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Choose from 548 pictures in our Xray collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Ischaemia, digital angiogram Featured Xray Image

Ischaemia, digital angiogram

image d'angiographie numerisee( non soustraite) de la main gauche, en vue de face, par catheterisme hyperselectif des arteres du membre superieur gauche, sous anasthesie generale, chez un patient age de 40 ans, presentant une ischemie de la partie distale du 2A? doigt :presence d'un aspect irregulier de la partie proximale de l'artere ulnaire, avec thrombose focale et thrombose longitudinale non stenosantes, presence d'une occlusion de l'artere interosseuse entre le 2A?&3A? rayon, les arteres colaterales distales du 2A? doigt sont occluses et presentent des petites images endoluminales evocatrices de thrombus ( tableau d'arterite )


Pneumothorax, X-ray C017/7148 Featured Xray Image

Pneumothorax, X-ray C017/7148

Pneumothorax. X-ray of the chest of a 50 year old male patient with a pneumothorax, or collapsed lung. The right lung (left on X-ray) has collapsed due to a build-up of air (solid grey) between the lung and chest wall. Pneumothorax can be due to trauma or lung rupture. It causes shortness of breath and pain on breathing. It is treated by inserting a tube to drain the air over a period of days, allowing the lung to re-inflate


Diverticulitis, X-ray F008/3454 Featured Xray Image

Diverticulitis, X-ray F008/3454

Diverticulitis. Coloured X-ray of the colon of a patient with diverticulitis. A diverticulum is a small pouch-like structure that protrudes out of weak spots in the intestinal wall. Diverticula are thought to be caused by a low-fibre diet and lack of exercise. In most cases diverticula are symptomless and cause no problems. Occasionally they can become inflamed and infected, a condition called diverticulitis, causing abdominal pain and constipation