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Episcopal City of Albi

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europe france languedoc albi pont vieux old
Europe, France, Languedoc, Albi, Pont Vieux (Old Bridge)
vintage archive/cafe jaures assassinat 244192
city albi tarn department france
The City of Albi, Tarn Department, France
france tarn albi old bridge tarn r
France, Tarn, Albi, the old bridge over the Tarn r
panoramic view albi
Panoramic view of Albi
albi cathedral
Albi cathedral
unesco world heritage site albi france
Unesco world heritage site Albi, france
albi france cityscape
Albi, France cityscape
cathedral basilica saint cecilia river tarn
Cathedral Basilica of Saint Cecilia and river Tarn
cathedral basilica saint cecilia bridges
Cathedral Basilica of Saint Cecilia and bridges
albi old town cathedral bridge river tarn
Albi old town cathedral and bridge on river Tarn
lunch albi france
Lunch in Albi, France
overview square botany bay area
Overview of Square Botany Bay area
mr warner william warrener henri toulouse lautrec
Mr Warner (William Warrener) by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Oil on cardboard, 1892
belfort henri toulouse lautrec lithograph 1895
May Belfort by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Lithograph, 1895
adele tapie celeyran countess
Adele Tapie de Celeyran, Countess of Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa
milliner 1900
The Milliner, 1900
toulouse lautrec henri 1864 1901 bruant
TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, Henri de (1864-1901). Bruant singing
francis i angoul1494 1547 king france
Francis I of Angoulꭥ(1494-1547). King of France
toulouse lautrec henri
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri
albi france cathedral
Albi, France - Cathedral
albi france cathedral sainte cecile
Albi, France - Cathedral Sainte-Cecile
albi france general view
Albi, France - General View
albi france archbishops palace
Albi, France - Archbishop's palace
europe france languedoc albi toulouse
Europe, France, Languedoc, Albi, Toulouse. Lautrec birthplace
france midi pyrenees region tarn department
France, Midi-Pyrenees Region, Tarn Department, Albi, Cathedrale Ste-Cecile cathedral
artists/edouard vuillard/woman bouquet flowers 1925 gouache paper
Woman with a Bouquet of Flowers, 1925 (gouache on paper)
artists/henri martin/fishing boats oil canvas
Fishing boats (oil on canvas)
artists/jacques emile blanche/pink room oil canvas
The Pink Room (oil on canvas)
artists/marie clementine 1865 1938 valadon/vase flowers anemones white glass oil canvas
Vase of Flowers, Anemones in a White Glass (oil on canvas)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/motorist 1896 litho b w photo
The Motorist, 1896 (litho) (b/w photo)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/pierre louys 1870 1925 1895 pencil paper
Pierre Louys (1870-1925) 1895 (pencil on paper) (b/w photo)
artists/edouard vuillard/henri toulouse lautrec villeneuve sur yonne 1898
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec at Villeneuve sur Yonne, 1898 (oil on canvas)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/study artilleryman wife 1886 monotype b w
Study for Artilleryman and his Wife, 1886 (monotype) (b/w photo)
artists/henri martin/portrait jean jaures 1859 1914 french socialist
Portrait of Jean Jaures (1859-1914), the French socialist leader
artists/emile bernard/pont aven
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/invitation cup milk 1897 litho b w photo
Invitation to a Cup of Milk, 1897 (litho) (b/w photo)
artists/edouard vuillard/portrait henri toulouse lautrec 1864 1901 c
Portrait of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) c.1897-98 (oil on canvas)
artists/emile bernard/portrait sister madeleine 1888 oil canvas
Portrait of My Sister Madeleine, 1888 (oil on canvas)
albi france general view
Albi, France - General View
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/monsieur romain coolus 1899 oil card
Monsieur Romain Coolus, 1899 (oil on card)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/poster adise professor sloanes biography life
Poster to advertise Professor Sloane's biography, 'Life of Napoleon'
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/belfort poster 1895 colour lithograph
May Belfort (poster), 1895 (colour lithograph)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/yvette guilbert music hall singer 1895 oil
Yvette Guilbert, Music-Hall Singer, 1895 (oil on enamel)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/p sescau photographe poster 1894 five colour
P. Sescau Photographe (poster), 1894 (five colour print lithograph with brush, crayon
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/enraged cow poster dedicated artists friend simonet
The Enraged Cow (poster dedicated to the artist's friend Simonet), 1896 (colour
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/femme maison 1894 oil wood
Femme de maison, 1894 (oil on wood)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/messalina detail extras 1900 oil canvas
Messalina, (detail of the extras), 1900 (oil on canvas)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/aristide bruant cabaret 1893 colour lithograph
Aristide Bruant in his Cabaret, 1893 (colour lithograph)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/elles frontispiece 1896 exhibition la plume
'Elles' frontispiece for the 1896 exhibition at La Plume, 31 rue Bonaparte
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/caudieux poster 1893 colour lithograph
Caudieux (poster), 1893 (colour lithograph)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/madame berthe bady 1897 oil card
Madame Berthe Bady, 1897 (oil on card)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/jockey 1899 colour lithograph
The Jockey, 1899 (colour lithograph)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/monsieur maurice joyant 1900 detail head
Monsieur Maurice Joyant, 1900 (detail of the head)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/guard chateau madrid nursing home neuilly 1899
My Guard, Chateau de Madrid Nursing Home at Neuilly, 1899 (oil on card)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/english girl star le havre 1899 crayon paper
The English Girl at the Star in Le Havre, 1899 (crayon on paper)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/paul virginie 1896 watercolour pencil paper
Paul and Virginie, 1896 (watercolour and pencil on paper)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/femme maison blonde study painting rue des moulins
Femme de maison blonde, a study for the painting 'Rue des Moulins, la Visite'
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/la revue blanche 1895 oil card
La Revue Blanche, 1895 (oil on card)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/friends 1894 oil card
The Two Friends, 1894 (oil on card)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/man long shirt 1888 oil wood
The Back of a Man in a Long Shirt, 1888 (oil on wood)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/salon rue des moulins detail foreground heads
In the Salon of the Rue des Moulins (detail of the foreground, heads of two women)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/figures folies bergaeres 1894 oil card
Three Figures at the Folies-BergAeres, 1894 (oil on card)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/caudieux study poster 1893 oil card
Caudieux (study for a poster), 1893 (oil on card)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/le blanchisseur la maison 1894 oil card
Le Blanchisseur de la Maison, 1894 (oil on card)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/woman standing study a batignolles bruant 1888
Woman Standing, study for 'A Batignolles de Bruant', 1888 (oil on wood)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/doctor gabriel tapie celeyran theatre hall 1894
Doctor Gabriel Tapie de Celeyran in a Theatre Hall, 1894 (oil on canvas)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/ballet papa chrysanthaeme 1892 oil cardboard
Ballet de Papa ChrysanthAeme, 1892 (oil on cardboard)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/view arcachon the yacht cocorico 1889 oil wood
View of Arcachon from the Front of the Yacht Cocorico, 1889 (oil on wood)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/moulin rouge goulue valentin boneless one 1891
The Moulin-Rouge, The Goulue and Valentin, the Boneless One, 1891 (pen & ink
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/ambassadeurs aristide bruant et cabaret 1892
Ambassadeurs, Aristide Bruant et his Cabaret, 1892 (oil on card)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/helaene v juliette vary 1888 oil wood
HelAene V. Juliette Vary, 1888 (oil on wood)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/profile standing dancer 1887 oil wood
The Profile of a Standing Dancer, 1887 (oil on wood)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/standing gentleman lighting cigar 1885 oil wood
A Standing Gentleman Lighting his Cigar, 1885 (oil on wood)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/white horse gazelle 1881 oil canvas
White Horse 'Gazelle', 1881 (oil on canvas)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/life billiard 1882 oil canvas
Still Life, Billiard, 1882 (oil on canvas)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/old woman known crayfish le bosc region 1882
The Old Woman known as the 'crayfish' from the Le Bosc Region, 1882 (oil
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/allegory spring life 1883 oil canvas
Allegory, the Spring of Life, 1883 (oil on canvas)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/draft horse celeyran 1881 oil canvas
A Draft Horse at Celeyran, 1881 (oil on canvas)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/trotting horseman little dog 1879 oil canvas
Trotting Horseman with a Little Dog, 1879 (oil on canvas)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/theatre antoine gitane richepin poster 1900
Theatre Antoine, The Gitane de Richepin (poster), 1900 (lithograph)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/yvette guilbert commissioned order make table top
Yvette Guilbert (commissioned in order to make a table top), 1895 (ceramic)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/woman drinker hangover 1889 ink coloured
Woman Drinker, or The Hangover, 1889 (ink and coloured pencil)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/examination faculty medicine 1901 oil canvas
Examination at the Faculty of Medicine, 1901 (oil on canvas)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/english girl the star le havre 1899 oil panel
The English Girl from 'The Star' at Le Havre, 1899 (oil on panel)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/yvette guilbert 1865 1944 1894 charcoal oil
Yvette Guilbert (1865-1944), 1894 (charcoal and oil)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/monsieur henry dihau 1891 oil canvas
Monsieur Henry Dihau, 1891 (oil on canvas)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/yvette guilbert 1867 1944 taking curtain call
Yvette Guilbert (1867-1944) taking a Curtain Call, 1894 (gouache on paper)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/young routy celeyran 1882 oil canvas
Young Routy at Celeyran, 1882 (oil on canvas)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/german babylon 1894 lcolour litho
The German Babylon, 1894 (lcolour litho)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/woman window 1893 oil canvas
Woman at the Window, 1893 (oil on canvas)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/self portrait 1896 crayon
Self Portrait, 1896 (crayon)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/head dog short ears 1879
Head of a Dog with Short Ears, 1879
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/head dog running 1880
Head of a Dog Running, 1880
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/self portrait c1885 b w photo
Self Portrait, c.1885 (b/w photo)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/milliner 1900 board
The Milliner, 1900 (board)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/dog cart 1880 oil canvas
A Dog-Cart, 1880 (oil on canvas)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/jane avril 1868 1943 1899 colour litho
Jane Avril (1868-1943) 1899 (colour litho)
artists/henri toulouse lautrec/bouboule bulldog madame palmyre la souris 1897
'Bouboule', the bulldog of Madame Palmyre at La Souris, 1897 (oil on cardboard)


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