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View of a spectacular, colourful aurora borealis

View of a spectacular, colourful aurora borealis

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View of a spectacular, colourful aurora borealis

View of a colourful aurora borealis display (northern lights). Aurorae are caused by the interaction between energetic charged particles coming from the Sun and molecules of gases in the upper atmosphere (about 100km). A stream of charged particles, known as the solar wind, flows continuously from the Suns corona towards interplanetary space at speeds of 400-500 km/s. These particles do not reach the Earths atmosphere due to the shielding effect of the Earths magnetic field. However, violent solar activities such as solar flares emit highly energetic particles which penetrate this shield and ionise molecules in the atmosphere

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This print showcases a breathtaking view of a spectacular and colourful aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights. The aurora borealis is a mesmerizing atmospheric phenomenon that occurs when energetic charged particles from the Sun interact with molecules of gases in the upper atmosphere, approximately 100km above Earth's surface. The solar wind, a continuous stream of charged particles flowing from the Sun's corona towards interplanetary space at incredible speeds of 400-500 km/s, usually gets blocked by Earth's magnetic field before reaching our atmosphere. However, during intense solar activities like solar flares, highly energetic particles manage to penetrate this shielding effect and ionize molecules in our atmosphere. Science Photo Library has beautifully captured this natural wonder in all its glory. The vivid colours dancing across the night sky create an ethereal display that leaves viewers spellbound. From vibrant greens to shimmering purples and pinks, every hue seems to blend seamlessly into one another. This awe-inspiring image not only highlights the beauty of nature but also serves as a reminder of how interconnected our planet is with cosmic events. It represents the fascinating intersection between earth science and electromagnetic effects occurring millions of kilometers away from us. As we gaze upon this photograph, we are reminded once again why these celestial displays have captivated humanity for centuries - their sheer magnificence reminds us just how small we are in comparison to the vastness and wonders of our universe.

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