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DVD drive motor, SEM

DVD drive motor, SEM

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DVD drive motor, SEM

DVD drive motor. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of the electric motor from a computer DVD disk drive. The turntable has been removed to show the interior. The central hole contains the spindle on which the turntable turns. Around the hole are 6 small electromagnets, composed of copper wire (yellow) wound around metal bars. These electromagnets are fed with current, which generates a magnetic field. This interacts with permanent magnets on the turntable (not seen), causing it to spin at a constant speed. Magnification: x10 when printed 10 centimetres wide

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Copper Current Digital Versatile Disc Digital Video Disc Electric Electrical Electro Magnet Electromagnetic Electromagnets Electronics Engineering Hardware Magnetic Field Mechanics Motor Spin Spindle Wire Wires Wrapped False Coloured Turn Table

This print captures the intricate details of a DVD drive motor in all its colorful glory. Taken with a scanning electron microscope (SEM), this image reveals the inner workings of an electric motor found in computer DVD disk drives. The turntable has been removed to expose the interior, allowing us to witness the marvels hidden within. At the heart of this motor lies a central hole that houses a spindle, upon which the turntable would typically rest. Surrounding this hole are six small electromagnets, constructed from copper wire wound around metal bars and depicted here in vibrant yellow hues. These electromagnets come alive when fed with current, generating a magnetic field that interacts with unseen permanent magnets on the turntable itself. The result? A mesmerizing spin at a constant speed that allows DVDs to be read or written seamlessly. This technological wonder is made possible by carefully engineered mechanics and electronics working together harmoniously. With magnification set at x10 when printed 10 centimeters wide, every minute detail is brought into focus for our admiration. From wires elegantly wrapped around metal bars to the delicate interplay between electricity and magnetism – it's all there for us to explore. This stunning SEM image serves as both an artistic masterpiece and an educational tool, showcasing how science and technology intertwine to create everyday wonders like digital versatile discs (DVDs).

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