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Computer art of a positron-electron collision

Computer art of a positron-electron collision

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Computer art of a positron-electron collision

Positron-electron collision. Computer illustration of an electron (blue) and a positron (red) colliding. The collision produces extremely short- lived B meson and anti-B meson particles (both yellow). These particles consist of a quark and an antiquark (green and pink spheres). Collisions of positrons and electrons take place in the BaBar particle detector of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), California, USA. The electrons and positrons are circulated around SLACs PEP-II collider before being forced to collide. Differences in the rates of decay of B mesons and anti-B mesons may explain why there is more matter than antimatter in the universe

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This computer art print showcases the mesmerizing collision of a positron and an electron. The vibrant blue electron and fiery red positron collide with immense energy, resulting in the creation of incredibly short-lived B meson and anti-B meson particles, depicted in striking yellow hues. These unique particles consist of a quark and an antiquark, represented by green and pink spheres respectively. The remarkable collision takes place within the BaBar particle detector at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) located in California, USA. Prior to colliding, electrons and positrons are circulated around SLAC's PEP-II collider to maximize their impact. Scientists believe that studying the rates of decay between B mesons and anti-B mesons may hold crucial insights into one of the universe's greatest mysteries - why there is more matter than antimatter. This artwork beautifully captures both the scientific significance as well as the artistic beauty found within subatomic particle collisions. Created by Science Photo Library, this graphic representation combines science with creativity to provide a visually stunning depiction of complex physics phenomena. It serves as a testament to humanity's tireless pursuit of knowledge about our universe at its most fundamental level.

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