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Illustration of narrowed artery in hyperlipidaemia

Illustration of narrowed artery in hyperlipidaemia

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Illustration of narrowed artery in hyperlipidaemia

Hyperlipidaemia. Illustration of the narrowing of an artery (atherosclerosis) due to high levels of lipids in the blood (hyperlipidaemia). The artery is cut through, with red blood cells and lipid particles (yellow) escaping. Lipid particles are a form of blood cholesterol. The lumen of the artery has narrowed due to lipid accumulation beneath the inner elastic wall (white) and smooth muscle (red). Calcium crystals may also form here. Hyper- lipidaemia is a metabolic disorder which may be associated with diabetes, kidney failure, or be inherited. Narrowing of the arteries increases the risk of blood clots forming, and is associated with coronary heart disease and stroke

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This print from Science Photo Library depicts an intricate illustration of a narrowed artery in hyperlipidaemia. The image showcases the detrimental effects of high levels of lipids in the blood, leading to atherosclerosis and subsequent narrowing of the artery. The artery is visually dissected, revealing red blood cells and yellow lipid particles escaping through the constricted space. These lipid particles represent cholesterol found within the bloodstream. As we delve deeper into this visual representation, we observe that lipid accumulation occurs beneath the inner elastic wall and smooth muscle, causing further constriction. Additionally, calcium crystals may form within this region. Hyperlipidaemia is a metabolic disorder that can be associated with various conditions such as diabetes, kidney failure, or even inherited traits. This condition significantly increases the risk of developing blood clots while being strongly linked to coronary heart disease and stroke. Through this thought-provoking artwork, Science Photo Library emphasizes how crucial it is to understand and address hyperlipidaemia's impact on our vascular health. By shedding light on these complex medical concepts through artistry and scientific accuracy, they contribute to advancing knowledge in medicine and healthcare for both professionals and individuals seeking information about arterial diseases like atherosclerosis.

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