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Coloured TEM of E. coli bacteria dividing

Coloured TEM of E. coli bacteria dividing

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Coloured TEM of E. coli bacteria dividing

E. Coli bacteria dividing. Transmission electron micrograph of the division zone between two new Escherichia coli bacteria showing the cells undergoing binary fission. The green area in each cell is cytoplasm, which is bound by a cytoplasmic membrane. Outside this is the bacterial cell wall (orange), which consists of a rigid inner peptidoglycan layer and an outer membrane. The attached bands across the division zone represent the incomplete peptidoglycan layers of the two daughter cells. The constricting outer membrane has yet to bridge the gap between the cells. E. coli is a normal inhabitant of the human gut. Magnification x142, 800 at 6x7cm size. Magnification: x400, 000 at 10x8 inch size

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Bacteria Bacterial Bacteriology Bacterium Binary Binary Fission Cell Division Cell Wall Dividing Division Electron Micrograph Escherichia Coli Fission Formation Micro Organisms Microbe Microbes Synthesis Transmission Type Micro Biology

This print showcases the intricate process of cell division in Escherichia coli bacteria. In this transmission electron micrograph, we witness the formation of two new E. coli cells through binary fission. The green area within each cell represents the cytoplasm, enclosed by a protective cytoplasmic membrane. Surrounding this is the bacterial cell wall, depicted in vibrant orange hues, which consists of an inner peptidoglycan layer and an outer membrane. The attached bands across the division zone symbolize incomplete peptidoglycan layers in the daughter cells, while the constricting outer membrane highlights that it has yet to bridge the gap between them. This mesmerizing image provides valuable insights into microbial biology and bacteriology. E. coli is a common inhabitant of our gut flora and plays essential roles in digestion and nutrient absorption. With a magnification of x142,800 at 6x7cm size or x400,000 at 10x8 inch size, this photograph allows us to appreciate the intricacies of these microscopic organisms on a grand scale. Science Photo Library brings forth this remarkable visual representation without any commercial intent but rather with a focus on scientific exploration and education about microorganisms' fascinating world.

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