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art/archeology/greek civilization fresco depicting spring akrotiri
Greek civilization, fresco depicting spring, from Akrotiri, Thera, Santorini
art/archeology/valley queens tomb prince khaemuas son ramses iii
Valley of the Queens, Tomb of Prince Khaemuas, son of Ramses III, at the time of the
art/archeology/greek civilization black figure pottery krater
Greek civilization, Black-figure pottery, Krater depicting fight for the body of Patroclus
art/archeology/ancient rome map roman empire illustration
Ancient Rome, map of Roman Empire, illustration
art/archeology/map central italy depicting roman roads flaminia
Map of central Italy depicting two Roman roads: Via Flaminia (220 BC) and Via Flaminia Minor
art/archeology/map preroman lazio drawing
Map of preroman Lazio, drawing
art/archeology/map territories roman rule second punic war 218 201
Map of the territories under Roman rule after the Second Punic War (218-201 BC), including Spain
art/archeology/cast sculpture depicting athena west pediment
Cast sculpture depicting Athena, from the west pediment of the Temple of Aphaia at Aegina, 490 b
art/archeology/pompeian residence domus plan building map
Pompeian residence (domus), plan of building, map of southern Italy, Gladiator helmet
art/archeology/statue official shibum mari tell hariri syria
Statue of official Shibum, from Mari, Tell Hariri (Syria)
art/archeology/inscription fasti amiternini document listing
Inscription from Fasti Amiternini, document listing fasti days and non-fasti days
art/archeology/bronze statue depicting dionysus fufluns
Bronze statue depicting Dionysus, Fufluns
art/painting sculpture prints/great white way time square theatre district
The Great White Way: Time Square and Theatre District in New York by Howard Thain
art/painting sculpture prints/italy venice basin san marco oil canvas
Italy, Venice, The Basin of San Marco, oil on canvas
art/minor arts/notebook anna magdalena bach title page 1725
Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, Title page of 1725 manuscript
art/archeology/cuneiform map world babylon center text describes
Cuneiform map of the world with Babylon in the center, text describes the conquests
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/germany saxony anhalt halle portrait german
Germany, Saxony-Anhalt, Halle, Portrait of German composer, son of Johann Sebastian Bach
art/painting sculpture prints 19th century/portugal lisbon tagus river praca comercio
Portugal, Lisbon, Tagus River and Praca do Comercio (Commerce Square) district, engraving
art/painting sculpture prints/czech republic prague view citadel color engraving
Czech Republic, Prague, View of the citadel, color engraving from Civitates Orbis
art/painting sculpture prints/france paris battle romans sabines
France, Paris, The Battle of the Romans and the Sabines
art/painting sculpture prints cartography/jerusalem civitates orbis terrarum georg braun
Jerusalem from Civitates Orbis Terrarum by Georg Braun, 1541-1622 and Franz Hogenberg
art/minor arts/france paris caricature composer hector berlioz
France, Paris, Caricature of composer Hector Berlioz (1803 - 1869)
art/minor arts/auc coucett champion monocyclist world ad
Auc Coucett the Champion Monocyclist of the world, advertisement for unicycle
art/archeology/red figure pottery krater civita castellana
Red-figure pottery, Krater, from Civita Castellana, ancient Falerii, Rome province
art/archeology/schist cosmetic palette representing victory king
Schist cosmetic palette representing the victory of the king portrayed as a bull, verso
art/archeology/italy emilia romagna hip flask representing
Italy, Emilia-Romagna, Hip-flask representing gladiators
art/archeology/marble relief dioscuri castor pollux rome
Marble relief with Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux, from Rome
art/archeology/painted terracotta head woman mourner isis mourning
Painted terracotta head of woman mourner or Isis mourning Osiris
art/archeology/roman civilization relief portraying fight female
Roman civilization, Relief portraying fight between female gladiators
art/archeology/colossal statue emperor augustus gaius iulius
Colossal statue of the Emperor Augustus (Gaius Iulius Caesar Octavianus, 63 B.C. - 14 A
art/archeology/anatolia 15th century caucasian rug representing
Anatolia, 15th century, Caucasian rug representing the fight between a dragon
art/archeology/roman civilization gold emeralds semi precious
Roman civilization, gold, emeralds and semi precious stones necklace
art/archeology/stone stele ink demotic inscription depiction
Stone stele with ink demotic inscription and depiction of black solar disk (the night)
art/archeology/ruins pergamon turkey engraving voyage pittoresque
The ruins of Pergamon (Turkey), engraving from Voyage Pittoresque de la Grece, by
art/archeology/henan province gongxian caves statue sitting buddha
Henan province, Gongxian caves, Statue of a sitting Buddha, grey limestone
art/archeology/pre columbian civilizations mexico teotihuacan
Pre-Columbian civilizations, Mexico, Teotihuacan culture, stone mask
art/archeology/italy sicily statue representing headless muse
Italy, Sicily, Statue representing a headless Muse
art/archeology/sarcophagus vicovaro depicting calydonian boar hunt
Sarcophagus from Vicovaro depicting Calydonian boar hunt, an episode from legend of
art/archeology/italy lazio civita castellana red figure volute
Italy, Lazio, Civita Castellana, Red-figure volute krater (vase used to mix wine
art/archeology/fragment faience statuette isis
Fragment of faience statuette of Isis
art/archeology/gold sandals treasure tutankhamen
Gold sandals, from Treasure of Tutankhamen
art/archeology/italy florence golden enamel buckles fly shaped
Italy, Florence, Golden and enamel buckles and fly-shaped brooch
art/archeology/decorated bronze table feline paws house f rufus
Decorated bronze table, with feline paws, from House of F. Rufus, Pompei
art/archeology/cup gallic deities reppousse silver
Cup with gallic deities in reppousse, silver
art/archeology/etruscan vase depicting laurel crowning
Etruscan vase, detail depicting laurel crowning
art/archeology/statuette goddess snakes sanctuary knossos
Statuette of goddess of snakes, from Sanctuary of Knossos, Greece
art/archeology/iraq khorsabad relief representing bull human face
Iraq, Khorsabad, Relief representing a bull with human face, from the Palace of Sargon II
art/archeology/fresco siege engine
Fresco, Siege engine
art/archeology/terracotta relief depicting chariot races circus
Terracotta relief depicting chariot races in circus
art/archeology/roman relief scenes butchers shop
Roman relief with scenes from a butcher's shop
art/archeology/marble sarcophagus depicting deceased couple lid
Marble sarcophagus depicting deceased couple on lid and reliefs with scenes from life
art/archeology/gold larnax coffin containing bones philip ii
Gold Larnax coffin containing bones of Philip II of Macedonia, from treasures of royal
art/archeology/decadrachm syracuse depicting female head probably
Decadrachm of Syracuse depicting a female head (probably the head of Artemis or Arethusa)
art/archeology/painted limestone stele god apis deceased adoration
Painted limestone stele of god Apis, detail with the deceased in adoration before
art/archeology/egyptian painted limestone stele depicting worship
Egyptian painted limestone stele depicting worship of bull god Apis, from Serapeum at Saqqara
art/archeology/france castrum saintes relief depicting
France, castrum Saintes, Relief depicting legionaries
art/archeology/bronze statuette priest height 13 cm necropolis
Bronze statuette of priest, height 13 cm, from the Necropolis of Cavalupo at Vulci (Latium region
art/archeology/relief depicting war trophy prisoner
Relief depicting war trophy and prisoner
art/archeology/egypt thebes glass paste cup thutmose ii circa
Egypt, Thebes, Glass paste cup of Thutmose II (circa 1493-1479), eighteenth dynasty
art/archeology/head queen hatshepsut deir el bahari new kingdom
Head of Queen Hatshepsut from Deir el-Bahari, New Kingdom, Dynasty XVIII
art/archeology/egypt bas relief representing pharaoh djoser
Egypt, Bas-relief representing Pharaoh Djoser (also known as Netjerikhet, circa 2635-2610 B
art/archeology/urn lid featuring deceased person holding diptych
Urn lid featuring deceased person holding up diptych, from Volterra, Pisa Province, Italy
art/archeology/greece cyclades islands delos island terrace
Greece, Cyclades Islands, Delos Island, Terrace of the Lions
art/archeology/liturgical vase used christening decorated crosses
Liturgical vase used for christening decorated with crosses, fishes and the first
art/archeology/cretan mycenaean civilization votive statuette
Cretan-Mycenaean civilization, votive statuette praying, from Tylissos, Crete
art/archeology/abbasid civilization ceramic vase decorated alternating
Abbasid civilization, ceramic vase decorated with alternating human figures and stylised
art/archeology/attic pelike depicting heracles killing king busiris
Attic pelike depicting Heracles killing king Busiris and Egyptian priests, by Pan Painter
art/archeology/etruscan civilization amazon sarcophagus painted
Etruscan civilization, Amazon Sarcophagus - detail of painted decoration. From Tarquinia
art/archeology/ancient roman fresco architectonic themes pompeii
Ancient Roman fresco with architectonic themes from Pompeii, 1st Century
art/archeology/greek civilization marble slab relief attributed
Greek civilization, Marble slab with relief attributed to School of Praxiteles, depicting Muses
art/archeology/statue peutesilea queen amazons western gable
Statue of Peutesilea, Queen of Amazons, from western gable of Temple of Asclepius
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/austria stagecoach travel ink drawing
Austria, Stagecoach travel, ink drawing
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/england london wedgwood byerley shop 1809
England, London, Wedgwood and Byerley Shop, 1809
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/france mont saint michel nicholas tassin engraving
France, Mont-Saint-Michel by Nicholas Tassin, engraving, circa 1631
art/painting sculpture prints 19th century/italy lerici castle la spezia 1852 watercolor
Italy, Lerici Castle (La Spezia), 1852, watercolor
art/painting sculpture prints cartography/map sicily willem blaeu regionum italiae
Map of Sicily, by Willem Blaeu, from Regionum Italiae, engraving
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/germany interior thomaskirche st thomas church
Germany, Interior of Thomaskirche (St. Thomas Church) in Leipzig before 1885, engraving
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/italy bologna portrait italian opera composer
Italy, Bologna, Portrait of Italian opera composer Vincenzo Bellini
art/painting sculpture prints/austria vienna portrait ferrara court jester
Austria, Vienna,, Portrait of the Ferrara Court Jester Gonella, 1442
art/minor arts/caricature bashful faction engraving washed
Caricature of the bashful faction. Engraving washed with watercolor
art/minor arts/le smart carman ne porte que des diamants bluze
Le Smart Carman. Ne porte que des diamants de Bluze, by Auguste Roubille (1872-1955)
art/minor arts/germany berlin set design performance magic flute
Germany, Berlin, Set design for performance The Magic Flute, the Queen of the night
art/minor arts/mass b minor bwv 232 autograph score johann
Mass in B minor (BWV 232), Autograph score by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
art/minor arts/hungary budapest bela viktor janos bartok collegues
Hungary, Budapest, Bela Viktor Janos Bartok with collegues: violinist Szigeti
art/archeology/greece delphi archaeological site ruins temple
Greece, Delphi, archaeological site, Ruins of Temple of Apollo
art/archeology/red figure pottery krater portraying eumenides
Red-figure pottery, Krater portraying Eumenides of Aeschylus's tragedy, Apollo
art/archeology/egypt ancient thebes luxor valley queens tomb
Egypt, Ancient Thebes, Luxor, Valley of Queens, Tomb of Nefertari, Detail of frescoes
art/archeology/red figure pottery attic vase detail zither
Red-figure pottery, Attic vase, detail: zither female player
art/archeology/marble statue lyre player island keros greece
Marble statue of lyre player, from Island of Keros (Greece)
art/painting sculpture prints/italy painting plateau parrot
Italy, painting of The Plateau of the Parrot
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/france lyon ricotta eaters
France, Lyon, Ricotta-Eaters
art/painting sculpture prints/italy assisi church saint francis assisi
Italy, Assisi, Church of Saint Francis of Assisi
art/painting sculpture prints/spain pages arab manuscript considerations grammar
Spain, Two pages from the Arab manuscript, considerations about grammar by Izz Al-Din-Al-Zayani
art/archeology/red figure pottery epinetron eretria painter
Red-figure pottery, Epinetron by Eretria Painter depicting woman at her toilet, detail
art/painting sculpture prints 19th century/austria stagecoach travel ink drawing
Austria, Stagecoach travel, ink drawing
art/archeology/high angle view palace temple solomons palace
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art/minor arts/austria vienna photographic portrait gustav
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art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/mappa mundi ink colors parchment created london
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art/prehistoric art/mosaic muses augusta treverorum trier
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