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Photographic Print : Money Page Cricket Feature The Empires Cricketers Book from 1905 is worth £2

Money Page Cricket Feature The Empires Cricketers Book from 1905 is worth £2

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Money Page Cricket Feature The Empires Cricketers Book from 1905 is worth £2

Money Page Cricket Feature
The Empires Cricketers Book from 1905 is worth £ 2, 000 - £ 21, 500

United Kingdom

Media ID 21511780

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Core59 English

10"x8" Photo Print

Step into the past with this captivating photograph from Memory Lane Prints. Featuring a page from "The Empires Cricketers Book" published in 1905, this vintage print showcases an intriguing Money Page where cricket enthusiasts could find the worth of their favorite cricketers. The value of this particular page, showcased in the image, is estimated to be between £2,000 and £21,500. Add a touch of history and nostalgia to your space with this unique and fascinating photograph from the Media Storehouse range of Photographic Prints.

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This print from Memory Lane Prints showcases a remarkable piece of cricket history. The featured image displays the iconic "Money Page Cricket Feature: The Empires Cricketers Book" dating back to 1905, which holds immense value and significance in the world of sports memorabilia. This extraordinary artifact is estimated to be worth an astonishing £2,000 - £21,500. Transporting us back to the 1990s, this snapshot captures the essence of a bygone era in English cricket. The photograph exudes action and excitement as it depicts a bustling crowd engrossed in an enthralling match. It beautifully encapsulates the passion and fervor that surrounded this beloved sport during that time. The image serves as a nostalgic reminder of how cricket has long been ingrained within British culture, uniting fans from all walks of life. Its historical importance cannot be overstated; it symbolizes not only the evolution of cricket but also represents an integral part of our collective sporting heritage. Although we may not know who specifically captured this momentous scene or its exact purpose beyond being featured on Money Page Cricket Feature, its presence evokes curiosity and intrigue for enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you are a devoted fan or simply appreciate vintage sports memorabilia, this stunning print offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry that is English cricket history.

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