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Planetary nebula NGC 7009

Planetary nebula NGC 7009

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Planetary nebula NGC 7009

Planetary nebula. Hubble space telescope image of the NGC 7009 planetary nebula around a dying star. The nebula is formed from material ejected by the star at its centre. The star lies in a cavity which has a rim of dense blue and red gas; the cavity & its rim are surrounded by smoothly distributed green gas. Two streams of particles are being ejected from the star. Red " ansae" are formed where these streams collide with older, slower material at the nebulas edge. NGC 7009 is 1400 light years away in the constellation of Aquarius. Image taken by Hubbles Wide Field & Planetary Camera 2 on 28 April 1996

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1996 Cosmology Hubble Image Nebula Planetary Planetary Nebula Saturn Star Death Stellar

This stunning print captures the ethereal beauty of the Planetary nebula NGC 7009, as seen through the lens of the Hubble Space Telescope. Located 1400 light years away in the constellation of Aquarius, this planetary nebula surrounds a dying star at its center. The intricate details within this cosmic masterpiece are truly awe-inspiring. The central star lies within a cavity adorned with a rim of dense blue and red gas, creating a striking contrast against the smoothly distributed green gas that envelops it. Two streams of particles can be observed emanating from the star, adding to the dynamic nature of this celestial phenomenon. At the edges of NGC 7009, where these streams collide with older and slower material, vibrant red "ansae" formations emerge. These ansae serve as remnants and reminders of past interactions within this ever-evolving nebula. Captured on April 28th, 1996 by Hubble's Wide Field & Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2), this image showcases not only our fascination with astronomy but also serves as a testament to humanity's relentless pursuit to unravel the mysteries beyond our planet. As we gaze upon this extraordinary photograph print from Science Photo Library, we are reminded once again that even in death, stars have an undeniable ability to create breathtaking works of art in space.

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