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Golden Age of Seaplanes Gallery

R J Mitchell - Designer of the Spitfire and flying boats
First pictures from the air of the combined composite plane Mayo composite plane
A striking picture of Cataline flying boat taking off on the 24-hour patrol over the Atlantic
Showing the flag, Seaplanes Northern Europe tour
Hong Kong in three days. At dawn today, Saturday, one of the BOACs latest Hythe
The first picture to be received in London of the plane in which General Balbo the
A tragedy marred the first stage of the flight of the Italian air armada of 24 flying
The two parts of the Mayo visit aircraft the pick a back plane and now completed
Curtiss Flying Boat at Brighton. 1913
Blazing air mail route across Atlantic Lufthansa Dornier flying boat Zephir resting
The short Rangoon flying boat used as a training machine by Imperial Airways
Southampton Imperial Airways flying boat Coolamgatta 1939
The British Sopwith patrol seaplane with the 225 hp Sunbeam engine. 1914
German seaplanes. 1930
Vickers Supermarine Walrus Amphibian Flying Boat with a Bristol Pegasus engine
The Imperial Airways flying boat Caledonia on the water at Shannon air base about
Short S.8 Calcutta ( G-EBVG ) City of Alexandria of the the Imperial Airways
Hoisting out a seaplane from British seaplane carrier HMS Ark Royal, Mudros
Captain A. S. Wilcockson (right) and First Officer G
Flying-boats use new embarkation raft for first time. Cygnus disembarks 19 passengers
Following the decision approving the start of Atlantic survey flights next year
Cheering crowds. The Clipper landing on sea
The new US Army seaplane bomber ready to take off at Langley Field, Virginia
British seaplane circling British warships circa 1916
Flying boats Caledonia being prepared for the first commercial Atlantic crossing
The new giant Blackburn flying boats ( Iris III type) at the launch at Brough
The longest formation flight ever undertaken by service unit, five RAF flying boats of number 204
First passengers to fly across the South Atlantic this summer
Caledonia takes off from Southampton on first experimental transatlantic flight
China clipper, arrives at Manilla after first trans pacfic air mail flight
Centaurus takes off on longest flight ever attempted by commercial aircraft
Sopwith folding - wing, two - seater seaplane with a 100 hp Gnome Monosoupape engine
A special letter from the King to Sir Patrick Duncan, Governor General of South Africa
President Eamon de Valera shaking hands with the commander, Captain Harold E Gray
Passengers boarding a flying boat the Bermuda Sky Queen leaving Poole for America
German workmen unload food from a British Royal Air Force flying boat, one of ten
The giant Pan-American Airways flying boat the Flying Clipper, which a few weeks
Italian air armada arrives in Londonderry. General Balbo and the 23 Savoia-Marchetti SM
Sikorsky S42 giant seaplane flown by Colonel Lindbergh for Pan American Airways broke
The Short - Mayo Composite, a piggy-back long-range seaplane / flying boat combination
Giant Dornier Do X Flying Boat to fly the Atlantic
22 month baby Louise Passmore in the arms of Captain Lock on arrival at Southampton
New Imperial Airways flying boat Cassiopeia in flight after taking off from Southampton
The Pan American flying boat, Clipper III landing at Southampton
Sopwith Baby - reconnaisance / light bomber
BOAC flying boat 20 April 1946
Australian Premier, leaves for Holland by flying boat on way home. Mr J A Lyon s
Aerial view of Imperial Airways flying boat Centaurus on the water at Rochester

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