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Ferrara, City of the Renaissance, and its Po Delta 14

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europe italy emilia romagna ferrara duomo
Europe, Italy, Emilia, Romagna, Ferrara Duomo, Cathedral (12th C.), and colorful
travel/photographer collections matteo colombo travel imagery/ferrara italy
Ferrara, Italy
new april 2019 b/casone donnabona po delta park comacchio ferrara
Casone Donnabona, Po Delta Park, Comacchio, Ferrara. Italy
magical world illustration/nastasic images illustrations/ferrara saracco palace
Ferrara - Well in the Saracco palace
ferrara cathedral italy
Ferrara Cathedral, italy.jpg
diamonds palace ferrara italy
Diamonds Palace in Ferrara, Italy
loggia dei mercanti ferrara
Loggia dei Mercanti, Ferrara
west front duomo ferrara
West front, Duomo, Ferrara
street colourful buildings ferrara
Street with colourful buildings, Ferrara
italy cities mantua bologna venice modena
Italy. Cities of Mantua, Bologna, Venice, Modena, Ferrara an
ludovico ariosto 1474 1533 italian poet
Ludovico Ariosto (1474 1533) Italian poet. 'Orlando Furios
italy ferrara emilia romagna cathedral
Italy. Ferrara. Emilia-Romagna. Cathedral.The bell tower. 15
italy emilia romagna comacchio houses canal
Italy, Emilia Romagna, Comacchio houses by a canal
europe italy emilia romagna cathedral san giorgio
Europe, Italy, Emilia-Romagna. the cathedral San Giorgio of Ferrara
west front duomo ferrara
West front, Duomo, Ferrara
europe italy emilia ferrara duomo cathedral
Europe, Italy, Emilia, Ferrara Duomo (cathedral) (12th C.) and colorful houses
artists/master gz master gz/madonna child donor pietro de lardi presented
Madonna and Child with the Donor, Pietro de' Lardi, Presented by Saint Nicholas, c
artists/d garofalo dossi/polyptychon showing right background
Detail of polyptychon, showing right background
artists/d garofalo dossi/virgin enthroned christ child oil see 33422
The Virgin Enthroned, detail of the Christ Child (oil) (see 33422)
ludovico ariosto 1474 1533 italian poet
Ludovico Ariosto (1474 1533) Italian poet. 'Orlando Furio
artists/francesco del cossa/allegory may apollos chariot pulled horses driven
Allegory of May: Apollo's chariot pulled by horses and driven by Aurora, detail
artists/francesco del cossa/allegory march borso deste prince ferrare
Allegory of March: Borso d'Este, prince of Ferrare, departing for the hunt, 1467-1470
artists/francesco del cossa/allegories months july borso deste prince
Allegories of the months, July: Borso d'Este, prince of Ferrare arriving at the hunt
artists/francesco del cossa/triumph venus sign taurus scenes month april
Triumph of Venus and Sign of Taurus, scenes from Month of April, ca 1470, by Francesco
artists/francesco del cossa/allegory march triumph minerva astrological
Allegory of March: the triumph of Minerva, the astrological symbol of Aries and Borso
artists/francesco del cossa/allegory march borso deste prince ferrare leaving
Allegory of March: Borso d'Este, prince of Ferrare leaving for the hunt, detail
artists/francesco del cossa/allegory april performance borso deste square
Allegory of April: a performance at the Borso d'Este square, detail of horses
artists/francesco del cossa/allegory may triumph apollo astrological symbols
Allegory of May: the Triumph of Apollo, astrological symbols of Gemini, 1469-70, (fresco)
artists/francesco del cossa/allegory may astrological symbols gemini triumph
Allegory of May: Astrological Symbols of Gemini and Triumph of Apollo (Mese di Maggio
artists/francesco del cossa/allegory may haymaking 1469 70 fresco
Allegory of May: haymaking, 1469-70, (fresco)
artists/francesco del cossa/needleworkers the triumph minerva march room
Needleworkers, detail from 'The Triumph of Minerva: March', Room of the Months, c
artists/d garofalo dossi/virgin child infant st john oil panel
Virgin and Child with the infant St. John (oil on panel)
artists/benvenuto tisi da garofalo/carrying cross c 1500
The Carrying of the Cross, c. 1500
artists/benvenuto tisi da garofalo/carrying cross detail altarpiece
The Carrying of the Cross (detail of altarpiece)
artists/benvenuto tisi da garofalo/virgin enthroned saints jerome sylvester maurius
The Virgin Enthroned with Saints Jerome, Sylvester and Maurius
artists/benvenuto tisi da garofalo/virgin enthroned st jerome st john oil see
The Virgin Enthroned with St. Jerome and St. John (oil) (see also 33480)
artists/vittore carpaccio/death virgin c1508
Death of the Virgin, c.1508
artists/francesco after ferrari/procession globe ferrara engraved lorenzo tinti
Procession of the Globe, Ferrara, engraved by Lorenzo Tinti, 1672 (engraving)
artists/francesco del cossa/borso deste prince ferrara rendering justice
Borso d'Este, Prince of Ferrara, rendering justice: March from the Room of the Months
artists/francesco del cossa/triumph venus april room months c1467 70
The Triumph of Venus: April from the Room of the Months, c.1467-70 (fresco)
artists/nicolo stefano da ferrara miretto/month july series murals depicting astrological
The Month of July, from a series of murals depicting the Astrological Cycle (fresco)
artists/francesco del cossa/triumph minerva march room months chariot
The Triumph of Minerva: March, from the Room of the Months, detail of the chariot
artists/simone dei crocifissi/dream virgin c1355 60 tempera gold leaf panel
The Dream of the Virgin, c.1355-60 (tempera and gold leaf on panel)
artists/francesco del cossa/triumph venus april room months group musicians
The Triumph of Venus: April from the Room of the Months, detail of a group of musicians
artists/benvenuto tisi da garofalo/allegory old new testaments oil panel
Allegory of the Old and New Testaments (oil on panel)
artists/master e series tarocchi master e series tarocchi/musicha music c1465 engraving gilding
Musicha (Music) c.1465 (engraving with gilding)
artists/cosimo maccagnino tura/erato tempera panel
Erato (tempera on panel)
artists/baldassare d este/portrait borso deste prince ferrara oil canvas
Portrait of Borso d'Este, Prince of Ferrara (oil on canvas)
artists/narcisse virgile diaz la pena/weeping daughter jephthah 1846 oil canvas
Weeping of the Daughter of Jephthah, 1846 (oil on canvas)
nature/italy earthquakes 1570 announcement contemporary
ITALY: EARTHQUAKES, 1570. Announcement in a contemporary German woodcut broadside
tabulae astrologiae astronomer giovanni
Tabulae Astrologiae. The astronomer Giovanni
ferrara ducal palace 1928 creator unknown
'Ferrara: The Ducal Palace', 1928. Creator: Unknown
apollo ca 1522
Apollo, ca 1522
saint cosmas saint damian 1534 und 1540
Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian, Between 1534 und 1540
sorceress melissa ca 1521 1525
The sorceress Melissa, ca 1521-1525
adoration christ child c1519
The Adoration of the Christ Child, c1519
diana callisto ca 1528
Diana and Callisto, ca 1528
madonna child enthroned saints francis matthew
Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints Francis, Matthew and John the Baptist, ca 1624
painting cesare lucrezia borgia lucrezia borgia
Detail of painting 'Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia' Lucrezia Borgia (1480-1519)
emperor frederick iii receiving astronomer g
Emperor Frederick III receiving from the astronomer G
allegory march triumph venus 1468 1470
Allegory of March: Triumph of Venus, 1468-1470
portrait man wearing black beret ca 1530
Portrait of a Man Wearing a Black Beret, ca 1530
god blessing earth
God Blessing the Earth
emperor heraclius returns true cross jerusalem
Emperor Heraclius returns the True Cross to Jerusalem
virgin child book 15th century
Virgin and Child with Book, 15th century
die beschneidung christi
Die Beschneidung Christi
body christ surrounded angels
The body of Christ, surrounded by angels
madonna child la zingarella c 1513 artist dossi
Madonna with Child (La Zingarella), c. 1513. Artist: Dossi, Dosso (ca. 1486-1542)
leonello deste marquis ferrara
Leonello d'Este, Marquis of Ferrara
woman black who watches pastel signora emiliana
Woman in Black who Watches the Pastel of Signora Emiliana Concha de Ossa
portrait young subercaseaux
Portrait of the Young Subercaseaux
la signora rosa
La signora in rosa
venus awakened cupid
Venus awakened by Cupid
The quarrel
witchcraft allegory hercules
Witchcraft (Allegory of Hercules)
saint george
Saint George
mary magdalene weeping
Mary Magdalene Weeping
tarocchi card games ca 1518 artist dossi dosso ca
Tarocchi card games, ca 1518. Artist: Dossi, Dosso (ca. 1486-1542)
dispute church fathers immaculate conception 1541
Dispute of four Church Fathers on the Immaculate Conception, 1541. Artist: Dossi, Dosso (ca
saint sebastian ca 1484 artist tura cosimo
Saint Sebastian, ca 1484. Artist: Tura, Cosimo (before 1431-1495)
muse terpsichore 1455 1460 artist tura cosimo
The Muse Terpsichore, 1455-1460. Artist: Tura, Cosimo (before 1431-1495)
virgin child saints first half 16th cen
The Virgin and Child with Saints, First Half of 16th cen
portrait duke alfonso i deste 1505 1534 1534
Portrait of the Duke Alfonso I d'Este (1505-1534), 1534
girolamo frescobaldi 1583 1643 musician ferrara
Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583 - 1643) was a musician from Ferrara. Artist: Claude Mellan
hercules killing lion 1913 artist cosimo
'Hercules Killing the Lion', 1913. Artist: Cosimo Tura
castello estense ferrara italy 1879 artist
Castello Estense, Ferrara, Italy, 1879. Artist: Unknown
saint jerome ca 1470 artist tura cosimo before
Saint Jerome, ca 1470. Artist: Tura, Cosimo (before 1431-1495)
muse calliope 1455 1460 artist tura cosimo
A Muse (Calliope), 1455-1460. Artist: Tura, Cosimo (before 1431-1495)
nativity c 1505 artist mazzolino ludovico
The Nativity, c. 1505. Artist: Mazzolino, Ludovico (1480-1528)
holy family artist scarsellino scarsella
The Holy Family. Artist: Scarsellino (Scarsella), Ippolito (1551-1620)
twelve year old jesus teaching temple 1524 artist
The Twelve-Year-Old Jesus Teaching in the Temple, 1524. Artist: Mazzolino, Ludovico
vision saint augustine c 1520 artist garofalo
The Vision of Saint Augustine, c. 1520. Artist: Garofalo, Benvenuto Tisi da (1481-1559)
agony garden 1520 1539 artist garofalo benvenuto
The Agony in the Garden, Between 1520 and 1539. Artist: Garofalo, Benvenuto Tisi da
allegory love c 1527 1530 artist garofalo
An Allegory of Love, c. 1527-1530. Artist: Garofalo, Benvenuto Tisi da (1481-1559)
pagan sacrifice 1526 artist garofalo benvenuto
A Pagan Sacrifice, 1526. Artist: Garofalo, Benvenuto Tisi da (1481-1559)
adoration kings c1535 artist dossi dosso ca
The Adoration of the Kings, c.1535. Artist: Dossi, Dosso (ca. 1486-1542)
man embracing woman ca 1524 artist dossi dosso ca
A Man embracing a Woman, ca 1524. Artist: Dossi, Dosso (ca. 1486-1542)
bacchanal c 1520 artist dossi dosso ca
A Bacchanal, c. 1520. Artist: Dossi, Dosso (ca. 1486-1542)
dead christ c 1490 artist de roberti ercole c
The Dead Christ, c. 1490. Artist: De' Roberti, Ercole (c. 1450-1496)


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