints/italy milan piazza della scala scala square
Italy, Milan, Piazza della Scala (Scala Square) at beginning of 1900s
art/painting sculpture prints/france paris place lopera garnier opera beginning
France, Paris, Place de l'Opera and Garnier Opera at beginning of 1900s, postcard
art/painting sculpture prints/padua church st anthony engraving 1743
Padua, Church of St. Anthony, engraving, 1743
art/painting sculpture prints/italy milan castello sforzesco sforzesco castle
Italy, Milan, Castello Sforzesco (Sforzesco Castle, engraving, 1704
art/painting sculpture prints/germany view city meissen m del dan watercolor
Germany, view of city of Meissen, by M. Del Dan, Watercolor
art/painting sculpture prints/france man petrarch
France, Man with Petrarch
art/painting sculpture prints/italy florence piazza santa croce florentine
Italy, Florence, Piazza Santa Croce with Florentine football game or costume football game in 1739
art/painting sculpture prints/naples vesuvius erupting lanterna del molo unknown
Naples, Vesuvius erupting and Lanterna del Molo, Unknown Nordic artist, Watercolour
art/painting sculpture prints/italy florence dish plums jasmine walnuts
Italy, Florence, Dish of plums with jasmine and walnuts
art/painting sculpture prints/bergkirke church eisenstadt kismarton hungarian
Bergkirke Church in Eisenstadt (Kismarton in Hungarian), print
art/painting sculpture prints/earth globe vincenzo coronelli 1688
Earth globe by Vincenzo Coronelli, 1688
art/painting sculpture prints/germany view city potsdam
Germany, view of city of Potsdam
art/painting sculpture prints/japan painting woman reading
Japan, painting of woman reading
art/painting sculpture prints/italy florence pelago ghilberti square 20th
Italy, Florence, Pelago, Ghilberti Square, 20th century
art/painting sculpture prints/storage area wood burnt montparnasse boulevard
Storage area for wood to be burnt at Montparnasse Boulevard, Paris, in January 1871
art/painting sculpture prints/italy florence tornabuoni palazzo ferroni 20th
Italy, Florence, Via Tornabuoni and Palazzo Ferroni, 20th Century, postcard
art/painting sculpture prints/celestial globe created vincenzo coronelli 1693
Celestial globe created by Vincenzo Coronelli, 1693
art/painting sculpture prints/austria vienna university square engraving
Austria, Vienna, University Square, engraving by Carl Schutz, 1790
art/painting sculpture prints/spain view madrid coloured engraving 1780
Spain, view of Madrid, coloured engraving, 1780
art/painting sculpture prints/italy view naples engraving
Italy, view of Naples, engraving
art/painting sculpture prints/italy mouth cinquale 1928
Italy, Mouth of Cinquale, 1928
art/painting sculpture prints/budapest industrial bank danube river watercolour
Budapest, industrial mill on bank of Danube River, watercolour drawing
art/painting sculpture prints/austria vienna bad mothers 1894 oil canvas
Austria, Vienna, The Bad Mothers, 1894, oil on canvas 105x200 cm
art/painting sculpture prints/france triumph ridicule almanacby basset engraving
France, The Triumph of Ridicule from an Almanacby Basset, engraving, 1773
art/painting sculpture prints/france provence mont sainte victoire
France, Provence, The Mont Sainte-Victoire
art/painting sculpture prints/italy milan scala theatre beginning 1900s 20th
Italy, Milan, The Scala Theatre at beginning of 1900s, 20th Century
art/painting sculpture prints/italy naples pozzuoli panoramic view city gulf
Italy, Naples, Pozzuoli, Panoramic view of city and gulf
art/painting sculpture prints/lake maggiore landscape adolfo polaroli oil
Lake Maggiore landscape, by Adolfo Polaroli, Oil on canvas
art/painting sculpture prints/italy sails boats 1937
Italy, Sails (Boats), 1937
art/painting sculpture prints/italy milan central train station 1931
Italy, Milan, Central Train Station, 1931
art/painting sculpture prints/paris boatmens joust pont notre dame pont au change
Paris, boatmen's joust between Pont Notre-Dame and Pont au Change, by Nicolas-Jean-Baptiste
art/painting sculpture prints/italy rome termini station 1911
Italy, Rome, Termini Station, 1911
art/painting sculpture prints/italy rome dell impero colosseum background
Italy, Rome, Via Dell' Impero with Colosseum in background, 1935
art/painting sculpture prints/italy milan rhythms objects 1911
Italy, Milan, Rhythms of objects, 1911
art/painting sculpture prints/chinese baths boulevard des italiens built francois
The Chinese Baths and Boulevard des Italiens, built by Francois Richard-Lenoir in 1792
art/painting sculpture prints/austria vienna october 28 1848
Austria, Vienna, Fire of October 28, 1848
art/painting sculpture prints/walk prater park vienna wilhelm gause watercolor
Walk in Prater Park in Vienna by Wilhelm Gause, watercolor, 1901
art/painting sculpture prints/usa cleveland twilight wilderness 1860
USA, Cleveland, Twilight in wilderness, 1860
art/painting sculpture prints/89009790
art/painting sculpture prints/earth globe martin behaim 1492
Earth globe by Martin Behaim, 1492
art/painting sculpture prints/italy rustic landscape 1927
Italy, Rustic Landscape, 1927
art/painting sculpture prints/11059107
art/painting sculpture prints/world map oval projection francesco rosselli
World map on oval projection, by Francesco Rosselli, ink on parchment, created in
art/painting sculpture prints/view versailles palace gardens pierre patel 1668
View of Versailles Palace and its gardens by Pierre Patel, 1668
art/painting sculpture prints/celestial globe vincenzo coronelli 1693
Celestial globe by Vincenzo Coronelli, 1693
art/painting sculpture prints/austria vienna portrait catherine de medici
Austria, Vienna, Portrait of Catherine de' Medici (1519 - 1589)
art/painting sculpture prints/portugal view lisbon coloured engraving 1780
Portugal, view of Lisbon, coloured engraving, 1780
art/painting sculpture prints/celestial globe jacques la feuille created amsterdam
Celestial globe by Jacques de la Feuille, created in Amsterdam, 1700
art/painting sculpture prints/italy railway station milan 1909
Italy, Railway Station in Milan, 1909
art/painting sculpture prints/seine river grand gallery four nations college
Seine River with Grand Gallery and Four-Nations College (Today Institute de France)
art/painting sculpture prints/italy ferrara view castello estense
Italy, Ferrara, View of Castello Estense
art/painting sculpture prints/italy milan milanese authorities waiting emperor
Italy, Milan, The Milanese Authorities waiting for Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria
art/painting sculpture prints/87030636
art/painting sculpture prints/norway oslo returning home
Norway, Oslo, Returning Home
art/painting sculpture prints/russia wedding
Russia, The Wedding
art/painting sculpture prints/pont neuf louvre unknown artist 1680
Pont Neuf and Louvre, by unknown artist, about 1680
art/painting sculpture prints/relief shale tablet depicting layout heliopolis
Relief on shale tablet depicting layout of Heliopolis Temple
art/painting sculpture prints/view maggiore square bologna palazzo del podesta
View of Maggiore Square in Bologna, with Palazzo del Podesta (Podesta Palace) in 1600
art/painting sculpture prints/italy lucca town fiumetto pietrasanta marina
Italy, Lucca, town of Fiumetto, Pietrasanta Marina, Eldorado baths, 20th century
art/painting sculpture prints/earth globe joan blaeu 1635
Earth globe by Joan Blaeu, 1635
art/painting sculpture prints/naples il borgo loreto forte del carmine showing
Naples, Il Borgo Loreto Forte del Carmine showing royal procession entering Piazza del Carmine
art/painting sculpture prints/italy rome basilica santa maria maggiore engraving
Italy, Rome., Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, engraving, 1776
art/painting sculpture prints/italy parma farnese theatre plan prospect
Italy, Parma, Farnese Theatre, plan and prospect
art/painting sculpture prints/austria vienna oil canvas painting campo vaccino
Austria, Vienna, oil on canvas painting of Campo Vaccino in Rome, 1612
art/painting sculpture prints/inhabited earth from description la confederacion
The inhabited earth from, Description de la Confederacion Helvetique by Albert de Bonstetten


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