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Colour SEM of Podocyrtis cothurnata, a radiolarian

Colour SEM of Podocyrtis cothurnata, a radiolarian

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Colour SEM of Podocyrtis cothurnata, a radiolarian

Radiolarian. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of the test (skeleton) of a Podocyrtis cothurnata, a type of radiolarian protozoan. Radiolarians build these hard, mineral skeletons around themselves as they float in warm seas with other plankton. They extend their protoplasm as pseudopodia (false feet) through pores in the shell to feed on tiny organisms. The radiolarians can change their density in order to vary their depth. Large numbers of radiolarian skeletons litter the sea bed; these become fossilised to form minerals like flint. Magnification: x170 at 6x7cm size. x425 at 5.5x4.75ins

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Flint Origin Plankton Protozoa Protozoan Radiolaria Radiolarian Test

This print showcases the intricate beauty of Podocyrtis cothurnata, a radiolarian protozoan. The image, captured using a coloured scanning electron microscope (SEM), reveals the delicate test or skeleton that these fascinating creatures construct around themselves. Found in warm seas alongside other plankton, radiolarians employ their pseudopodia or false feet to extend through pores in their shell and feed on minuscule organisms. What makes radiolarians even more remarkable is their ability to alter their density, enabling them to vary their depth within the ocean. As they go about their lives, large numbers of these mesmerizing skeletons accumulate on the sea bed. Over time, these remnants become fossilized and transform into minerals like flint. The magnified view of this particular specimen allows us to appreciate its intricate details at x170 magnification for a 6x7cm size print or x425 magnification for a 5. 5x4. 75ins print. This stunning photograph not only highlights the natural wonders found in our oceans but also serves as a reminder of how diverse and awe-inspiring life can be at microscopic levels. With its focus on nature's marvels and zoological wonders, this print from Science Photo Library offers an intriguing glimpse into the world of radiolarian protozoa while showcasing the extraordinary beauty hidden within our vast oceans.

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