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art/archeology/high angle view palace temple solomons palace
High angle view of a palace and a temple, Solomon's Palace, Solomon's Temple
art/archeology/england london battersea power station
England, London, Battersea Power Station
art/archeology/painted terracotta sarcophagus spouses cerveteri
Painted terracotta Sarcophagus of the Spouses, from Cerveteri, Rome province, Italy, detail, 520 B
art/archeology/egypt map philae island temples engraving atlas
Egypt, Map of Philae Island and temples, engraving from Atlas by Emile Prisse d'Avennes
art/archeology/map forums palatine hill drawing
Map of the forums and the Palatine Hill, drawing
art/archeology/argentina patagonia cueva las manos cave hands
Argentina, Patagonia, Cueva de las Manos, ('Cave of Hands'), cave paintings
art/archeology/marble aphrodite kallipygos callipygian venus statue
Marble Aphrodite Kallipygos or Callipygian Venus statue, Roman copy of Hellenistic
art/archeology/roman forum imperial map illustration
Roman Forum and imperial map, illustration
art/archeology/ancient rome map mediterranean basin
Ancient Rome, map of Mediterranean Basin, illustration
art/archeology/ancient rome capri villa jupiter villa jovis
Ancient Rome, Capri, Villa of Jupiter (Villa Jovis), illustration
art/archeology/map roman augusta treverorum
Map of Roman Augusta Treverorum
art/archeology/greek civilization fresco depicting ship procession
Greek civilization, fresco depicting ship procession, from Akrotiri, Thera Island
art/archeology/sleeping drunken satyr known barberini faun roman
Sleeping or drunken satyr known as the Barberini Faun, Roman marble copy
art/archeology/egypt deir el medina statuary group representing
Egypt, Deir el-Medina, Statuary group representing Pharaoh Ramesses II (circa 1279-1213 B
art/archeology/egypt luxor valley queens nefertaris tomb
Egypt, Luxor, Valley of the Queens, Nefertari's Tomb, Details form frescos in
art/archeology/map western mediterranean area main battles location
Map of the Western Mediterranean area. Main battles location and route taken by the
art/archeology/map servian wall constructed city rome early
Map of the Servian wall, constructed around the city of Rome in the early 4th century BC
art/archeology/map roman empire emperor diocletian rule ad 284 305
Map of Roman empire under Emperor Diocletian rule (AD 284-305), drawing
art/archeology/map rome camp temple vesta circus maximus
Map of Rome: camp, temple of Vesta, Circus Maximus, Capitoline Hill and the temple of Jupiter
art/archeology/plan latin colonia cosa 3rd century bc drawing
Plan of the Latin colonia of Cosa, 3rd century BC, drawing
art/archeology/ancient rome map hispania illustration
Ancient Rome, map of Hispania, illustration
art/archeology/map italy illustrates territorial subdivisions
Map of Italy illustrates territorial subdivisions at outbreak of Social War, 91 BC
art/archeology/map german tribe crossing rhine river drawing
Map of german tribe crossing the Rhine river, drawing
art/archeology/map pre roman alban hills drawing
Map of pre-Roman Alban Hills, drawing
art/archeology/greek civilization fresco depicting spring akrotiri
Greek civilization, fresco depicting spring, from Akrotiri, Thera, Santorini
art/archeology/valley queens tomb prince khaemuas son ramses iii
Valley of the Queens, Tomb of Prince Khaemuas, son of Ramses III, at the time of the
art/archeology/greek civilization black figure pottery krater
Greek civilization, Black-figure pottery, Krater depicting fight for the body of Patroclus
art/archeology/ancient rome map roman empire illustration
Ancient Rome, map of Roman Empire, illustration
art/archeology/map central italy depicting roman roads flaminia
Map of central Italy depicting two Roman roads: Via Flaminia (220 BC) and Via Flaminia Minor
art/archeology/map preroman lazio drawing
Map of preroman Lazio, drawing
art/archeology/map territories roman rule second punic war 218 201
Map of the territories under Roman rule after the Second Punic War (218-201 BC), including Spain
art/archeology/cast sculpture depicting athena west pediment
Cast sculpture depicting Athena, from the west pediment of the Temple of Aphaia at Aegina, 490 b
art/archeology/pompeian residence domus plan building map
Pompeian residence (domus), plan of building, map of southern Italy, Gladiator helmet
art/archeology/statue official shibum mari tell hariri syria
Statue of official Shibum, from Mari, Tell Hariri (Syria)
art/archeology/inscription fasti amiternini document listing
Inscription from Fasti Amiternini, document listing fasti days and non-fasti days
art/archeology/bronze statue depicting dionysus fufluns
Bronze statue depicting Dionysus, Fufluns
art/archeology/cuneiform map world babylon center text describes
Cuneiform map of the world with Babylon in the center, text describes the conquests
art/archeology/alfred jewel enamel set gold carries inscription
The Alfred Jewel. Enamel set in gold. It carries an inscription which says '
art/archeology/magatama curved bead pendant yayoi period
Magatama (curved bead) pendant, Yayoi period
art/archeology/cuneiform tablet written king ashurbanipals library
Cuneiform tablet written for King Ashurbanipal's library, from Ashurbanipal Palace
art/archeology/ear ornament final jomon period terracotta
Ear ornament, final Jomon period, terracotta
art/archeology/terracotta statue known sleeping lady hal saflieni
Terracotta statue known as the "Sleeping Lady" from the Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum at Paola
art/archeology/bronze jug tomb 112 durrnberg
Bronze jug from tomb 112 at Durrnberg
art/archeology/france sarthe mont saint jean sculpture representing
France, Sarthe, Mont-Saint-Jean, Sculpture representing a foreign God, limestone
art/archeology/prehistory offensive weapons bolsena lazio region
Prehistory, Offensive weapons, From Bolsena, Lazio Region, Italy
art/archeology/god bouray bronze statuette male bust enamel
God of Bouray, bronze statuette of male bust, enamel painted eyes, from La Ferle Alois
art/archeology/pottery vessels geometric decorations sicily region
Pottery vessels with geometric decorations, from Sicily Region, Italy
art/archeology/portrait moctezuma ii or motecuhzoma xocoyotzin
Portrait of Moctezuma II (or Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin, 1466-1520), last Aztec king at
art/archeology/mexico olmec civilization priest relief
Mexico, Olmec civilization, Priest Relief
art/archeology/reconstructed ara pacis augustae 1st century bc
Reconstructed Ara Pacis Augustae, 1st century BC, Illustration
art/archeology/egypt silver sarcophagus pharaoh heqakheperre
Egypt, Silver sarcophagus of Pharaoh Heqakheperre Shoshenq II (circa 900-885 B.C.)
art/archeology/ethiopia angels holding swords arab manuscript
Ethiopia, two angels holding swords, from Arab manuscript
art/archeology/reconstruction punic ports tunisia carthage
Reconstruction of the two Punic ports, Tunisia, Carthage (UNESCO World Heritage List
art/archeology/hippopotamus ivory statue tambourine player syria
Hippopotamus ivory statue of a tambourine player from Syria
art/archeology/first new chronicle good government llama sacrifice
Detail from The First New Chronicle and Good Government with Llama sacrifice in occasion
art/archeology/ruins temple erechtheum acropolis athens attica
Ruins of a temple, The Erechtheum, Acropolis, Athens, Attica, Greece
art/archeology/netherlands stevensweert silver cup meuse river
The Netherlands, Stevensweert, Silver cup found in the Meuse river
art/archeology/fictile oil lamp relief depicting goddess fortuna
Fictile oil lamp with relief depicting goddess Fortuna. From Tomb Rebato 41, nearby Este
art/archeology/partial reconstruction monument nereids xanthos lycia
Partial reconstruction of the Monument of the Nereids of Xanthos in Lycia, circa 390-380 b
art/archeology/pre columbian civilizations peru moche culture
Pre-Columbian civilizations, Peru, Moche culture, masculine head from Trujillo
art/archeology/peru ollantaytambo wall religious inca building
Peru, Ollantaytambo, wall of a religious Inca building
art/archeology/reconstruction aztec social organization
Reconstruction of Aztec social organization
art/archeology/etruscan bronze figurine togaed man villa cassarini
Etruscan bronze figurine of togaed man, from Villa Cassarini, Bologna, Italy, 500 B.C
art/archeology/italy viterbo montalto di castro veio chigi
Italy, Viterbo, Montalto di Castro, Veio, Chigi vase showing details of battle, by
art/archeology/bronze mirror hathor headed handle gurna
Bronze mirror with Hathor-headed handle, from Gurna
art/archeology/marble statuette isis saqqara
Marble statuette of Isis, from Saqqara
art/archeology/turkey aegean region aphrodisias portico tiberius
Turkey, Aegean Region, Aphrodisias, Portico of Tiberius, Odeon, temple of Aphrodite
art/archeology/red figure pottery cup depicting scene assembly gods
Red-figure pottery, cup depicting scene of assembly of gods: Zeus, Ganymede and Vesta
art/archeology/young woman bronze
Young woman, bronze
art/archeology/black figure pottery hydria depicting blinding
Black-figure pottery. Hydria depicting blinding of Polyphemus from Cerveteri, Rome
art/archeology/etruscan civilization situla chiusi siena
Etruscan civilization, Situla from Chiusi, Siena Province
art/archeology/vase portrait leer
Vase-portrait of leer
art/archeology/aerial main center lazio drawing
Aerial of the main center of Lazio, drawing
art/archeology/marble bust emperor julius claudius 41 54 ad
Marble bust of Emperor Julius Claudius (41-54 a.d.), from Izmit (ancient Nicomedia)
art/archeology/architrave noholding 9 representing people holding
Architrave no.holding 9 representing two people holding sceptre, from Yaxchilan, Mexico, 687 A
art/archeology/marble bust faustina younger wife marcus aurelius
Marble bust of Faustina Younger wife to Marcus Aurelius, from Lamunia, 125-176 a.d
art/archeology/tunisia sidi abdakkah mosaic depicting net fishing
Tunisia, Sidi Abdakkah, Mosaic depicting net fishing and octopus fishing
art/archeology/marble statue emperor valentinian ii 387 390
Marble statue of Emperor Valentinian II (387-390), from Aphrodisias, Turkey
art/archeology/head god amon egyptian civilization
Head of god Amon, Egyptian civilization
art/archeology/map eastern mediterranean asian minor basin
Map of Eastern Mediterranean and Asian Minor Basin. Greco-Bactrian and Parthian expansions
art/archeology/statuette representing lar protective roman deity
Statuette representing a Lar (protective roman deity), bronze
art/archeology/statue gladiator
Statue of a gladiator
art/archeology/mexico aztec civilization teponatzli stone drum
Mexico, Aztec civilization, Teponatzli stone drum from Mexico Valley
art/archeology/veiquasio optatos stele relief farm cart mules
Veiquasio Optato's stele, Detail from relief with farm cart, mules and farmer
art/archeology/papyrus book dead hieroglyphs polychrome illustrations
Papyrus of the 'Book of the Dead' hieroglyphs and polychrome illustrations
art/archeology/hippopotamus ivory claquettes castanets shape
Hippopotamus ivory claquettes (castanets) in the shape of hand with carving depicting
art/archeology/france burgundy forges buffon mechanical hammer
France, Burgundy, Forges de Buffon, Mechanical hammer
art/archeology/terracotta statuette victory myrina
Terracotta statuette of Victory, from Myrina
art/archeology/geometric style amphora depicting prothesis scene
Geometric-style amphora depicting prothesis scene, exposure and lamentation of dead
art/archeology/reconstructed fresco depicting dancers performing
Reconstructed fresco depicting dancers performing bull-leaping of taurokathapsia
art/archeology/planetary tablet demotic inscription
Planetary tablet with Demotic inscription
art/archeology/turquoise enamelled clay pectoral pendant shape naos
Turquoise enamelled clay pectoral pendant in the shape of a naos, decorated with god
art/archeology/wall painting depicting flora fauna marshes river nile
Wall painting depicting flora and fauna of marshes along the River Nile, from the
art/archeology/spain merida mithraic cronus saturn excavations
Spain, Merida, Mithraic Cronus (Saturn), from the excavations of the bullring in 1902
art/archeology/scribes tools wood alabaster tablets
Scribes tools, wood and alabaster tablets
art/archeology/greece delphi sculpture depicting dancing girls
Greece, Delphi, Sculpture depicting three dancing girls on acanthus leaf column
art/archeology/gold tubular bracelet bull heads decoration thessaly
Gold tubular bracelet with bull heads decoration, from Thessaly, Greece
art/archeology/bronze statue depicting augur ancient roman religious
Bronze statue depicting augur, ancient Roman religious official
art/archeology/etruscan civilization 7th 6th century b
Etruscan civilization, 7th-6th century b.c. Bronze lamina Arnoaldi Situla, Villanovian period


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