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Man silhouetted in the virtual reality cybersphere

Man silhouetted in the virtual reality cybersphere

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Man silhouetted in the virtual reality cybersphere

Cybersphere user. Silhouette of a man inside the virtual reality cybersphere. The cybersphere is the next generation of virtual reality systems, allowing total immersion in a virtual world. It consists of a large translucent plastic sphere of interlocking plates mounted on a cushion of air, in which users can walk, run and jump. Projectors linked to a computer create the effect of a wrap- around cinema. The sphere is permanently touching a smaller ball, which tracks the users movements, and the computer updates the images accordingly. The cybersphere is hoped to find uses in military, architectural and recreational areas. It has been developed by Julian Eyre of VR Systems UK

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Computer Technology Silhouette User Virtual Reality

This print showcases the cutting-edge technology of the cybersphere, where a man is silhouetted inside this revolutionary virtual reality system. The cybersphere represents the next generation of immersive experiences, allowing users to completely immerse themselves in a virtual world like never before. The large translucent plastic sphere, composed of interlocking plates and mounted on an air cushion, serves as the gateway to this extraordinary realm. Within its confines, users can freely walk, run, and even jump as they explore their digitally created surroundings. Projectors expertly linked to a computer create a wrap-around cinema effect that enhances the illusion of being fully transported into another dimension. To ensure seamless interaction with this alternate reality, a smaller ball permanently touches the larger sphere and tracks every movement made by its user. This data is then relayed back to the computer which promptly updates the projected images accordingly. Developed by Julian Eyre from VR Systems UK, this groundbreaking innovation holds immense potential across various fields such as military training simulations, architectural design visualization, and recreational activities. Its ability to provide total immersion in virtual environments opens up new possibilities for human exploration and understanding. In this mesmerizing image captured by Science Photo Library's lens, we catch just a glimpse of what lies beyond our physical boundaries – an awe-inspiring fusion between humanity and advanced computer technology within the realms of virtual reality.

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