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Coloured SEM of a disposable safety razor

Coloured SEM of a disposable safety razor

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Coloured SEM of a disposable safety razor

Razor. Coloured scanning electron micrograph of a disposable safety razor with hairs (brown) stuck to it. The two blades of the razor (white, at centre) are held in a blue mounting. The use of two blades allows a closer shave. Safety razors are so named because it is impossible to inflict a deep cut with them. They were invented by the American, King Camp Gillette, in 1871; the first twin-blade safety razor was introduced in 1971. Magnification: x4 at 5x7cm size. Magnification; x18 at 25cm x12cm size

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This print showcases a coloured scanning electron micrograph of a disposable safety razor, revealing intricate details that are often overlooked by the naked eye. The razor is depicted with brown hairs adhered to its surface, emphasizing its purpose as a grooming tool. At the heart of this innovative creation lies two white blades securely held in a striking blue mounting. This design feature allows for an exceptionally close shave, ensuring optimal results. Safety razors derive their name from their inability to inflict deep cuts, providing users with peace of mind during their shaving routine. Invented by the visionary American entrepreneur King Camp Gillette in 1871, these indispensable tools have revolutionized personal grooming practices worldwide. It was not until 1971 that the first twin-blade safety razor was introduced, further enhancing efficiency and precision. The magnification levels employed for this image offer different perspectives on the razor's structure: x4 at 5x7cm size and x18 at 25cm x12cm size. These enlargements allow us to appreciate the fine craftsmanship involved in creating such an essential household item. As we observe this remarkable photograph, we are reminded of how everyday objects can possess extraordinary beauty when examined through scientific lenses. Science Photo Library has once again captured both artistry and functionality within one frame without mentioning any commercial use or specific company affiliation.

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