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Photographic Print : Washing White

Washing White

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Washing White

Two men rub down the white-washed ceilings of a newly completed fish market in Dubai

Unleash your creativity and transform your space into a visual masterpiece!

Chris Ware

Media ID 28365220

12"x8" Photo Print

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of architectural beauty with our Media Storehouse range of Photographic Prints. This stunning image, 'Washing White' by Chris Ware from Fine Art Storehouse, transports you to a newly completed fish market in Dubai. Witness the meticulous work of two men as they delicately rub down the white-washed ceilings, capturing a moment that exudes both dedication and artistry. Bring this extraordinary scene into your space and let it inspire awe and admiration for the wonders of human craftsmanship.

Photo prints are produced on Kodak professional photo paper resulting in timeless and breath-taking prints which are also ideal for framing. The colors produced are rich and vivid, with accurate blacks and pristine whites, resulting in prints that are truly timeless and magnificent. Whether you're looking to display your prints in your home, office, or gallery, our range of photographic prints are sure to impress. Dimensions refers to the size of the paper in inches.

Our Photo Prints are in a large range of sizes and are printed on Archival Quality Paper for excellent colour reproduction and longevity. They are ideal for framing (our Framed Prints use these) at a reasonable cost. Alternatives include cheaper Poster Prints and higher quality Fine Art Paper, the choice of which is largely dependant on your budget.

Estimated Product Size is 20.3cm x 30.5cm (8" x 12")

These are individually made so all sizes are approximate

Artwork printed orientated as per the preview above, with portrait (vertical) orientation to match the source image.


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In this photograph titled "Washing White" captured by the talented artist Chris Ware, we are transported to a newly completed fish market in Dubai. The image showcases two men diligently rubbing down the freshly white-washed ceilings, their focused expressions mirroring the meticulousness of their task. The composition is strikingly beautiful, with soft natural light filtering through large windows and illuminating every corner of the space. The pristine white walls create an atmosphere of purity and freshness, while also symbolizing new beginnings and endless possibilities. Ware's keen eye for detail allows us to appreciate the intricate patterns created by the repetitive motion of these dedicated workers. Their synchronized movements seem almost choreographed as they navigate ladders and scaffolding with ease, leaving no spot untouched. This photograph not only captures a moment frozen in time but also tells a larger story about human perseverance and dedication to craftsmanship. It reminds us that even seemingly mundane tasks can hold great significance when executed with passion and precision. "Washing White" invites viewers to reflect on themes such as hard work, transformation, and pride in one's craft. It serves as a reminder that beauty can be found even in everyday scenes if we take a moment to truly observe our surroundings.

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