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Adverts and Posters Gallery

Womens Social and Political Union Votes for Women Help the Suffragettes to rush
La Maison Moderne c.1902 (poster) by Manuel Orazi (1898-1934) Location Musee des Arts Decoratifs
Lisitsky Lazar ( El Lissitsky ) Drive Red Wedges into White Troops! Vitebsk, Literary-Publishing
One of the Labour posters for the General Election campaign being put up at Transport House
Crush Capitalism or be crushed by it! Soviet Political poster by Deni Viktor 1919
Flying Hendon 1913 a London Underground poster by Tony Sarg
Poster advertising OXO from World War I (litho) by Frank Dadd (1851-1929)- Soldier
Cartoon of Kaiser Bill in the Bath Tub with the caption He Wont be Happy Till He
The war scare at the time of Munich has given the authorities useful experience in
A wall full of bill posters stuck over the top of one another in an old courtyard
Gee!! I Wish I Were a Man, I d Join the Navy, United States N; avy Recruitment Poster by Christy
Anonymous Poster Designer Poor folk! A clenched fist is threatening the workers - Rise up
Homefront Food propaganda poster Dig for Victory. WW2
Title: At the front! Every fit Briton should join our brave men at the front. Enlist
Poster by Sebille - Chemins de fer de l etat - Paris, Havre, New York - ? TopFoto
Come Lad, Slip Across and Help, recruiting poster from World War I, pub. by The
WWI poster - British - We risk our lives to bring you food. Its up to you not to waste it
British Blockade Poster
WW1 British Poster - Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great War?
Man on horseback in front of grocers shop around Sevenoaks area, Kent. Advertisements and signs
Apsit Alexander - The year of Proletarian dictatorship October 1917-October 1918 colour
SS Olympic
SS Olympic
Advertising in a railway station 1874. Illustration by Alfred Concanen
Clacton-on-Sea poster - Its quicker by rail - BTW trans rail
Protest call Miss Jenny James ( 18) of Dartford, Kent, will be one of the Nuclear
A la Bodiniere by T A Steinlen 10 April 1894 : advertising an exhibition of painting
Title: Are you one of Kitcheners own? Date Created / Published: Montreal : Montreal Litho
Moor Dmitry - 1st of May, the All-Russian voluntary-work day! Colour lithograph, 1920
Liberty Bonds poster Women ! Help Americas sons win the war
The advert for the opening of the Odeon in Peckham, London. 1 June 1938
Mayakovsky Vladimir and Malyutin Ivan On to the Polish Front - Comrades the country
Recruiting poster War To arms citizens of the empire !! 1914
WW2 poster
WW2 poster
Art subjects: Ephemera / Posters. Toulouse Lautrec
Title: Lord Kitchener says: Enlist to-day / photo Bassano ;printed by David Allen & Sons Ld
Le Petit Journal 1902-4 The Civil War in Colombia - A Chivalrous Fight
Moor Dmitry - Take a solemn oath when enlisting into the Red Army. Moscow, 1918
Internal view of a bus
Popular musical entertainer Marie Lloyd
Mr Charles Levey, one of the best know character actors in British Films who has
Azim - Zadeh Azim - Citizens! Educate yourselves - learn to read and write! Baku
WWII Poster 1941
Presidential election campaign starts in Germany. The Presidential election campaign
A Marie Lloyd poster. 1937
Malyutin Ivan - The Eighth Congress of Soviets got things going in Russia. Stencilling
German Poster for Marshall Aid
Vegetables for Victory - Ambrose Heath - ? TopFoto
A Russian WW2 propaganda poster. 1941

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