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Lavaters physiognomy, 19th century

Lavaters physiognomy, 19th century

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Lavaters physiognomy, 19th century

Lavaters physiognomy. This posthumously published study by the Swiss poet Johann Kaspar Lavater (1741-1801) gives 20 labelled features on a womans face, explained using physiognomy. The labels are given in French at bottom. Physiognomy, the practice of assessing personality traits from the appearance of a persons face, was popularised by Lavater. The study was provided by Lavaters nephew, and this copy is from the German book Die Karikatur und Satire in der Medizin (Caricature and Satire in Medicine, 1921) by the German art historian and physician Eugen Hollander (1867-1932)

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1921 Art History Diagram Die Karikatur Und Satire In Der Medizin Eugen Hollander Face Facial Feature Features French French Language History Of Medicine Label Labelled Labels Patient Physiognomy Printed Swiss Table Text Theory Traits Writing Johann Kaspar Lavater Mono Chrome Posthumous Pseudoscientific

This print showcases Lavaters physiognomy, a groundbreaking study from the 19th century. Created by Swiss poet Johann Kaspar Lavater, this posthumously published work delves into the practice of assessing personality traits based on facial appearances. The print features a woman's face with 20 labeled features, all explained using the principles of physiognomy. These labels are presented in French at the bottom, adding an air of elegance to this historical piece. Physiognomy gained popularity thanks to Lavater's efforts and became widely known as a pseudoscientific approach to understanding human nature. This particular copy of his unpublished study is sourced from "Die Karikatur und Satire in der Medizin" a German book written by Eugen Hollander, an art historian and physician. The monochrome illustration captures the essence of this intriguing field while also highlighting its connection to medicine and history. As we observe this thought-provoking artwork, it serves as a reminder that throughout time people have sought ways to decipher character traits through physical appearance. With its rich historical context and detailed depiction of facial features, this print offers us a glimpse into both Lavaters indiscretions and the evolution of medical theory during the 1800s. It stands as an important artifact within art history and provides valuable insight into our fascination with understanding ourselves through external attributes.

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