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The London Blitz Gallery

Images of London during the blitz

WW2 Memorabilia - Damaged Cafe informing suppliers
Holland House library after an air raid BB83_04456
Blitz in London -- warehouses, Surrey Docks, WW2
St Pauls Cathedral in bomb damaged surroundings AA093716
St Pauls Cathedral EAW011371
Blitz in London -- rescue workers in bombed street, WW2
City of London handcart with scrap bomb metal, WW2
Blitz in the City of London - AFS firefighters, WW2
Bombed London
Bombed London
Firefighters standing by during the Blitz, London in WWII LFB150
Blitz in London -- Regulars and Auxiliaries side by side
Winston Churchill in Bristol, 1941
British Army Captain Chris Goddard, left, and Cpl Gary Fisher check out the Second
WW2 - Chef cooking in a bombed-out street - Blitz, London
King George VI and Winston Churchill, 1940
St Brides Church, London 1941 BB69_02583
Bomb damage in Kilgour Road, SE London, WW2
Blitz in Plymouth -- St Andrews Parish Church, WW2
Air Raid Drills at the Windmill Theatre
London Pride, GWR poster, 1946
Blitz in London -- ambulance at Ladywell, Lewisham, WW2
NFS firefighter at a training camp, WW2
Blitz in London -- St Bride Street, Farringdon Street, WW2
Blitz in London -- Whitechapel Fire Station
Blitz - Fire at Surrey Commercial Docks, Rotherhithe
Blitz in London - AFS firefighter, WW2
LFB wartime emergency appliance and trailer pump, WW2
St Pauls Cathedral dominates the view of the area north of Cannon Street (left) Rebuilding
Blitz in London -- turntable ladder in operation, WW2
King and Queen inspecting bomb damage at Buckingham Palace
Harry Watts London Can Take It! (1940)
The Blitz Remembered Service at St Pauls Cathedral
AFS women training, Highgate, London, WW2
Bomb disposal unit in action
Blitz in London -- pulling debris clear, WW2
Blitz in London -- Saffron Hill, WW2
Blitz in London -- Greenwich fire station, WW2
NFS firefighters at assault course training camp, WW2
The Ring, Southwark AA61_01218
Blitz in London -- burnt-out incendiary device, WW2
Bomb damage in Sidney Street, East London, WW2
Bomb damage and crater, Petherton Road, London, WW2
Daily lives in London during the Blitz
Blitz in London - Clarnico Factory, Hackney Wick, WW2
Blitz in London - Foreign Street, Camberwell, WW2
Scene of devastation after flying bomb attack, WW2
NFS (London Region) Pimlico V1 bombing attack, WW2
LFB and the Blitz - Queen Victoria Street

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