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abstracts/hindu devotees religious festival holi inside
Hindu devotees take part in the religious festival of Holi inside a temple in Nandgaon
celebration/devotee lights oil lamps religious ceremony diwali
A devotee lights oil lamps at a religious ceremony during the Diwali or Deepavali
portraits/india religion hindu festival face
temples banks ganges benares india c1909
'Temples on the Banks of the Ganges, Benares, India', c1909. Creator: George Rose
archbishop canterbury preachingafter queen
'...Archbishop of Canterbury preaching...after Queen Victoria's Death, 1902'
enthronement dr temple archbishop canterbury
'Enthronement of Dr. Temple as Archbishop in Canterbury Cathedral, January 8, 1897'
jerusalem time jesus christ showing temple restored
'Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus Christ, Showing the Temple as restored by Herod the Great'
the capitol mount palatine restoration 1890
'The Capitol, from Mount Palatine (restoration)', 1890. Creator: Unknown
caesar possessing treasure temple saturn 1890
'Caesar Possessing Himself of the Treasure in the Temple of Saturn', 1890
interior cathedral spalatro formerly temple
'Interior of the Cathedral of Spalatro (Formerly Temple of the Palace of Diocletian)'
the dome rock jerusalem 1890 creator unknown
'The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem', 1890. Creator: Unknown
church tower temple paris 1890 creator
'Church and Tower of the Temple, Paris', 1890. Creator: Unknown
entrance shinto temple nikko district japan 1936
'Entrance to a Shinto Temple, in the Nikko district of Japan', 1936. Creator
one temples nikko japan pilgrimage site sacred
'One of many Temples at Nikko, Japan, a Pilgrimage site of sacred Shrines', 1936
finding saviour temple cropped 1854 1855
The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple (cropped)', 1854-1855, (1936)
interior pantheon rome restored 1890 creator
'Interior of the Pantheon at Rome (restored)', 1890. Creator: Unknown
opening masonic peace memorial great queen street
The opening of the Masonic Peace Memorial, Great Queen Street, London, 19 July 1933
superb marble temples dilwarra abu sacred mountain
'Superb Marble Temples at Dilwarra, on Abu, the sacred mountain of the Jains, India'
interior dilwara temple mount abu india 1901
'Interior, Dilwara Temple, Mount Abu, India', 1901
offbeat quirky images/offbeat 2019/france weather feature
notre dame paris/files france religion history architecture
offbeat quirky images/offbeat 2017/skorea religion buddhism
travel/nepal culture temple doors travel
calling worshippers c1893 creator sir lawrence
'Calling the Worshippers', c1893. Creator: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
hermit praying ruins roman temple ca 1760 artist
A Hermit Praying in the Ruins of a Roman Temple, ca 1760. Artist: Robert, Hubert
tori dun temple shinto tori shinto temple 1900
'Tori D'Un Temple Shinto', (Tori at a Shinto Temple), 1900. Creator: Unknown
fresco villa agrippa postumus boscotrecase
A fresco from the villa of Agrippa Postumus at Boscotrecase, Pompeii
landscapes/angara irkutsk 1886 artist nikolai
'Angara at Irkutsk', 1886. Artist: Nikolai Dobrovolsky
ballooning/photo taken february 5 2014 shows hot air balloon
This photo taken on February 5, 2014 shows a hot air balloon flying over a temple
europe/uk essex/greensted church ongar essex uk
Greensted Church, Ongar, Essex, UK
space/stars big dipper constellation leo shine temple
Stars of the Big Dipper and constellation Leo shine above a temple of Mount Emei in China
space/pyramids used communication centers alien world
Pyramids used as communication centers on an alien world
space/reptoid looks river ancient temple guarded
A reptoid looks across the river towards an ancient temple guarded by dinosaurs
space/samantabhadra statue dark starry night mount emei
Samantabhadra statue on a dark starry night in Mount Emei, China
space/artists concept mayan like ruins ringed planet
Artist's concept of Mayan like ruins on a ringed planet
space/night sky buddhist shrine yunnan pronvince china
The night sky over a Buddhist shrine in Yunnan pronvince of China
space/meteor streaks sky bhaktapur durbar square nepal
A meteor streaks the sky above Bhaktapur Durbar Square of Nepal
space/artists concept pyramids sphinx built advanced
Artist's concept of the pyramids and sphinx being built by an advanced alien race
space/ancient civilization
Ancient Civilization
space/morning twilight paints sky deep blue tibetan
Morning twilight paints the sky in deep blue above a Tibetan temple in western China
space/pyramids sphinx appear planets known galaxy
Pyramids and Sphinx appear on many planets in the known galaxy
space/remains ancient civilization area similar african
The remains of an ancient civilization in an area similar to the african grasslands
space/inhabitants fabled city atlantis
Inhabitants of the fabled City of Atlantis
sci fi/artists concept grey aliens helping egyptians
Artist's concept of Grey aliens helping the Egyptians build the pyramids
sci fi/reptoid greets incoming flying saucer pyramid
A reptoid greets an incoming flying saucer above a pyramid
sci fi/abandoned relics advanced martian civilization
Abandoned relics from an advanced martian civilization
sci fi/extraterrestrial surveys ancient structure distant
An extraterrestrial surveys an ancient structure on a distant alien world
sci fi/omeisaurus dinosaurs come contact advanced prehistoric
Omeisaurus dinosaurs come into contact with an advanced prehistoric civilization
sci fi/artists concept aliens helping mayans build complex
Artist's concept of aliens helping the Mayans build complex buildings
sci fi/ufo flying giza plateau egypt
A UFO flying over the Giza Plateau in Egypt
sci fi/pyramids used dimensional doorways aliens travel
Pyramids used as dimensional doorways for aliens to travel the universe
sci fi/artists concept illustrating aliens helped build
Artist's concept illustrating how aliens helped to build ancient Egyptian monuments
sci fi/legendary south american golden city el dorado
The legendary South American golden city of El Dorado in the summer
sci fi/alien world earth like structures
An alien world with earth-like structures
sci fi/female explorers study ancient egyptian ruins
Female explorers study ancient Egyptian ruins and artifacts
ocean life/submarine passes greek temple ruin near reef
A submarine passes over a Greek temple ruin near a reef
miscellaneous/sun rises egyptian pyramids desert morning
The sun rises on Egyptian pyramids on a desert morning
miscellaneous/pyramids sit majestically surrounding jungle
Two pyramids sit majestically among the surrounding jungle
miscellaneous/sunrays shine pyramids nile river giza plateau
Sunrays shine down on three pyramids along the Nile River on the Giza Plateau
space/conjunction venus jupiter potala palace lhasa
Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter above Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet, China
sci fi/builders mayan pyramids visit launch landing site
Builders of the Mayan Pyramids visit their launch and landing site
dinosaurs/group compsognathus dinosaurs gather lone reptoid
A group of Compsognathus dinosaurs gather around a lone reptoid building
miscellaneous/lights ancient pyramids join stars overhead
The lights from ancient pyramids join with the stars overhead
miscellaneous/ghostly presence indian chief guards ancient
A ghostly presence of an Indian chief guards his ancient culture
dinosaurs/alien world reptoid beings co exist dinosaurs
An alien world where reptoid beings co-exist with dinosaurs
history/ancient greek temple agrigento sicily 1943
An ancient Greek temple in Agrigento, Sicily, 1943
history/agrigento sicily ruins greek temples 1943
Agrigento, Sicily. Ruins of Greek temples, 1943
travel/spain/picture shows ceiling expiatory church sagrada
Picture shows the ceiling of the Expiatory Church of the "Sagrada Familia"
travel/spain/picture shows spiral staircase passion facades
Picture shows the spiral staircase of the Passion facade's bell tower (Western
ballooning/myanmar tourism lifestyle
offbeat quirky images/offbeat 2014/skorea religion buddhism lantern
travel/cambodia travel angkor wat
Cambodia-Travel-Angkor Wat
ungan jia a zen buddhist temple built
Ungan-ji, a Zen Buddhist temple built in 1450 by
punjab c1930s artist e candler
'Punjab', c1930s. Artist: E Candler
normandy early 19th century c1930s artist
'Normandy', early 19th century, (c1930s). Artist: Richard Thomas Underwood
rome c1930s artist ewing galloway
Rome', c1930s. Artist: Ewing Galloway
rome c1930s artist donald mcleish
Rome', c1930s. Artist: Donald McLeish
la pompe notre dame 9th state 6 3 4 x 9 7 8
'La Pompe Notre-Dame (9th State, 6 3/4 x 9 7/8 Inches)', 1852, (1927). Artist
saint etienne du mont 5th state 9 3 4 x 5 1 8
'Saint-Etienne-Du-Mont (5th State, 9 3/4 x 5 1/8 Inches)', 1852, (1927). Artist
labside notre dame paris 4th state 6 1 2 x
'L'Abside De Notre-Dame De Paris (4th State, 6 1/2 x 11 3/4 Inches)', 1854, (1927)
littlemore church near oxford 1904 artist
'Littlemore Church, near Oxford', 1904. Artist: Unknown
st pancras church 1904 artist unknown
'St. Pancras Church', 1904. Artist: Unknown
the nave ripon cathedral 1904 artist unknown
'The Nave, Ripon Cathedral', 1904. Artist: Unknown
hursley church rectory 1904 artist unknown
'Hursley Church and Rectory', 1904. Artist: Unknown
the taj mahal 1924 artist unknown
'The Taj Mahal', 1924. Artist: Unknown
in cloister 1895 artist unknown
'In the Cloister', 1895. Artist: Unknown
st georges chapel river 1895 artist unknown
'St. George's Chapel from the River', 1895. Artist: Unknown
normandy c1930s artist donald mcleish
'Normandy', c1930s. Artist: Donald McLeish
la galerie notre dame 3rd state 11 1 8 x 6
'La Galerie Notre-Dame (3rd State, 11 1/8 x 6 15/16 Inches)', 1853, (1927
le stryge 8th state 6 3 4 x 5 1 8 inches 1853
'Le Stryge (8th State 6 3/4 x 5 1/8 Inches)', 1853, (1927)
church san jose barranquilla c1940s artist
'Church of San Jose, Barranquilla', c1940s. Artist: Unknown
view tarragona c1880 artist unknown
'View in Tarragona', c1880. Artist: Unknown
stone rings old keig balquhain balgorkar
'Stone Rings - Old Keig, Balquhain, Balgorkar', 1827, (1946). Artist: I Logan
stonehenge wiltshire c1830 1946 artist
'Stonehenge, Wiltshire', c1830, (1946). Artist: James Bridges
ss peter paul church c1928 artist unknown
'SS. Peter and Paul Church', c1928. Artist: Unknown
panorama et eglise notre dame c1928 artist
'Panorama et Eglise Notre-Dame', c1928. Artist: Unknown
cathedrale saint sauveur c1928 artist unknown
'Cathedrale Saint-Sauveur', c1928. Artist: Unknown
the towers the belfry cathedral ladys church
'The three Towers (the Belfry, the Cathedral and our Lady's Church)', c1910


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