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presidentsfirst ladies/william howard taft
William Howard Taft
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presidentsfirst ladies/ppre2a 00093
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presidentsfirst ladies/abraham lincoln family 1860s
Abraham Lincoln and his family, 1860s
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presidentsfirst ladies/abraham lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
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presidentsfirst ladies/ppre2a 00035
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presidentsfirst ladies/chester a arthur
Chester A. Arthur
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presidentsfirst ladies/james a garfield
James A. Garfield
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presidentsfirst ladies/ppre2a 00069
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presidentsfirst ladies/ppre2a 00072
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presidentsfirst ladies/police commissioner roosevelt ny governor cleveland
Police Commissioner Roosevelt and NY Governor Cleveland, 1884
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presidentsfirst ladies/ppre2a 00097
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presidentsfirst ladies/ppre2a 00102
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presidentsfirst ladies/president grover cleveland
President Grover Cleveland
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presidentsfirst ladies/sarah childress polk wife president polk
Sarah Childress Polk, wife of President Polk
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presidentsfirst ladies/martin van buren
Martin Van Buren
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presidentsfirst ladies/andrew jackson portrait signature
Andrew Jackson portrait and signature
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presidentsfirst ladies/louisa adams wife john quincy adams
Louisa Adams, wife of John Quincy Adams
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presidentsfirst ladies/james k polk
James K. Polk
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presidentsfirst ladies/barn designed george washington mount vernon
Barn designed by George Washington, Mount Vernon
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presidentsfirst ladies/log cabin owned theodore roosevelt north dakota
Log cabin once owned by Theodore Roosevelt, North Dakota
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presidentsfirst ladies/abraham lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
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presidentsfirst ladies/ppre2a 00272
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presidentsfirst ladies/ppre2a 00081
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presidentsfirst ladies/andrew jackson
Andrew Jackson
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presidentsfirst ladies/president tafts antitrust policies cartooned
President Taft's antitrust policies cartooned, 1911
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