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Birmingham Broadcasting Collection

"Birmingham Broadcasting: A Journey Through the Airwaves" Step back in time to the golden era of Birmingham broadcasting

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"Birmingham Broadcasting: A Journey Through the Airwaves" Step back in time to the golden era of Birmingham broadcasting, where iconic radio presenters and unforgettable moments shaped the city's airwaves. Nicky Steele, the charismatic BRMB Radio Presenter, captivated listeners as he hosted his afternoon show live from the Motor. His infectious energy filled homes and cars across Birmingham, bringing joy to all who tuned in. On February 11th, 1979, Brian Savin made waves as a BRMB Radio Presenter with his groundbreaking broadcast that left audiences spellbound. The air crackled with excitement as he delivered news and entertainment like never before. Tony Butler, a beloved BRMB Radio Disc Jockey, posed proudly alongside news boys and girls of Birmingham. Their dedication to delivering accurate information resonated with listeners who relied on their voices for updates on local happenings. In an extraordinary display of bravery, Nicky Steele stood tall beside Barbara Berry after she was held at knife point. Together they showcased resilience and unity in the face of adversity while reminding us all of the power of community. The year was circa 1975 when Nicky Steele graced our radios once again. His voice became synonymous with laughter and music that brought people together during challenging times. John Russell took charge as BRMB Radio's Programme Director on February 11th, 1979. With his visionary leadership skills, he steered the station towards new heights by nurturing talent and fostering creativity within its walls. Bob Hopton assumed control as BRMB Radio's Programme Controller on April 17th, 1980. Under his guidance, innovative programming ideas flourished while maintaining a strong connection to Birmingham's unique identity. On Tuesday February 19th, 1974 history was made with the launch of BRMB Radio in Birmingham. This momentous occasion marked a new chapter in broadcasting excellence that would resonate throughout generations to come.