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Coloured SEM of a wasps head (Vespula vulgaris)

Coloured SEM of a wasps head (Vespula vulgaris)

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Coloured SEM of a wasps head (Vespula vulgaris)

Common wasps head. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of the head of a common wasp (Vespula vulgaris). Its antennae can be seen between its large compound eyes (grey, upper left and right). As well as these eyes, it also has three ocelli (simple eyes) on top of its head at upper centre. At lower centre its mouthparts can be seen, a pair of overlapping mandibles which it uses for nest-building, carrying food back to the hive for their young and other chores. Common wasps are social insects, living in hives of several thousand individuals. The hives young are fed on insects, but the adults only eat sweet liquids. Magnification: x6 at 6x6cm size. x13 at 5x5 inch size

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Antenna Common Common Wasp Compound Compound Eye Insecta Ocellus Type Vespula Vulgaris Wasp Worst Invasive Alien Species

This print showcases the intricate details of a wasp's head, specifically belonging to the common wasp species (Vespula vulgaris). The image, captured using a colored scanning electron microscope (SEM), reveals fascinating features that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. The large compound eyes of the wasp dominate the upper left and right corners of the photograph, their grey hue adding an air of mystery. Nestled between these eyes are its delicate antennae, which play a crucial role in sensing its surroundings. Atop its head, we can observe three ocelli or simple eyes positioned at the upper center. Moving towards lower center, our attention is drawn to its mouthparts - a pair of overlapping mandibles that serve various purposes such as nest-building and carrying food back to their hive for their young. This particular species is known for being social insects, residing in hives consisting of several thousand individuals. While their offspring feed on insects, adult common wasps have developed a preference for sweet liquids as their main source of sustenance. This remarkable SEM image offers us an up-close glimpse into this insect's world and reminds us of nature's incredible diversity. With magnification levels reaching x6 at 6x6cm size and x13 at 5x5 inch size, this stunning print from Science Photo Library allows us to appreciate both the beauty and complexity found within one small creature – highlighting why it remains an object of fascination in fields such as zoology and entomology

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