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art/archeology/statue official shibum mari tell hariri syria
Statue of official Shibum, from Mari, Tell Hariri (Syria)
art/archeology/inscription fasti amiternini document listing
Inscription from Fasti Amiternini, document listing fasti days and non-fasti days
art/archeology/bronze statue depicting dionysus fufluns
Bronze statue depicting Dionysus, Fufluns
art/painting sculpture prints/great white way time square theatre district
The Great White Way: Time Square and Theatre District in New York by Howard Thain
art/minor arts/notebook anna magdalena bach title page
Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, Title page of 1725 manuscript
art/archeology/cuneiform map world babylon center text
Cuneiform map of the world with Babylon in the center, text describes the conquests
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/germany saxony anhalt halle portrait german composer
Germany, Saxony-Anhalt, Halle, Portrait of German composer, son of Johann Sebastian Bach
art/painting sculpture prints 19th century/portugal lisbon tagus river praca comercio
Portugal, Lisbon, Tagus River and Praca do Comercio (Commerce Square) district, engraving
art/painting sculpture prints/czech republic prague view citadel color
Czech Republic, Prague, View of the citadel, color engraving from Civitates Orbis
art/painting sculpture prints cartography/map cathay china catalan atlas created charles v
Map of Cathay, China, from Catalan Atlas created for Charles V, King of France, attributed
art/painting sculpture prints cartography/jerusalem civitates orbis terrarum georg braun
Jerusalem from Civitates Orbis Terrarum by Georg Braun, 1541-1622 and Franz Hogenberg
art/minor arts/france paris caricature composer hector berlioz
France, Paris, Caricature of composer Hector Berlioz (1803 - 1869)
art/minor arts/auc coucett champion monocyclist world ad
Auc Coucett the Champion Monocyclist of the world, advertisement for unicycle
art/archeology/reconstruction peking man homo erectus pekinensis
Reconstruction of Peking Man (Homo erectus pekinensis) discovered at Zhoukoudian
art/archeology/egypt cairo egyptian museum alabaster
Egypt, Cairo, Egyptian Museum, Alabaster statue of Amenirdis with basalt base,
art/archeology/funerary papyrus heruben scene agricultural work
Funerary papyrus of Heruben with scene of agricultural work, Egyptian civilization
art/archeology/painted wood models representing scene agricultural work
Painted wood models representing a scene of agricultural work, ploughing
art/archeology/tunisia acholla trajan baths dionysus allegory seasons
Tunisia, Acholla, Trajan Baths, Dionysus and the allegory of the Four Seasons, vault
art/archeology/marble head octavian 40 60 ad
Marble head of Octavian (40-60 a.d.)
art/archeology/algeria djemila fisherman mosaic work depicting
Algeria, Djemila, Detail of fisherman in Mosaic work depicting Venus at her toilet
art/archeology/sarcophagus relief depicting naval battle scene
Sarcophagus relief depicting naval battle scene
art/archeology/bust brutus elder bronze
Bust of Brutus the Elder, bronze
art/archeology/terracotta oil lamp relief ending gladiatorial combat
Terracotta oil lamp, relief with ending of gladiatorial combat: loser raising his
art/archeology/gold cup
Gold cup
art/archeology/bronze chih wine spoon western chou
Bronze ch'ih (wine spoon), western Chou (or Zhou) dynasty
art/archeology/painted limestone funerary stele depicting deceased robia
Painted limestone funerary stele depicting deceased Robia (333-64 b.c.), from Sidon
art/archeology/mummy richly dressed wrapped shroud peru
Mummy richly dressed and wrapped in a shroud, Peru, Paracas culture
art/archeology/mexico sculpture depicting goddess thirteen
Mexico, Sculpture depicting Goddess of Thirteen Snakes
art/archeology/italy ancient rome plastic model maxentius
Italy, ancient Rome, plastic model with Maxentius Theatre
art/archeology/high angle view old ruin amphitheater delphi
High angle view of old ruin of an amphitheater, Delphi, Greece
art/archeology/villanovian culture embossed bronze belt
Villanovian culture, Embossed bronze belt with embossed and engraved decoration
art/archeology/black figure pottery amphora depicting ajax
Black-figure pottery, Amphora depicting Ajax carrying body of Achilles
art/archeology/uk london ivory plaquette representing sphinx
UK, London, Ivory plaquette representing sphinx, found in Nimrud, Iraq
art/archeology/wooden vessels keros used libation ritual
Wooden vessels (Keros) used during libation ritual as offering to Mor Earth from Lake Titicaca
art/archeology/egypt dendera mammisi small chapel attached
Egypt, Dendera, mammisi (small chapel attached to a larger temple) from Roman times
art/archeology/egypt el heiz oasis ruins roman farm cisterns
Egypt, El Heiz Oasis, ruins of Roman farm with cisterns for wine
art/archeology/hut shaped urn movable lid
Hut-shaped urn with movable lid
art/archeology/etruscan civilization alabaster urn fragment
Etruscan civilization. Alabaster urn. Fragment depicting Circe turning into animals
art/archeology/triumph neptune amphitrite fish constantine
Triumph of Neptune and Amphitrite, Detail of fish, from Constantine, Mosaic
art/archeology/gold funerary mask pharaoh amenemope fromtanis
Gold funerary mask of Pharaoh Amenemope fromTanis
art/archeology/italy abruzzo picene olla little cooking
Italy, Abruzzo, Picene olla (little cooking pot) with bucchero ware lid
art/archeology/marble head emperor augustus bearing crown
Marble head of the emperor Augustus bearing a crown, From Cerveteri
art/archeology/attic amphora representing winged eros lyre
Attic amphora representing winged Eros with lyre and dog at his feet
art/archeology/egypt abu simbel colossal sandstone figures
Egypt, Abu Simbel, Colossal sandstone figures of Ramses II at Great Temple
art/archeology/spain catalonia tarragona military building
Spain, Catalonia, Tarragona, Military building, Castrum Praetorium
art/archeology/picene calyx lid decorated horses bucchero ware
Picene calyx with a lid decorated with horses, Bucchero ware (black pottery)
art/archeology/sarcophagus vicovaro depicting calydonian boar hunt
Sarcophagus from Vicovaro depicting Calydonian boar hunt, an episode from legend
art/archeology/italy lazio civita castellana red figure volute krater
Italy, Lazio, Civita Castellana, Red-figure volute krater (vase used to mix wine
art/archeology/fragment faience statuette isis
Fragment of faience statuette of Isis
art/archeology/gold sandals treasure tutankhamen
Gold sandals, from Treasure of Tutankhamen
art/archeology/italy florence golden enamel buckles fly shaped
Italy, Florence, Golden and enamel buckles and fly-shaped brooch
art/archeology/decorated bronze table feline paws house f
Decorated bronze table, with feline paws, from House of F. Rufus, Pompei
art/archeology/cup gallic deities reppousse silver
Cup with gallic deities in reppousse, silver
art/archeology/etruscan vase depicting laurel crowning
Etruscan vase, detail depicting laurel crowning
art/archeology/statuette goddess snakes sanctuary knossos
Statuette of goddess of snakes, from Sanctuary of Knossos, Greece
art/archeology/iraq khorsabad relief representing bull human face
Iraq, Khorsabad, Relief representing a bull with human face, from the Palace of Sargon II
art/archeology/fresco siege engine
Fresco, Siege engine
art/archeology/terracotta relief depicting chariot races circus
Terracotta relief depicting chariot races in circus
art/archeology/roman relief scenes butchers shop
Roman relief with scenes from a butcher's shop
art/archeology/marble sarcophagus depicting deceased couple
Marble sarcophagus depicting deceased couple on lid and reliefs with scenes
art/archeology/plan gerasa drawing
Plan of Gerasa, drawing
art/archeology/fig tree wood fragment coffin depicting deceased
Fig tree wood fragment of coffin depicting deceased watched by Horus, from Saqqara
art/archeology/italy massa carrara verrucola di fivizzano
Italy, Massa Carrara, Verrucola di Fivizzano, Stele-statue of Lunigiana
art/archeology/mexico mitla meander engraved stone
Mexico, Mitla, meander engraved in stone
art/archeology/gold larnax coffin containing bones philip ii macedonia
Gold Larnax coffin containing bones of Philip II of Macedonia, from treasures of
art/archeology/terracotta figurine depicting cither player
Terracotta figurine depicting a cither player from Kharayeb
art/archeology/low angle view old ruins temple parthenon
Low angle view of the old ruins of a temple, Parthenon, Acropolis, Athens, Greece
art/archeology/italy apulia arpi daunian mosaic work
Italy, Apulia, Arpi, Daunian mosaic work depicting sea animals, from a house in Argos
art/archeology/etruscan funerary urn depicting achilles
Detail of Etruscan funerary urn depicting Achilles killing Troilus by walls of Troy
art/archeology/etruscan civilization amazon sarcophagus
Etruscan civilization, Amazon Sarcophagus - detail of painted decoration. From Tarquinia
art/archeology/ancient roman fresco architectonic themes pompeii
Ancient Roman fresco with architectonic themes from Pompeii, 1st Century
art/archeology/greek civilization marble slab relief attributed
Greek civilization, Marble slab with relief attributed to School of Praxiteles, depicting Muses
art/archeology/statue peutesilea queen amazons western
Statue of Peutesilea, Queen of Amazons, from western gable of Temple of Asclepius
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/austria stagecoach travel ink drawing
Austria, Stagecoach travel, ink drawing
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/france mont saint michel nicholas tassin
France, Mont-Saint-Michel by Nicholas Tassin, engraving, circa 1631
art/painting sculpture prints cartography/map sicily willem blaeu regionum italiae
Map of Sicily, by Willem Blaeu, from Regionum Italiae, engraving
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/germany interior thomaskirche st thomas
Germany, Interior of Thomaskirche (St. Thomas Church) in Leipzig before 1885, engraving
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/italy bologna portrait italian opera composer
Italy, Bologna, Portrait of Italian opera composer Vincenzo Bellini
art/painting sculpture prints/austria vienna portrait ferrara court jester gonella
Austria, Vienna,, Portrait of the Ferrara Court Jester Gonella, 1442
art/minor arts/caricature bashful faction engraving washed
Caricature of the bashful faction. Engraving washed with watercolor
art/minor arts/le smart carman ne porte que des diamants bluze
Le Smart Carman. Ne porte que des diamants de Bluze, by Auguste Roubille (1872-1955)
art/minor arts/twelfth italian grand prix monza september 9
Twelfth Italian Grand Prix at Monza, September 9, 1934, illustration by Plinio Codognato
art/minor arts/germany berlin set design performance magic flute
Germany, Berlin, Set design for performance The Magic Flute, the Queen of the night
art/minor arts/mass b minor bwv 232 autograph score johann
Mass in B minor (BWV 232), Autograph score by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
art/minor arts/hungary budapest bela viktor janos bartok collegues
Hungary, Budapest, Bela Viktor Janos Bartok with collegues: violinist Szigeti
art/archeology/greece delphi archaeological site ruins
Greece, Delphi, archaeological site, Ruins of Temple of Apollo
art/archeology/egypt ancient thebes luxor valley queens
Egypt, Ancient Thebes, Luxor, Valley of Queens, Tomb of Nefertari, Detail of frescoes
art/archeology/red figure pottery attic vase detail zither
Red-figure pottery, Attic vase, detail: zither female player
art/archeology/marble statue lyre player island keros greece
Marble statue of lyre player, from Island of Keros (Greece)
art/painting sculpture prints/italy painting plateau parrot
Italy, painting of The Plateau of the Parrot
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/france lyon ricotta eaters
France, Lyon, Ricotta-Eaters
art/painting sculpture prints/italy assisi church saint francis assisi
Italy, Assisi, Church of Saint Francis of Assisi
art/painting sculpture prints/spain pages arab manuscript considerations
Spain, Two pages from the Arab manuscript, considerations about grammar by Izz Al-Din-Al-Zayani
art/archeology/red figure pottery epinetron eretria painter
Red-figure pottery, Epinetron by Eretria Painter depicting woman at her toilet, detail
art/painting sculpture prints 19th century/austria stagecoach travel ink drawing
Austria, Stagecoach travel, ink drawing
art/archeology/hittite civilization relief basalt depicting battle scene
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