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Facial view of a leopard seal, Astrolabe Island, Antarctica

Facial view of a leopard seal, Astrolabe Island, Antarctica

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Facial view of a leopard seal, Astrolabe Island, Antarctica

Facial view of a leopard seal (Hydrurga leptonyx) during a close encounter, Astrolabe Island, Antarctica

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Media ID 13049071

© Steve Jones/Stocktrek Images

Animal Body Antarctic Antarctic Peninsula Antarctica Apex Predator Astrolabe Island Black And White Earless Seals Elysium Expedition Grace Hydrurga Hydrurga Leptonyx Leopard Seal Lobodontini Mammal Phocidae Pinnipedia Predator Sea Leopard Seal Surface Swimming True Seals Water Surface Undersea

This print captures the intense gaze of a leopard seal, showcasing its majestic features in stunning detail. Taken by renowned photographer Steve Jones during the Elysium Expedition to Astrolabe Island, Antarctica, this image offers a rare glimpse into the world of one of nature's apex predators. The black and white composition adds an air of mystery and elegance to this underwater scene. The leopard seal, scientifically known as Hydrurga leptonyx, belongs to the family Phocidae and is classified as a true seal. Its earless body gracefully glides through the water with remarkable agility. In this particular shot, we see the seal from a side view as it effortlessly moves through the ocean depths. Its sleek body contrasts beautifully against the tranquil water surface above. As a carnivorous mammal, it relies on its predatory instincts to survive in these icy waters. Leopard seals are known for their powerful jaws and exceptional swimming abilities. They play a crucial role in maintaining balance within marine ecosystems around Antarctica. This photograph not only showcases their physical beauty but also serves as a reminder of our responsibility to protect these incredible creatures and their fragile habitats. Steve Jones' skillful capture highlights both the grace and power embodied by this solitary animal in its natural environment. It is an awe-inspiring testament to wildlife photography at its finest – capturing moments that remind us of Earth's extraordinary biodiversity.

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