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Sun over dying Earth

Sun over dying Earth

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Sun over dying Earth

Dying Earth. Image 4 of 9. Artwork of the Sun baking a recently-exposed fossil human skull hundreds of millions of years from the present time. The Moon is seen in front of the disc of the Sun, showing how much the Sun has expanded. The Sun will heat up and expand as it ages and uses up its nuclear fuel. All water on Earth will boil off into space. This will leave the Earth a hot and barren world. Clouds of hot gases fill the sky as the rocks decompose in the extreme heat. For a sequence showing the death of the Earth as the Sun expands and dies over the next five billion years, see images E402/058-066

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Arid Barren Bones Death Desert Dying Eclipse End Of The World Future High Temperature Moon Red Giant Solar

This print titled "Sun over dying Earth" offers a haunting glimpse into the distant future of our planet. In this artwork, we witness the Sun's inevitable fate as it expands and consumes everything in its path. The image showcases a recently-exposed fossil human skull, representing the remnants of life that once thrived on Earth hundreds of millions of years from now. The Moon looms ominously in front of the expanding disc of the Sun, serving as a stark reminder of how much our star has grown over time. As the Sun ages and exhausts its nuclear fuel, it will continue to heat up and expand further. This relentless process will cause all water on Earth to evaporate into space, leaving behind a scorching and desolate world. The sky is filled with swirling clouds of hot gases while rocks decompose under extreme temperatures. The barren landscape depicted in this illustration paints a vivid picture of what lies ahead for our beloved planet. Through this thought-provoking sequence capturing the death throes of Earth over billions of years, Science Photo Library invites us to contemplate humanity's place within an ever-changing universe. It serves as a poignant reminder that even celestial bodies are subject to their own mortality – an awe-inspiring testament to both science and art intertwined beautifully in this print.

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