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Lava flow. Pahoehoe lava. Steam rising as a flow of pahoehoe lava

Lava flow. Pahoehoe lava. Steam rising as a flow of pahoehoe lava

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Lava flow. Pahoehoe lava. Steam rising as a flow of pahoehoe lava

Pahoehoe lava. Steam rising as a flow of pahoehoe lava from Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii, USA, enters the Pacific Ocean. This thick ropy-looking lava may flow at up to 50 kilometres per hour. Pahoehoe lava is a type of basic lava with a low silica content, giving it a low melting point. This means the lava can travel great distances from the crater or vent from which it was issued

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Basic Flow Glowing Heat Kilauea Volcano Molten Pacific Ocean Pahoehoe Lava Steam Us A Volcanic Activity Volcano Volcanology Vulcanology

This print captures the awe-inspiring sight of a pahoehoe lava flow from Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, USA, as it gracefully meets the mighty Pacific Ocean. The steam rising from the molten lava creates an ethereal atmosphere, adding to the mesmerizing beauty of this natural phenomenon. Pahoehoe lava, known for its thick and ropy appearance, can reach astonishing speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. This type of lava is classified as basic due to its low silica content and subsequently low melting point. As a result, it has the ability to travel vast distances from its source without solidifying. The sheer power and intensity emanating from this volcanic activity are evident in every detail captured by Science Photo Library. The glowing red-hot magma contrasts against the cool blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, creating a striking visual contrast that showcases nature's raw energy at play. This image not only highlights the geological wonders present on our planet but also serves as a reminder of how interconnected Earth's various elements truly are. It symbolizes both destruction and creation simultaneously—a testament to Mother Nature's relentless force. With volcanology enthusiasts and geography aficionados alike marveling at this incredible scene, Science Photo Library once again delivers an extraordinary snapshot that invites viewers into a world where heat meets water with breathtaking consequences.

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