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Sunset in Antarctica

Sunset in Antarctica

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Sunset in Antarctica

Sunset over pack ice. At dusk, Antarctic sea smoke forms above the ice. This results from the movement of very cold air from land to sea. The relatively warm sea water evaporates quickly, not only from the sea but also from the cracks in the pack ice, and is condensed by the cold air above it. There needs to be about 9 degrees Celsius difference between the water temperature and the air temperature for sea smoke to form

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Antarctica British Antarctic Survey Cold Cracked Cracks D Usk Evening Frozen Horizon Ice Berg Ice Bergs Light Pack Ice Pieces Setting Silhouette Silhouetted Sun Set Twilight Vertical Sea Smoke

This print titled "Sunset in Antarctica" captures the ethereal beauty of a sun setting over pack ice. As dusk falls, a mesmerizing phenomenon known as Antarctic sea smoke begins to form above the icy landscape. This natural occurrence is caused by the movement of extremely cold air from land to sea. The relatively warm seawater evaporates rapidly, not only from the sea but also from the cracks in the pack ice, and is then condensed by the frigid air above it. To witness this breathtaking spectacle, there must be a significant temperature difference of approximately 9 degrees Celsius between the water and air temperatures. The resulting sea smoke creates an enchanting atmosphere as it swirls and dances through the frozen horizon. In this photograph, silhouetted icebergs stand tall against a backdrop of vibrant colors painted across the sky during sunset. The cracked pieces of pack ice add texture and depth to this otherworldly scene. With its vertical composition, British Antarctic Survey's lens has perfectly captured nature's artistry at play. As we gaze upon this image, we are reminded of both Earth's raw power and delicate balance. It serves as a reminder that even in one of our planet's most extreme environments, moments of extraordinary beauty can be found – if only we take time to appreciate them fully.

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