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collections/cultural image/shops narrow street souq byblos small coastal
Shops in a narrow street in the souq at Byblos, a small coastal town in Lebanon
byblos lebanon
Byblos, Lebanon
lebanon byblos temple obelisks 1600 bc
Lebanon. Byblos. Temple of the Obelisks. Around 1600 B.C
christmas xmas/lebanon religion christmas
miscellaneous/lebanon byblos c1925 colonnade byblos roman
LEBANON: BYBLOS, c1925. Colonnade at Byblos, part of the Roman ruins of the ancient
miscellaneous/lebanon byblos c1925 castle ruins byblos
LEBANON: BYBLOS, c1925. Castle ruins at Byblos, Lebanon
sarcophagus king ahiram
The sarcophagus of King Ahiram
byblos important town trading port northern levant
Byblos, an important town and trading port in the northern Levant dating from c
ruins ancient city byblos lebanon artist werner
Ruins of the ancient city of Byblos, Lebanon. Artist: Werner Forman
chest stone coffin ip shemu abi ancient egyptian
Chest from the stone coffin of Ip-shemu-abi, Ancient Egyptian, Middle Kingdom, c1991-1786
christmas xmas/lebanon religion christmas
world heritage/people/lebanon mount lebanon governorate jbeil ruins
Lebanon, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Jbeil, ruins of a Phoenician temple and Roman
world heritage/people/lebanon byblos ruins temple baalat gebel
Lebanon, Byblos, ruins of Temple of Baalat Gebel
world heritage/people/lebanon byblos roman theatre
Lebanon, Byblos, Roman theatre
world heritage/people/lebanon byblos roman colony temple baalat gebal
Lebanon, Byblos, roman colony with Temple of Baalat Gebal from 2700 b.c in background
world heritage/vertical/lebanon byblos roman colonnade
Lebanon, Byblos, Roman colonnade
world heritage/people/lebanon byblos temple obelisks
Lebanon, Byblos, Temple of Obelisks
world heritage/people/lebanon jubayl jbeil unesco world heritage list
Lebanon - Jubayl (Jbeil) - UNESCO World Heritage List, 1984
history/phoenician alphabet developed proto canaanite alphabet
The Phoenician alphabet developed from the Proto-Canaanite alphabet, during the 15th
art/archeology/gold plated bronze statuette male figure walking
Gold-plated bronze statuette of male figure walking, from Byblos, Temple of Obelisks
art/archeology/ruins building seaside roman colonnade byblos
Ruins of a building at the seaside, Roman Colonnade, Byblos, Lebanon
art/archeology/throne goddess astarte detail relief scene libation
Throne of goddess Astarte, detail, relief with scene of libation, from Byblos, Lebanon
art/archeology/mosaic depicting europa abducted zeus transformed bull
Mosaic depicting Europa abducted by Zeus transformed into bull, from Byblos, Lebanon
art/archeology/gold axe decorated geometric patterns relief depicting
Gold axe decorated with geometric patterns and relief depicting Enkidu and Gilgamesh
art/archeology/lebanon byblos columns roman colony
Lebanon, Byblos, columns at Roman colony
art/archeology/gold axe decorated lattice motif relief depicting ram
Gold axe decorated with lattice motif and with relief depicting ram, from Byblos
art/archeology/dagger scabbard ivory gold silver hilt sheath
Dagger with scabbard made of ivory, gold and silver; hilt and sheath are decorated
art/archeology/lebanon byblos roman theatre 218 bc foundation
Lebanon, Byblos, Roman theatre from 218 b.c. part of foundation and temple
art/archeology/ruins building seaside byblos lebanon
Ruins of a building at the seaside, Byblos, Lebanon
art/archeology/gold vase decorated geometric patterns applied
Gold vase decorated with geometric patterns and with applied female figure, from Byblos
lebanon south lebanon jbail byblos roman
LEBANON. SOUTH LEBANON. Jbail. Byblos. Roman
asia lebanon
Asia, Lebanon
arched passage crusader castle built franks 12th
Arched passage in the Crusader Castle built by the Franks in 12th century, Byblos
harbour byblos nr
Harbour, Byblos, Nr