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Bacteria water test

Bacteria water test

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Bacteria water test

Bacteria water testing. Female researcher removing a membrane filter from a bacterial culture dish with forceps as she tests a water sample for bacterial contamination. The water sample was drawn through the membrane by a pump. Any bacteria present will be trapped in the membrane, which is incubated in the culture dish to allow them to multiply. The bacteria can then be identified. Bacteria are responsible for water-borne diseases such as typhoid fever and cholera. Photographed in part of the Public Health Service Laboratory, UK

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In this photo print, a female researcher is seen diligently removing a membrane filter from a bacterial culture dish using forceps as she conducts a crucial water test for bacterial contamination. The process involves drawing the water sample through the membrane via a pump, which effectively traps any bacteria present within it. These trapped bacteria are then incubated in the culture dish to allow them to multiply and be identified. This image highlights the vital role that bacteria play in causing water-borne diseases like typhoid fever and cholera. By conducting such tests, scientists can identify potential threats lurking within our water sources and take necessary measures to ensure public health and safety. Photographed within the Public Health Service Laboratory in the UK, this picture showcases an essential aspect of microbiological research. The meticulousness with which this female researcher carries out her task exemplifies dedication towards protecting human well-being. The presence of laboratory equipment further emphasizes the scientific nature of this endeavor. It serves as a reminder of how advancements in medicine and technology have enabled us to better understand microorganisms and combat their harmful effects on society. Overall, this visually striking image captures both the critical work being done by researchers in testing for bacterial contamination as well as their commitment towards safeguarding public health through rigorous scientific investigation.

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