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Miss Marjorie Moss, the well known terpsichorean artiste. 17 December 1926
The river girl 6 August 1920
Countesss fight against ban. Vera Countess Cathcart ( left ) aboard the liner
Senora Martinez De Hoz, wife of the well known Argentine owner, who gained his
Now associated with one of the worlds most famous dressmakers. Lady Abdy, who
Baroness who won ?12, 000 at Deauville. The Baroness Lilian Macchioro Vivalba
The latest in fancy dress. Miss Betty Brook, an English girl who is starring in
Nothing English about her except her looks. Mlle Gregoritz, who has attained
Doggy. Mrs Mortimer Davis, as she appeared at the Paris races last week. 3 August
Niece of German Secretary of State who makes her debut in the films. Miss Erica
Heroine of London romance. Mlle Maria Ley, the famous Continental danseuse who
She works the clock round. Alice Hemingway, a well known mannequin employed by
Forty little birds sacrificed to make a beautys cap. Countess de Wengen, wearing
Senora Dodero, of Buenos Aires, with her little daughter Marquita, who are paying
Champion woman steeplechase rider. Frau Schmidt Melius, who a few days ago at Erfurt
Portrait as reward. Mme Costes, wife of the distinguished French airman who had
Great Great Great daughter of Queen Victoria engaged. HRH Princess Cecilia of
Woman Diplomatist. Mlle Helene Straubm who is to be Austrias first minister
On the Lido Striking Pyjamas 1927
Mlle Lily Damita, the famous film star. 11 January 1928
Senorita Elsenada, the famous South American female bullfighter. 12 March 1927
Javanese Royalty gives Paris a new sensation. Princess Fazil, sent to Holland
Frances most successful woman owner Mme Yvette Laurent, the well known Paris
Keeping in memory the picturesque costumes of pre war Russia. Entertainer in Paris
Danced with Prince George. Lili Damita. 14 September 1928
Miss Tessy Harrison, whose marvellous dancing is now drawing great crowds to the
Sports fashion leader sets up shop. Mme Paul Reboux who has for some season set
Princess Fthie, granddaughter of the late Sultan Abdul Hamid of Turkey. 14 March 1927
Profile on coinage. Mme Berta Braun, a Society woman, whose charming profile
Miss Algeria. Mlle Rives, of Algiers, who will represent her country in a competition
Faith in her own invention causes concussion of the brain. Mme Auguste Hallmann
Lili Damita, wearing the magnificent silver brocade coat presented by Jenny. 24
Noted cinema star as mannequin. Mlle Andree Lafayette, great great grand daughter
The idol of the Paris stage. Mlle Spinelly, the idol of Parisian theatregoers
Milan society leader who is summering Eastbourne. Signore De Pallini, who has
Countess Beroldingen. Viennese Society sportswoman. 16 July 1927
M Poincares Granddaughter wins fancy dress prize. Mlle Jane Poincare, a granddaughter
Mlle Lorenz, who is drawing crowds at Monte Carlo by her wonderful exhibition of
Champion at her job. Mlle Lanoni, professional mixer at the smartest cocktail
Mlle Andree Lafayette, who is at present in London. 16 March 1928
Improved Victorian fashion on the Lido. Signorina Emmy Mogliani, the famous
Smallest monkey in captivity. Miss Ruth Clifford, who bears a marked resemblance
Dancing Princess visits London. Princess Beder Khan, the beautiful dancer, who
Ukelele Lady for the Hungarians. Countess Erzsi Pechy, who belongs to one
Dicktator of Turkish womens fashions now in Paris. Helene Hanoum, wearing a
Heroine in Frances most sensational show of the day. Mlle Yolande Laffon, of
To give a tea party for the Prince on 31 January. Senora Fleirscheim a beautiful
Princess of Furstenberg. The Princess was before her marriage, the Countess Francoise

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