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miscellaneous/bolts electricity discharging lab nikola tesla
Bolts of electricity discharging in the lab of Nikola Tesla
napier 1550 1617 1830 creator unknown
'Napier', (1550-1617), 1830. Creator: Unknown
i newton 1642 1727 1830 creator unknown
'I. Newton', (1642-1727), 1830. Creator: Unknown
huygens 1629 1695 1830 creator unknown
'Huygens', (1629-1695), 1830. Creator: Unknown
galileo 1564 1642 1830 creator unknown
'Galileo', (1564-1642), 1830. Creator: Unknown
euler 1707 1783 1830 creator unknown
'Euler', (1707-1783), 1830. Creator: Unknown
boyle 1627 1691 1830 creator unknown
'Boyle', (1627-1691), 1830. Creator: Unknown
cavallo 1749 1809 1830 creator unknown
'Cavallo', (1749-1809), 1830. Creator: Unknown
archimedes c287 212 bc 1830 creator
'Archimedes', (c287-212 BC), 1830. Creator: Unknown
professor faraday lecturing royal institute
'Professor Faraday lecturing at the Royal Institute...1856', (1901). Creator
heroic ascent professor piccard 1932 creator
The heroic ascent of Professor Piccard, 1932. Creator: Unknown
marconi c1893 creator james lafayette
'Marconi', c1893. Creator: James Lafayette
sir oliver lodge frs dsc 1927 creator
'Sir Oliver Lodge, F.R.S., D.Sc.', 1927. Creator: Unknown
sr isaac newton 1785 creator unknown
'Sr. Isaac Newton', 1785. Creator: Unknown
archive/science technology professor bernard lovell jodrell bank observatory/science technology professor bernard lovell
Science and Technology - Professor Bernard Lovell - Jodrell Bank Observatory
archive/science technology bernard lovell alla masevich jodrell bank/science technology bernard lovell alla masevich
Science and Technology - Bernard Lovell and Alla Masevich - Jodrell Bank
archive/greens sneinton nottingham/greens sneinton nottingham
Green's Mill - Sneinton, Nottingham
the second western party day picked ship 1912
'The Second Western Party The Day They Were Picked Up By The Ship', 1912, (1913)
vintage archive/influential scientists/marie curie skolodowska pierre curie
Marie Curie-Skolodowska with Pierre Curie
vintage archive/influential scientists/professor marie curie working laboratory
Professor Marie Curie Working in the Laboratory
vintage archive/influential scientists/bio einstein headshot
vintage archive/influential scientists/bio einstein headshot pipe
vintage archive/influential scientists/bio einstein
vintage archive/influential scientists/bio einstein nehru
medical/dr marshall nirenberg holding dna models
Dr. Marshall Nirenberg holding DNA models
history/inventor scientist nikola tesla circa 1890
Inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla. circa 1890
vintage archive/influential scientists/german theoritical physicist max planck
German Theoritical Physicist Max Planck
professor walther nernst c1928 creator unknown
Professor Walther Nernst, c1928. Creator: Unknown
vintage/henri victor regnault 1810 a
Henri Victor Regnault, 1810 A€
vintage/hermann ludwig ferdinand von helmholtz 1821 a
Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand Von Helmholtz, 1821 A€
vintage/gustav robert kirchhoff 1824 a
Gustav Robert Kirchhoff, 1824 A€
vintage/jean baptiste le rond dalembert 1717 a
Jean-Baptiste Le Rond D'alembert, 1717 A€
vintage/michael faraday 1791
Michael Faraday, 1791
vintage/sir david brewster 1781
Sir David Brewster, 1781
vintage/johann wolfgang von goethe 1749
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, 1749
vintage/john napier merchiston 8th laird merchistoun
John Napier Of Merchiston, 8Th Laird Of Merchistoun, 1550 To 1617. Scottish Mathematician
vintage/ascent charles balloon champ mars paris france
Ascent Of Charles Balloon Over The Champ De Mars Paris France August 27 1783 Jacques
vintage/destruction charles balloon paris france august
The Destruction Of Charles Balloon Paris France August 27 1783 Jacques Alexandre
william nicholson esq 1812 creator t blood
'William Nicholson Esq', (1812). Creator: T Blood
e w nelson nansen petersen insulated water bottle
'E. W. Nelson with the Nansen-Petersen Insulated Water-Bottle', c1911, (1913)
f debenham 9 september 1911 1913 artist
'F. Debenham', 9 September 1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
d g lillie siliceous sponges c1911 1913
'D. G. Lillie, with Some of the Siliceous Sponges', c1911, (1913). Artist
a blizzard gusts july 23rd 1911 1913 artist
'A Blizzard with Gusts - July 23rd, 1911', (1913). Artist: George Clarke Simpson
a blizzard march 12th 1911 1913 artist
'A Blizzard - March 12th, 1911', (1913). Artist: George Clarke Simpson
dr simpson laboratory 21 december 1911 1913
'Dr. Simpson in his Laboratory', 21 December 1911, (1913)
the mount suess looking south c1911 1913
'The Top of Mount Suess, Looking South', c1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
hansens grave cape adare 1911 1913 artist
'Hansen's Grave On Cape Adare', 1911, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
ice flowers newly formed sea ice 1912 1913
'Ice Flowers on Newly Formed Sea Ice', 1912, (1913). Artist: Frank Debenham
panorama discovery bluff c1911 1913 artist
'Panorama from Discovery Bluff', c1911, (1913). Artist: Frank Debenham
launch pram c1911 1913 artist g murray
'Launch of the Pram', c1911, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
lieut bruce 1911 1913 artist herbert
'Lieut. Bruce', 1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
skua gulls fighting blubber 1911 1913 artist
'Skua Gulls Fighting Over Some Blubber', 1911, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
the devils punch bowl cwm south west corner
'The Devil's Punch Bowl, an Empty Cwm in the South-West Corner of Granite Harbour'
penguins promenade c1911 1913 artist g
'Penguins Promenade', c1911, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
sketch map mount erebus showing routes ascent
'Sketch Map of Mount Erebus showing routes of ascent', c1912, (1913). Artist
dugdale glacier c1911 1913 artist g murray
'Dugdale Glacier', c1911, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
granite hut cape geology 1911 1913 artist
'Granite Hut, Cape Geology', 1911, (1913). Artist: T Griffith Taylor
a berg calving glacier cape crozier c1911 1913
'A Berg Calving from a Glacier at Cape Crozier', c1911, (1913)
growing ice foot cape evans c1911 1913
'Growing Ice-Foot, Cape Evans', c1911, (1913). Artist: Frank Debenham
the summit erebus c1912 1913 artist tryggve
'The Summit of Erebus', c1912, (1913). Artist: Tryggve Gran
forde cooking seal fry blubber stove cape roberts
'Forde Cooking Seal-Fry on the Blubber Stove at Cape Roberts', c1911, (1913)
the kayaks ashore c1911 1913 artist g murray
'The Two Kayaks Ashore', c1911, 1913. Artist: G Murray Levick
campbell afloat kayak 1911 1913 artist
'Campbell Afloat in a Kayak', 1911, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
wilson bowers cherry garrard return cape crozier
'Wilson, Bowers, and Cherry-Garrard on Their Return from Cape Crozier', 1 August 1911
south fang old crater c1912 1913 artist
'South Fang, Old Crater', c1912, (1913). Artist: Raymond E Priestley
mount erebus 1911 1913 artist edward
'Mount Erebus', 1911, (1913). Artist: Edward Wilson
overland cape roberts avoid screw pack c1911
'Overland Over Cape Roberts' To Avoid The Screw-Pack, c1911, (1913). Artist
frost smoke 1911 1913 artist herbert ponting
'Frost-Smoke', 1911, 1913. Artist: Herbert Ponting
highest camp antarctica active crater c1912
'Highest Camp in Antarctica - Active Crater', c1912, (1913)
emperor penguins 1911 1913 artist frank
'Emperor Penguins', 1911, (1913). Artist: Frank Debenham
erebus party december 1912 1913 artist
'Erebus Party, December 1912', (1913). Artist: Raymond E Priestley
a pressure ridge sea ice running cape barne
'A Pressure Ridge in the Sea-Ice Running Towards Cape Barne', 1911, (1913)
cave barrier cape crozier jan 4th 1911 1913
'Cave in the Barrier, Cape Crozier, Jan
remains explosion crater erebus 9 000 feet
'Remains of an Explosion Crater on Erebus (9, 000 feet)', c1911, (1913). Artist
the south west end alph avenue 1912 1913
'The South-West End of Alph Avenue', 1912, (1913). Artist: Frank Debenham
the ramparts mount erebus c1911 1913 artist
'The Ramparts of Mount Erebus', c1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
browning igloo door 1912 1913 artist g
'Browning at the Igloo Door', 1912, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
a proud mother c1911 1913 artist herbert
'A Proud Mother', c1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
an april sunset hut point looking west 1911
'An April Sunset from Hut Point, Looking West', 1911, (1913)
a steep gully cut alph river koettlitz glacier
'A Steep Gully Cut By The Alph River Through The Koettlitz Glacier', c1911
ice crystals roof cave head alph river c1911
'Ice Crystals on the Roof of a Cave at the Head of the Alph River', c1911, (1913)
this hasnt c1911 1913 artist herbert
'This One Hasn't.', c1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
the ramp slopes erebus 1911 1913 artist
'The Ramp and the Slopes of Erebus', 1911, (1913). Artist: Edward Wilson
this penguin industrious mate c1911 1913
'This Penguin Has An Industrious Mate', c1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
the hut winter c1911 1913 artist herbert
'The Hut After The Winter', c1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
levicks camp crevasses 1912 1913 artist
'Levick's Camp Among Crevasses', 1912, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
inside door igloo light blubber lamps c1911 1913
'Inside Door of Igloo by Light of Blubber Lamps', c1911, (1913)
crevassed ice entrance priestley glacier c1911
'Crevassed Ice at Entrance to Priestley Glacier', c1911, (1913)
the koettlitz glacier just north heald island
'The Koettlitz Glacier, Just North of Heald Island, Showing Ice Pinnacles, Etc' c1911
midwinter day 1912 men 1913 artist frank
'Midwinter Day, 1912 - The Men', (1913). Artist: Frank Debenham
ice structure c1911 1913 artist g murray
'Ice Structure', c1911, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
the lower koettlitz glacier 1911 1913 artist
'The Lower Koettlitz Glacier', 1911, (1913). Artist: Frank Debenham
gran mule lal khan c1911 1913 artist
'Gran With Mule 'Lal Khan', c1911, (1913). Artist: Frank Debenham
the second western party cape geology christmas day
'The Second Western Party at Cape Geology on Christmas Day, 1911, (1913). Artist
the northern party cape adare 1911 1913
'The Northern Party at Cape Adare', 1911, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
demetri geroff c1911 1913 artist tryggve
'Demetri Geroff', c1911, (1913). Artist: Tryggve Gran
the hut cape adare c1911 1913 artist g
'The Hut at Cape Adare', c1911, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
alcove camp surface gully taylor glacier c1911
'Alcove Camp in a Surface Gully of the Taylor Glacier', c1911, (1913). Artist


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