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Osteoid osteoma, X-ray

Osteoid osteoma, X-ray

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Osteoid osteoma, X-ray

Osteoid osteoma. Coloured X-ray of an osteoid osteoma (white, centre left) in the second phalange bone of the middle finger. Osteoid osteoma is a rare, benign tumour of bone tissue that causes deep pain. The tumour typically measures less than half a centimetre and most commonly affects the long bones of the arms and legs. Treatment includes aspirin to relieve pain and surgery to remove the abnormal bone

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This print from Science Photo Library showcases an intriguing medical condition known as osteoid osteoma. The coloured X-ray reveals a white abnormal growth, situated in the second phalange bone of the middle finger. Osteoid osteoma is a rare and benign tumour that affects bone tissue, causing deep-seated pain. Measuring less than half a centimetre, this peculiar tumour predominantly targets the long bones of the arms and legs. Despite its appearance, it is reassuring to know that this growth is harmless in nature. However, due to the discomfort it causes, treatment becomes necessary. The management of osteoid osteoma involves two key approaches: pain relief and surgical intervention. Aspirin is commonly prescribed to alleviate the persistent pain associated with this disorder. Additionally, surgery plays a crucial role in eliminating the abnormal bone altogether. This mesmerizing image not only provides insight into an uncommon skeletal disorder but also highlights the intricate anatomy of our hands and fingers. It serves as a reminder of how delicate yet resilient our human bodies are when faced with health challenges. Science Photo Library's remarkable radiograph captures both scientific curiosity and aesthetic appreciation for medical imagery while shedding light on conditions like osteoid osteoma that may otherwise remain hidden within us.

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