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Thermogram of head & shoulders of a man

Thermogram of head & shoulders of a man

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Thermogram of head & shoulders of a man

Thermogram of the head and shoulders of a naked man. Thermography is an imaging technique for mapping the heat distribution over the surface of a body. Here, the colour-coded image shows temperature variation in 0.1 degree celsius steps (see scale at left), where blue corresponds to the colder areas and yellow corresponds to the hotter areas. Thermography has proved useful in manufacturing and medicine (where it may reveal disorders such as tumours and arthritis). It was developed by the military in the 1970s and 1980s to assist night vision; the solid state sensors used in the thermograph can detect infra-red radiation even in darkness and/or smoke

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Temperature Thermogram Thermograph Thermography

This print captures a thermogram of the head and shoulders of a naked man, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of thermography. The image showcases temperature variation in precise 0.1-degree Celsius increments, with a color-coded scale on the left side indicating colder areas in blue and hotter areas in yellow. Thermography, an innovative imaging technique developed by the military during the 1970s and 1980s for night vision purposes, has found extensive applications in manufacturing and medicine. By mapping heat distribution over the body's surface, it unveils valuable insights into various conditions such as tumours and arthritis that may otherwise remain hidden. The power of this technology lies within its ability to detect infrared radiation even amidst darkness or smoke using solid-state sensors integrated into thermographs. This breakthrough allows for non-invasive examination without compromising accuracy or safety. In this thought-provoking photograph from Science Photo Library, we witness how thermography reveals intricate details about our anatomy and highlights temperature variations across different regions of our bodies. It serves as a reminder that beneath our skin lies an invisible world waiting to be explored through cutting-edge scientific advancements like thermography. As we continue to unravel its potential, this mesmerizing image reminds us of both its practical applications and its role in advancing medical knowledge for improved diagnostics and treatments – all made possible by harnessing the power of thermal imaging technology.

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