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Mobile phone with projector

Mobile phone with projector

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Mobile phone with projector

Mobile phone with integrated projector. This prototype mobile phone is able to project its display onto any flat surface. The phone has a swivelling unit that contains a powerful laser diode and tiny mirrors to project its display. An electronic pen communicates with the phone via infrared and ultrasound. Shown here, a user is holding the pen to navigate an address book. The unit is also able to display an interactive keypad, powerpoint presentation, photographs and maps. The phone was built by Siemens Communications, Germany

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2005 Cell Phone Communications Technology Infra Red June Mobile Mobile Phone Operating Portable Projection Projector Technological Communication Telecommunications Telephone Ultra Sound Bluetooth

This print showcases a groundbreaking prototype mobile phone with an integrated projector. Designed by Siemens Communications in Germany, this innovative device has the ability to project its display onto any flat surface. The phone features a swiveling unit housing a powerful laser diode and tiny mirrors that work together to project its vibrant and crystal-clear display. In the image, we see a user holding an electronic pen, which communicates with the phone via infrared and ultrasound technology. This allows for seamless navigation through various functions such as accessing an address book. The versatility of this cutting-edge device is evident as it can also display interactive keypads, PowerPoint presentations, photographs, and maps. Released in 2005 during the dawn of the 21st century, this mobile phone represents a significant leap forward in communications technology. Its portable nature combined with advanced technological features like Bluetooth connectivity make it truly revolutionary. While not intended for commercial use at the time of its creation, this remarkable invention paves the way for future advancements in mobile technology. With its integration of projection capabilities and virtual keypad functionality, it offers users unparalleled convenience and flexibility. Captured by Science Photo Library's lens, this print serves as a testament to human ingenuity and our constant pursuit of pushing technological boundaries.

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