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"Switched On: A Festive Tradition at Broad Street Mall

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"Switched On: A Festive Tradition at Broad Street Mall, Reading" Step into the enchanting world of Christmas as the vibrant lights illuminate Broad Street Mall in Reading. Since 1990, this annual event has brought joy and excitement to the hearts of locals and visitors alike. On that memorable day of November 22nd, 1990, the anticipation was palpable as crowds gathered for the grand switch-on ceremony. Liza Goddard and Lionel Blair graced the stage with their presence, adding a touch of star power to this magical occasion. As they pressed that button, an explosion of dazzling colors filled the night sky, marking the official start of Christmas in Reading. The following year saw another unforgettable celebration on November 21st, 1991. Christopher Biggins took center stage alongside Barry Chuckle to continue spreading holiday cheer through their infectious laughter and warm smiles. Once again, Broad Street Mall became a beacon of light amidst winter's darkness. Year after year, families eagerly awaited this cherished tradition - an opportunity to come together and revel in the festive atmosphere. The twinkling lights created a whimsical backdrop for joyful reunions with loved ones and delightful shopping sprees among beautifully adorned stores. As each switch-on date approached over time – whether it be November 22nd or November 21st – there was an undeniable sense of unity within Reading's community. The shared experience fostered a spirit of camaraderie that transcended age or background. The memories made during these illuminating evenings will forever hold a special place in people's hearts. From children gazing wide-eyed at mesmerizing displays to adults finding solace in nostalgic moments from years past - everyone found something truly magical beneath those radiant lights. So let us celebrate this longstanding tradition where "switched on" takes on new meaning - not just about lighting up bulbs but igniting hope and happiness within all who witness it.