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Historic Centre of Rome, the Properties of the Holy See in that City Enjoying Extraterritorial Rights and San Paolo Fuori le Mura

Browse our Historic Centre of Rome, the Properties of the Holy See in that City Enjoying Extraterritorial Rights and San Paolo Fuori le Mura collection featuring 493 photos

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493 Items

ancient history/map ancient rome
Map of ancient Rome
ancient history/battle cannae plan 216 bc
Battle of Cannae plan, 216 BC
ancient history/map roman empire
Map of the Roman Empire
ancient history/regions italy roman empire
Regions of Italy in the Roman Empire
view trevi fountain illuminated street lamps lights
View of Trevi Fountain illuminated by street lamps and the lights of dusk, Rome, Lazio
raphaels oil painting resurrection jesus altarpiece
Raphael's oil painting of The Resurrection of Jesus on the Altarpiece of the Altar
ancient history/map europe roman empire
Map of Europe under the Roman Empire
st peters square st peters basilica vatican city
St. Peters Square and St. Peters Basilica, Vatican City, UNESCO World Heritage Site
colloseum ancient rome unesco world heritage site
The Colloseum, Ancient Rome, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe
ancient history/dionysus bacchus throne
Dionysus, or Bacchus, on his throne
ancient history/maps italy ancient times
Maps of Italy in ancient times
colosseum roman amphitheatre forum area historic
Colosseum, Roman Amphitheatre, Forum area, Historic Centre (Centro Storico), Rome
colosseum ancient roman forum unesco world heritage
Colosseum, Ancient Roman Forum, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe
christs appearance disciples holy door st
Christ's Appearance to the Disciples on the Holy door of St. Peter's Basilica
trevi fountain backed palazzo poli night rome
The Trevi Fountain backed by the Palazzo Poli at night, Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe
anthony padua st anthony padua church rome
Anthony of Padua, St. Anthony of Padua Church, Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe
ancient history/roman siege fortified city
Roman siege of a fortified city
ancient history/plebians revolt ancient rome
Plebians' revolt, ancient Rome
ancient history/ancient roman oil lamp circus maximus scene
Ancient Roman oil lamp with Circus Maximus scene
tourists enjoying piazza popolo rome lazio italy
Tourists enjoying Piazza Popolo, Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe
piazza della rotonda pantheon rome lazio italy
Piazza della Rotonda and The Pantheon, Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe
interview coriolanus wife mother 1890 creator
'Interview Between Coriolanus and His Wife and Mother', 1890. Creator: Unknown
scienceinvention/psci2a 00010
ancient history/home ancient rome
Home in ancient Rome
ancient history/forum romanum ancient rome
Forum Romanum in ancient Rome
trajans column rome lazio italy europe
Trajan's Column, Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe
landing julius caesar c1890 creator unknown
'Landing of Julius Caesar', c1890. Creator: Unknown
pope gregory vii 1015 1085 1890 creator
'Pope Gregory VII', (1015-1085), 1890. Creator: Unknown
constantinople 1890 creator unknown
'Constantinople', 1890. Creator: Unknown
roman soldiers firing temple jerusalem 1890
'Roman Soldiers Firing the Temple of Jerusalem', 1890. Creator: Unknown
villa younger pliny 1890 creator unknown
'Villa of the Younger Pliny', 1890. Creator: Unknown
ruins caesarea 1890 creator unknown
'Ruins of Caesarea', 1890. Creator: Unknown
ruins colosseum palatine 1890 creator
'Ruins of the Colosseum, from the Palatine', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the tower antonia jerusalem 1890 creator
'The Tower of Antonia, Jerusalem', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the arch titus rome 1890 creator unknown
'The Arch of Titus, Rome', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the entrance roman theatre 1890 creator
'The Entrance of a Roman Theatre', 1890. Creator: Unknown
gladiators saluting emperor joining combat 1890
'Gladiators Saluting The Emperor Before Joining Combat', 1890. Creator: Unknown
a roman bakery creator unknown
'A Roman Bakery, . Creator: Unknown
street scene pompeii 1890 creator unknown
'Street Scene in Pompeii', 1890. Creator: Unknown
augustus 1890 creator unknown
'Augustus', 1890. Creator: Unknown
interview octavian cleopatra 1890 creator
'Interview Between Octavian and Cleopatra', 1890. Creator: Unknown
praetorian guards haling claudius imperator 1890
'Praetorian Guards Haling Claudius as Imperator', 1890. Creator: Unknown
brutus xanthus 1890 creator unknown
'Brutus Before Xanthus', 1890. Creator: Unknown
view campagna appia 1890 creator unknown
'View of the Campagna from the Via Appia', 1890. Creator: Unknown
scenery cape misenum near balae 1890 creator
'Scenery at Cape Misenum, near Balae', 1890. Creator: Unknown
marc antony 1890 creator unknown
'Marc Antony', 1890. Creator: Unknown
tiberius capreae 1890 creator unknown
'Tiberius at Capreae', 1890. Creator: Unknown
ruins nervas forum rome 1890 creator
'Ruins of Part of Nerva's Forum, Rome', 1890. Creator: Unknown
death augustus 1890 creator unknown
'Death of Augustus', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the capitol mount palatine restoration 1890
'The Capitol, from Mount Palatine (restoration)', 1890. Creator: Unknown
interior roman house 1890 creator unknown
'Interior of a Roman House', 1890. Creator: Unknown
ovid 1890 creator unknown
'Ovid', 1890. Creator: Unknown
ruins palmyra 1890 creator unknown
'Ruins of Palmyra', 1890. Creator: Unknown
fountain alexander severus rome 1890 creator
'Fountain of Alexander Severus, Rome', 1890. Creator: Unknown
hadrians villa tibur 1890 creator unknown
'Hadrian's Villa at Tibur', 1890. Creator: Unknown
marcus aurelius 1890 creator unknown
'Marcus Aurelius', 1890. Creator: Unknown
re construction mausoleum hadrian castle saint
'Re-Construction of the Mausoleum of Hadrian, Now the Castle of Saint Angelo'
ruins old city walls antioch 1890 creator
'Ruins of the Old City Walls, Antioch', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the forum column trajan restoration 1890
'The Forum and Column of Trajan (restoration)', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the battle actium 1890 creator unknown
'The Battle of Actium', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the circus maximus restoration 1890 creator
'The Circus Maximus (restoration)', 1890. Creator: Unknown
view gardens sallust 1890 creator unknown
'View from the Gardens of Sallust', 1890. Creator: Unknown
caesar addressing malcontent legions campus martius
'Caesar Addressing the Malcontent Legions in the Campus Martius', 1890. Creator
flight pompey battle field pharsalia 1890 creator
'Flight of Pompey from the Battle-Field of Pharsalia', 1890. Creator: Unknown
roman sarcophagus 1890 creator unknown
'Roman Sarcophagus', 1890. Creator: Unknown
caesar possessing treasure temple saturn 1890
'Caesar Possessing Himself of the Treasure in the Temple of Saturn', 1890
caesar crossing rubicon 1890 creator unknown
'Caesar Crossing the Rubicon', 1890. Creator: Unknown
public rejoicings recovery pompey 1890 creator
'Public Rejoicings on the Recovery of Pompey', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the fabrician bridge rome 1890 creator
'The Fabrician Bridge, Rome', 1890. Creator: Unknown
interior cathedral spalatro formerly temple
'Interior of the Cathedral of Spalatro (Formerly Temple of the Palace of Diocletian)'
view spalatro showing campanile peristyle palace
'View in Spalatro, Showing the Campanile and the Peristyle of the Palace of Diocletian'
bridge st angelo rome 1890 creator unknown
'Bridge of St. Angelo, Rome', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the aurelian wall 1890 creator unknown
'The Aurelian Wall', 1890. Creator: Unknown
death julian apostate 1890 creator unknown
'Death of Julian the Apostate', 1890. Creator: Unknown
julian apostate 1890 creator unknown
'Julian the Apostate', 1890. Creator: Unknown
view milan 1890 creator unknown
'View in Milan', 1890. Creator: Unknown
vision cross saxa rubra 1890 creator unknown
'Vision of the Cross at Saxa Rubra', 1890. Creator: Unknown
rome 1890 creator unknown
'Rome', 1890. Creator: Unknown
arch constantine 1890 creator unknown
'Arch of Constantine', 1890. Creator: Unknown
diocletian 1890 creator unknown
'Diocletian', 1890. Creator: Unknown
caesarea cappadocia 1890 creator unknown
'Caesarea, in Cappadocia', 1890. Creator: Unknown
gregory great c540 604 1890 creator
'Gregory the Great', (c540-604), 1890. Creator: Unknown
entry belisarius rome 536 ad 1890 creator
'Entry of Belisarius into Rome', (536 AD), 1890. Creator: Unknown
the old walls constantinople c4th century 1890
'The Old Walls, Constantinople', (c4th century), 1890. Creator: Unknown
justinian c6th century 1890 creator
'Justinian', (c6th century), 1890. Creator: Unknown
odoacer monk serverinus c5th century 1890
'Odoacer and the Monk Serverinus', (c5th century), 1890. Creator: Unknown
the final assault constantinople 29 1453 1890
'The Final Assault on Constantinople', (29 May 1453), 1890. Creator: Unknown
the pearl great price c1916 1936 creator
'The Pearl of Great Price', c1916, (1936). Creator: Eugene Burnand
an incident jugurthine war 1890 creator
'An Incident in the Jugurthine War', 1890. Creator: Unknown
a tumult forum rome 1890 creator unknown
'A Tumult in the Forum at Rome', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the flight caius gracchus 1890 creator
'The Flight of Caius Gracchus', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the mother gracchi 1890 creator unknown
'The Mother of the Gracchi', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the interview bocchus sulla 1890 creator
'The Interview Between Bocchus and Sulla', 1890. Creator: Unknown
roman soldiers 1890 creator unknown
'Roman Soldiers', 1890. Creator: Unknown
view coast sicily 1890 creator unknown
'View on the Coast of Sicily', 1890. Creator: Unknown
etruscan vases 1890 creator unknown
'Etruscan Vases', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the attack citadel carthage 1890 creator
'The Attack on the Citadel of Carthage', 1890. Creator: Unknown
julius caesar refusing crown offered antony 1890
'Julius Caesar Refusing The Crown Offered By Antony', 1890. Creator: Unknown
baths caracalla restored 1890 creator
'Baths of Caracalla (restored)', 1890. Creator: Unknown


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