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SEM of endothelium lining of artery

SEM of endothelium lining of artery

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SEM of endothelium lining of artery

Arterial endothelium. Coloured Scanning Electron Micrograph (SEM) of the internal lining, or endothelium, of an artery. Arteries carry blood away from the heart. The endothelium is seen here as a smooth layer of cells that is lining the inside of the vessel (seen at centre). This smooth surface helps to maintain blood flow and helps to prevent the formation of clots that may lead to heart attack or stroke. Around the smooth endothelium is a layer of smooth muscle tissue. This muscle is highly elastic and will have a tough fibrous outer coating. The structure of arteries evens out blood pressure changes caused by heartbeat. Magnification: x640 at 5x7cm size

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Blood Endothelium Epithelium Vessel Vessels Artery

This print from Science Photo Library showcases a stunning SEM (Scanning Electron Micrograph) of the endothelium lining of an artery. The intricate details captured in this image provide a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of our circulatory system. The vibrant colors highlight the arterial endothelium, which forms a smooth layer of cells along the inside of the blood vessel. This crucial lining plays a vital role in maintaining healthy blood flow and preventing potentially life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks or strokes. Surrounding the endothelium is a layer of elastic smooth muscle tissue, protected by a tough fibrous outer coating. This muscular structure helps to regulate blood pressure fluctuations caused by each heartbeat, ensuring that circulation remains steady throughout the body. With its high magnification at x640 and compact 5x7cm size, this print allows us to appreciate both the beauty and complexity found within our own bodies. It serves as a reminder of how intricately designed our anatomy is, with every component working together harmoniously to sustain life. Whether you are fascinated by biology or simply intrigued by captivating imagery, this photograph offers an awe-inspiring glimpse into one aspect of human physiology – highlighting both its delicate nature and remarkable resilience.

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