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Magic sensor

Magic sensor

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Magic sensor

Magic sensor. Technician monitoring an autonomous sensor on a candle. This long-lived sensor is powered solely by the changes in temperature it measures, requiring no battery. It is only active when there is a change to measure. Here, it is acting as a safety device. Voltage is generated in its pyroelectric materials by changes in tempera- ture. The voltage is converted into a radio signal transmitted by an antenna. This data can be picked up by a receiver up to 20 metres away. Similar sensors can be used to continuously check the pressure of vehicle tyres. The sensor was developed by Siemens, Munich-Perlach, Germany

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Candle Change Electrical Engineering Electronics Germany Heat Magic Physicist Pyroelectric Researcher Safety Scientist Sensor Siemens Technician Temperature Thermometer

In this photo print, we witness the marvel of technology as a technician monitors an autonomous sensor on a candle. This extraordinary device, known as the Magic Sensor, operates solely on the changes in temperature it measures and requires no battery for power. It remains dormant until there is a change to measure, making it an efficient safety device. The Magic Sensor harnesses the power of pyroelectric materials within its core. As temperature fluctuations occur, voltage is generated within these materials. This voltage is then converted into a radio signal that is transmitted through an antenna. Astonishingly, this data can be picked up by a receiver up to 20 meters away. Originally developed by Siemens in Munich-Perlach, Germany, this groundbreaking invention has far-reaching applications beyond its current use as a safety tool for candles. Similar sensors have been designed to continuously monitor vehicle tire pressure with great accuracy. This image showcases not only the ingenuity of scientists and researchers but also highlights how advancements in electronics and electrical engineering continue to push boundaries and revolutionize our world. The Magic Sensor represents a remarkable fusion of physics and technology that promises endless possibilities for future innovations.

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