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Pioneers Gallery

Oklahoma Territory opened to settlers, 1891
Mountain man in the old west
Colonial family banished from Puritan Massachusetts, 1600s
Cades Cove log cabin, Tennessee
Mormon Trail hand-cart
Oglethorpe and Tomo-chichi becoming friends in colonial Georgia
Swedish colonists on the Delaware River
Spanish familys ox-cart, California, 1800s
Oregon Trail pioneers passing Chimney Rock
Wichita, Kansas, 1870s
Building the railroad to Bismarck, North Dakota, 1870s
Trading post at Fort Laramie, Oregon Trail
Log cabin in Vermont
Danish immigrant homestead, Old World Wisconsin
Supplies in the Fort Laramie trading post, Oregon Trail
Covered wagon on the prairie
Pioneer family on the Oregon Trail
Dugout home covered with prairie sod
Pioneers moving west, early 1800s
Oregon Trail covered wagons
Pioneer name in Register Rock on the Oregon Trail, 1855
Oregon Trail pioneer graves, Wyoming
New England colonial militia, 1600s
Founding of Providence, Rhode Island, 1636
South Carolina colonists planting crops
French colonists in Illinois
Colonists building their homes at Plymouth, 1620s
Plymouth colonists building homes
Colonists arriving on Roanoke Island, 1585
Oregon Trail wagons camping for the night
Settlers plumping mill for grinding corn
Oxen dying of thirst on a wagon trail
Wolf near a snowy log cabin
Oregon Trail pioneers on the Great Plains
Sod home of a pioneer family on the plains
Wagon tracks on the Oregon Trail, Wyoming
Conestoga wagon on the Oregon Trail
Immigrant families headed west from Boston, 1800s
Ohio River bringing settlers to the Old Northwest
Settlers on the Ohio River
National Road wagons and stagecoach traffic
Hand-carts on the Mormon Trail to Utah
Mormons caught in a prairie blizzard en route to Utah
Kentucky woman fighting off Native Americans, 1791
Boston colonists greeted by Native Americans, 1635
Homestead in Dakota Territory, 1800s

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