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art/archeology/portrait moctezuma ii or motecuhzoma xocoyotzin
#media dmcs-9533073
art/painting sculpture prints cartography/map ancient abruzzo giovan battista pacichelli
Map of ancient Abruzzo, by Giovan Battista Pacichelli, engraving, 1702
#media dmcs-9572905
art/archeology/high angle view palace temple solomons palace
High angle view of a palace and a temple, Solomon's Palace, Solomon's Temple
#media dmcs-9514333
art/painting sculpture prints 19th century/italy view amalfi 1831 felix mendelssohn bartholdy
Italy, View of Amalfi in May 1831 by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809-1847), watercolor
#media dmcs-9570997
art/archeology/england london battersea power station
England, London, Battersea Power Station
#media dmcs-9515107
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/germany berlin man golden helmet painting
Germany, Berlin, The Man with the golden helmet painting
#media dmcs-9505811
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/hungary budapest green donkey metaphysics
Hungary, Budapest, The Green donkey (Metaphysics), 1924
#media dmcs-9572371
art/minor arts/austria vienna photographic portrait gustav
Austria, Vienna, Photographic portrait of Gustav Mahler
#media dmcs-9495445
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/italy vicenza signori square palio athletic contest
Italy, Vicenza, Signori Square, Palio (athletic contest), Basilica of Palladiana in background
#media dmcs-9572577
art/minor arts/france paris attic room set design act
France, Paris, attic room, set design for act III in opera La boheme by Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924)
#media dmcs-9569795
art/prehistoric art/mosaic muses augusta treverorum trier
Mosaic of Nine Muses, from Augusta Treverorum (Trier)
#media dmcs-9563645
art/prehistoric art/terracotta goddess statue tell es sawwan
Terracotta goddess statue, from Tell es-Sawwan
#media dmcs-9562289
art/minor arts/propaganda poster world war i egon tschirch 1889 1948
Propaganda poster from World War I by Egon Tschirch (1889-1948), Berlin, 1918
#media dmcs-9495645
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/italy portrait giuseppe tartini
Italy, Portrait of Giuseppe Tartini
#media dmcs-9571643
art/painting sculpture prints/austria vienna view wiener staatsoper
Austria, Vienna, View of the Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera), color print, 1925
#media dmcs-9571133
art/painting sculpture prints cartography/italy city castellaneta taranto giovan
Italy, City of Castellaneta (Taranto) by Giovan Battista Pacichelli from Il Regno
#media dmcs-9571061
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/france annunciation miniature manuscript breviary 469
France, The annunciation, miniature from the manuscript Breviary 469 (folio 13), 1410-15
#media dmcs-9570083
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/italy florence teatro del maggio musicale fiorentino
Italy, Florence, Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, scenic design for Elektra
#media dmcs-9502049
art/painting sculpture prints cartography/map horn africa oil painting stefano buonsignori
Map of the Horn of Africa, oil painting by Stefano Buonsignori 1575-1584
#media dmcs-9570453
art/painting sculpture prints cartography/uranienborg civitates orbis terrarum georg braun
Uranienborg from Civitates Orbis Terrarum by Georg Braun, 1541-1622 and Franz Hogenberg
#media dmcs-9570665
art/painting sculpture prints cartography/map medieval treviso medieval treviso angelo marchesan
Map of Medieval Treviso, from Medieval Treviso by Angelo Marchesan, engraving
#media dmcs-9572471
art/painting sculpture prints/lilly steiner portrait alban berg
Lilly Steiner, Portrait of Alban Berg
#media dmcs-9572443
art/painting sculpture prints/austria vienna people new market square night
Austria, Vienna, people in new market square at night
#media dmcs-9572407
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/interventionist demonstration 1914 tempera
Interventionist Demonstration, 1914, tempera and collage on cardboard
#media dmcs-9572019
art/painting sculpture prints cartography/map sicily region joan blaeu
Map of Sicily region, by Joan Blaeu
#media dmcs-9571689
art/painting sculpture prints cartography/map battle waterloo 18 june 1815
Map of the Battle of Waterloo, 18 June 1815
#media dmcs-9571193
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/map florence known della catena map florence
Map of Florence known as Della Catena Map of Florence, Attributed to Francesco di Lorenzo Rosselli
#media dmcs-9571019
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/italy girl running balcony 1912 oil canvas
Italy, Girl running on Balcony, 1912, oil on canvas
#media dmcs-9570841
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/ballerina blu blue dancer 1912 oil spangles
Ballerina in Blu (Blue Dancer), 1912, oil and spangles on canvas
#media dmcs-9570191
art/archeology/map forums palatine hill drawing
Map of the forums and the Palatine Hill, drawing
#media dmcs-9515491
art/archeology/marble aphrodite kallipygos callipygian venus statue
Marble Aphrodite Kallipygos or Callipygian Venus statue, Roman copy of Hellenistic
#media dmcs-9515037
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/map venice 1500 jacopo barbari
Map of Venice in 1500, by Jacopo de Barbari
#media dmcs-9505423
art/painting sculpture prints 19th century/france la cote saint andre portrait hector
France, La-Cote-Saint-Andre, Portrait of Hector Berlioz
#media dmcs-9505279
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/solidity fog 1912
Solidity of Fog, 1912
#media dmcs-9504329
art/painting sculpture prints/italy milan milk wagon san pietro allolmo
Italy, Milan, Milk wagon on San Pietro all'Olmo Street
#media dmcs-9502341
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/mappa mundi ink colors parchment created
Mappa Mundi, ink and colors on parchment, created in London about 1265
#media dmcs-9501673
art/minor arts/france saint germain en laye vaslav nijinsky
France, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Vaslav Nijinsky in Claude Debussy's L'Apres
#media dmcs-9495505
art/minor arts/italy milan engraving il noce di benevento
Italy, Milan, engraving, Il noce di Benevento, costume sketch for ballet
#media dmcs-9495395
art/minor arts/second world war enemy listens words weapons
Second World War - The Enemy Listens, Your Words are His Weapons, Propaganda poster
#media dmcs-9495391
art/archeology/greek civilization fresco depicting ship procession
Greek civilization, fresco depicting ship procession, from Akrotiri, Thera Island
#media dmcs-9475087
art/archeology/sleeping drunken satyr known barberini faun
Sleeping or drunken satyr known as the Barberini Faun, Roman marble copy
#media dmcs-9469945
art/painting sculpture prints/netherlands hague blue tree 1909 10
Netherlands, hague, Blue tree, 1909-10
#media dmcs-9456395
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/new accurate map ancient modern rome jean van ram
New and Accurate Map of Ancient and Modern Rome by Jean van Ram, copperplate, printed
#media dmcs-9455199
art/painting sculpture prints/india bombay port 1732 george lambert samuel
India, Bombay, Port in 1732 by George Lambert and Samuel Scott
#media dmcs-9573145
art/painting sculpture prints/austria vienna cimon iphigenia
Austria, Vienna, Cimon and Iphigenia
#media dmcs-9573117
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/austria salzburg orpheus eurydice hades
Austria, Salzburg, Orpheus and Eurydice in Hades
#media dmcs-9573061
art/painting sculpture prints/vesterbro passage copenhagen winter paul fischer
Vesterbro Passage in Copenhagen in winter, by Paul Fischer, 1919
#media dmcs-9573023
art/painting sculpture prints/view naples sea francois didier nome didier
View of Naples from the sea, by Francois Didier Nome' or Didier Barra known as
#media dmcs-9572857
art/painting sculpture prints 19th century/italy florence view florence ponte alle
Italy, Florence, View of Florence with Ponte alle Grazie by Emilio Burci
#media dmcs-9572805


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