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Magic sensor X-ray

Magic sensor X-ray

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Magic sensor X-ray

Magic sensor. Coloured X-ray of a tyre fitted internally with an autonomous sensor (yellow). This long-lived sensor is powered solely by the changes in pressure it measures, needing no batte- ry. It is only active when there is a change to measure. Voltage is generated in its piezoelectric materials by changes in pressure. The voltage is converted into a radio signal, and this data is transmitted to an external receiver by an antenna. In this case, however, the sensor is linked by a wire. This sensor, which is being co-developed by Siemens, Germany, and Continental, will contin- uously check the tyre pressure while driving

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Autonomous Change Continental Electrical Engineering Electronic Electronics Germany Radio Sensor Siemens Tread

This print showcases the incredible technology behind the Magic sensor X-ray. In this image, we are presented with a coloured X-ray of a tyre that has been fitted internally with an autonomous sensor, highlighted in vibrant yellow. What makes this sensor truly remarkable is its ability to operate without any reliance on batteries. Powered solely by the changes in pressure it measures, this long-lived sensor comes alive only when there is a change to measure. The piezoelectric materials within the sensor generate voltage as pressure fluctuates, which is then converted into a radio signal. This data is transmitted wirelessly to an external receiver through an antenna. Developed collaboratively by Siemens and Continental in Germany, this cutting-edge technology represents a significant breakthrough in tire monitoring systems. As one drives, this innovative sensor continuously checks and monitors tire pressure without requiring any additional power source or intervention from the driver. The intricate details captured in this photograph allow us to appreciate both the complexity and elegance of modern electronics and physics at work. It serves as a reminder of how advancements like these can revolutionize various industries such as automotive engineering and contribute towards safer driving experiences for all motorists worldwide.

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