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Clothing Dress Collection

In 1939, Mrs. Cleaver found herself raising five sons on a new farm in Malheur County, Oregon

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In 1939, Mrs. Cleaver found herself raising five sons on a new farm in Malheur County, Oregon. As she worked tirelessly to provide for her family, her clothing dress became a symbol of strength and resilience. Meanwhile, George Cleaver was determined to develop 177 acres of raw land in the same county. His clothing dress became stained with sweat and dirt as he labored under the scorching sun, his determination unwavering. Traveling back in time to 1875, we encounter various cultures around the world through their unique clothing styles. The Dyaks of the Tribe of Badjows in Borneo adorned themselves with intricate garments that reflected their rich heritage. Similarly, natives from Jaen showcased their fashion sense during an autumn tour in Andalusia. Their traditional attire exuded elegance and grace as they embraced their cultural roots. Venturing further into Lazestan, we meet a woman whose clothing dress tells tales of her homeland's traditions and customs. Her vibrant ensemble captures the essence of Lazestan's beauty and diversity. Across the globe in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), "Burghers" proudly displayed their distinctive fashion choices. Their colorful dresses were a testament to their mixed heritage and served as a reminder of Ceylon's multicultural society. The Mura Snuff-takers from Trombetas took pride in adorning themselves with unique attire that set them apart from other tribes. Each garment told stories passed down through generations about unity and community spirit. Moving towards Persia (modern-day Iran), we encounter a falconer dressed impeccably while pursuing his passion for hunting birds of prey. His regal outfit mirrored his deep connection with nature and exemplified Persian craftsmanship at its finest. Finally, on our journey through Java Island in Indonesia, we meet an Emperor who dons opulent robes fit for royalty. His majestic clothing reflects not only his status but also the rich cultural heritage of Solo, Java. From Mrs.