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history/hms hood battlecruiser built royal navy
HMS Hood, the last battlecruiser built for the Royal Navy
history/portrait andrew carnegie seated library
Portrait of Andrew Carnegie seated in a library
history/uss randolph underway sea s2f airplanes catapults
USS Randolph underway at sea with two S2F airplanes on its catapults, 1962
history/president william mckinley seated desk circa
President William McKinley seated at desk, circa 1900
history/italian national police guard outside allied military
Italian National Police on guard outside an Allied military government office in Sicily
history/arc welders work partly completed hull new m4 tank
Arc welders work on the partly-completed hull of a new M4 tank, 1943
history/uss pt 212 british officers board world war ii
USS PT-212 with several British officers on board during World War II
history/hurricane hunters cockpit wc 121 aircraft project
Hurricane Hunters in the cockpit of a WC-121 aircraft during Project Stormfury, 1966
history/elder woman knitting farm near bulls gap tennessee
An elder woman knitting on a farm near Bulls Gap, Tennessee, 1933
history/military camp set woods american civil war
Military camp set up in the woods during the American Civil War
history/officers deck monitor james river american civil
Officers on deck of monitor on James River during the American Civil War
history/woman quilling crepe william skinner sons silk mill
Woman quilling crepe at the William Skinner and Sons Silk Mill, 1936
history/portrait american sharpshooter annie oakley
Portrait of American sharpshooter, Annie Oakley
history/soldiers camp american civil war
Soldiers at camp during the American Civil War
history/women working assembly repair dept naval air base
Women working in the Assembly and Repair Dept. of Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas
history/officers 4th new jersey infantry american civil
Officers of 4th New Jersey Infantry, American Civil War
history/relatives greet loved ones who released prison camps
Relatives greet their loved ones who were released from prison camps, 1943
history/women work bomber douglas aircraft company 1942
Women at work on bomber, Douglas Aircraft Company, 1942
history/branding smoked hams meat packing establishments
Branding smoked hams at the meat packing establishments, 1910
history/president john f kennedy visits reporters
President John F. Kennedy visits with reporters
history/woman warpfilling thread loom 1936
Woman warpfilling thread on a loom, 1936
history/portrait young abraham lincoln
Portrait of a young Abraham Lincoln
history/vintage world war ii photo prime minister winston
Vintage World War II photo of Prime Minister Winston Churchill
history/havoc effect heavy artillery shell american civil
Havoc effect of a heavy artillery shell during the American Civil War
history/woman stitching books kingsport press tennessee
Woman side stitching books at the Kingsport Press, Tennessee, 1933
history/woman doubling silk william skinner sons silk mill
Woman doubling silk at the William Skinner and Sons Silk Mill, 1936
history/president john f kennedy announcing moon landing
President John F. Kennedy announcing the moon landing mission
history/woman skillfully applying gold air gun cover design
Woman skillfully applying gold with an air gun on the cover design at Kingsport Press
history/uss hepburn de 1055 operating pacific area
USS Hepburn (DE-1055) operating in the Pacific area, 1970
history/president abraham lincoln son tad lincoln looking
President Abraham Lincoln and his son Tad Lincoln looking at a book
history/vintage world war ii poster male lion
Vintage World War II poster of a male lion
history/vintage american history photo general ulysses s
Vintage American History photo of General Ulysses S. Grant
history/mechanical helper baltimore ohio railroad
Mechanical helper of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, 1940-1945
history/native craftsman sewing machine tropoli libya
A native craftsman at his sewing machine, Tropoli, Libya, 1943
history/mother plays guitar family gathers fireplace
Mother plays the guitar while family gathers around the fireplace, 1933
history/vintage american history photo president rutherford b
Vintage American history photo of President Rutherford B. Hayes
history/children watching parade brooklyn new york 1944
Children watching a parade in Brooklyn, New York, 1944
history/infantry winter quarters american civil war
Infantry winter quarters during the American Civil War
history/civil war painting general ulysses s grant
Civil war painting of General Ulysses S. Grant
history/portrait rutherford b hayes service american
Portrait of Rutherford B. Hayes while in service during the American Civil War
history/women inspecting filled boxes cereal boxes sealer
Women inspecting filled boxes of cereal before boxes go to sealer
history/american civil war soldiers encampment
American Civil War soldiers at their encampment
history/senior woman supervisor us naval air base corpus
A senior woman supervisor at the U.S. Naval Air Base in Corpus Christi, Texas, 1942
history/head and shoulders portrait ulysses s grant
Head-and-shoulders portrait of Ulysses S. Grant
history/aviator talking members flying squadron tunisia
Aviator talking to members of his flying squadron somewhere in Tunisia, 1943
history/quarter length portrait general thomas stonewall
Three quarter length portrait of General Thomas Stonewall Jackson
history/embarked france western newspaper union 1917
Embarked for France. Western Newspaper Union, 1917
history/richard m nixon portrait
Richard M. Nixon portrait
history/woman weaving baby blanket 1933
Woman weaving a baby blanket, 1933
history/vietnam war refugees ride air force helicopter
Vietnam war refugees ride an Air Force helicopter to a safe area near Saigon, 1966
history/workers buffing rubber doll bodies 1936
Workers buffing rubber doll bodies, 1936
history/halloween visitors white house oval office
Halloween visitors at the White House Oval Office
history/women welders wearing protective clothing seated
Women welders wearing protective clothing and seated outdoors
history/train conductors relaxing caboose 1943
Train conductors relaxing in the caboose, 1943
history/f 4j phantom fighter aircraft flying mediterranean
An F-4J Phantom fighter aircraft flying over the Mediterranean
history/world war ii fighter pilot posing aircraft 1943
World War II fighter pilot posing on aircraft, 1943
history/a3j vigilante aircraft flight san diego california
An A3J Vigilante aircraft in flight over San Diego, California, 1961
history/ex uss vincennes towed san diego bay california
Ex-USS Vincennes is towed out of San Diego Bay, California, by USS Kalmia, 1969
history/vietnamese naval trainee vietnamese naval school
Vietnamese naval trainee at the Vietnamese Naval School in South Vietnam, 1953
history/uh 1 helicopter gunship fires 275 inch rocket
A UH-1 helicopter gunship fires a 2.75-inch rocket, Vietnam War, 1969
history/vietnamese personnel participate mass calisthenics
Vietnamese personnel participate in mass calisthenics during Vietnam War
history/uss turner joy firing mark 42 gun mounts vietnam war
USS Turner Joy firing one of its Mark 42 gun mounts, Vietnam War, 1968
history/a 4f skyhawk steam catapult aboard uss intrepid
An A-4F Skyhawk on the steam catapult aboard USS Intrepid, Vietnam War, 1968
history/aviation machinist mate drains fuel sample ov 10a
Aviation Machinist Mate drains a fuel sample from an OV-10A Bronco plane in Vietnam, 1969
history/a 7 corsair ii flies targets vietnam armed bomb
An A-7 Corsair II flies toward targets in Vietnam, armed with bomb clusters, 1969
history/standby pilot taking nap aboard uss bonhomme richard
Standby pilot taking a nap aboard USS Bonhomme Richard, 1967
history/men aboarduss ranger position 2 000 pound bomb
Men aboardUSS Ranger position a 2, 000 pound bomb under the wing of an A-1 Skyraider
history/s 2e tracker aircraft anti submarine warfare training
S-2E Tracker aircraft during an anti-submarine warfare training exercise, 1970
history/portrait general robert e lee confederate states
Portrait of General Robert E. Lee, Confederate States Army
history/archbishop spellman new york visiting colonel thomas c
Archbishop Spellman of New York visiting with Colonel Thomas C. Darcy in Tunisia, 1943
history/officers board monitor uss mahopac american civil
Officers on board monitor USS Mahopac during the American Civil War
history/portrait air force general james jimmy doolittle
Portrait of Air Force General James Jimmy Doolittle
history/women pick foreign matter coal rock springs wyoming
Women pick foreign matter out of coal, Rock Springs, Wyoming, 1946
history/cannon mounted fort battery rodger american civil
Cannon mounted in Fort at Battery Rodger during American Civil War
history/lieutenant earl carroll seated wheel fast scout
Lieutenant Earl Carroll seated on the wheel of his fast scout airplane
history/vintage american civil war photo major general
Vintage American Civil War photo of Major General George Armstrong Custer
history/group nurses receiving first batch mail home
A group of nurses receiving their first batch of mail from home while in Australia
history/workers blowing glass green glass company millville
Workers blowing glass at a green glass company in Millville, New Jersey, 1937
history/american british railroad workers roundhouse iran
American and British railroad workers at a roundhouse somewhere in Iran, 1943
history/hump master operating signal switch railroad yard
Hump master operating a signal switch system at a railroad yard in Chicago, 1942
history/woman placing index tabs kingsport press tennessee
Woman placing index tabs at Kingsport Press, Tennessee, 1933
history/operating machine putting tops crates co op orange
Operating a machine for putting tops on crates at a co-op orange packing plant
history/electronics technician goodyear aircraft corp
Electronics technician, Goodyear Aircraft Corp., Akron, Ohio, 1941
history/august 1942 plane naval air base corpus christi
August 1942 - Plane at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas
history/july 1942 a 20 havoc bomber serviced langley field
July 1942 - An A-20 Havoc bomber being serviced at Langley Field, Virginia
history/refugees wait board ship haiphong vietnam 1954
Refugees wait to board a ship in Haiphong, Vietnam, 1954
history/man doubling twisting silk 1936
Man doubling and twisting silk, 1936
history/butch cassidy fort worth texas 1900
Butch Cassidy in Fort Worth, Texas, 1900
history/wounded soldiers knitting watchful eye nurses
Wounded soldiers knitting under the watchful eye of nurses
history/general ulysses s grant amid service american
General Ulysses S. Grant amid his service during The American Civil War
history/woman operating hand drill assembling airplane
Woman operating a hand drill while assembling an airplane stabilizer
history/august 12 1944 nurses field hospital france
August 12, 1944 - Nurses of a field hospital in France
history/interior home elder woman tennessee 1933
Interior of the home of an elder woman, Tennessee, 1933
history/american red cross unit great britain
American Red Cross unit in Great Britain
history/war production worker checking tires gasoline
War production worker checking the tires of gasoline trailer tanks for the U
history/wreckage general sherman tank german 88mm gun
Wreckage of a General Sherman tank and a German 88mm gun, Sicily, 1943
history/senator william brown mckinley circa 1915
Senator William Brown McKinley, circa 1915
history/ulysses s grant august 6 1885
Ulysses S. Grant August 6, 1885
history/infantry company parade american civil war
Infantry Company on Parade during the American Civil War


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