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literature theater/plit2a 00045
#media dmcs-5881442
literature theater/beowulf manuscript page
Beowulf manuscript page
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literature theater/book kells illustration st matthew
Book of Kells illustration of St. Matthew
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literature theater/lindisfarne gospels page
Lindisfarne Gospels page
#media dmcs-5881564
literature theater/david hume
David Hume
#media dmcs-5881996
literature theater/nietzsche
#media dmcs-5881995
literature theater/scribe copying manuscripts middle ages
Scribe copying manuscripts in the Middle Ages
#media dmcs-5881568
literature theater/immanuel kant
Immanuel Kant
#media dmcs-5882005
ancient history/panc2a 00033
#media dmcs-5878352
literature theater/renaissance poet dante aligheri crowned laurel
#media dmcs-5882135
literature theater/psoc2a 00005
#media dmcs-5882009
literature theater/wealthy opera goers 1900
Wealthy opera-goers, 1900
#media dmcs-5881987
literature theater/new england primer page
New England Primer page
#media dmcs-5881955
literature theater/philadelphia colonist reading old library 1700s
Philadelphia colonist reading in the old library, 1700s
#media dmcs-5881604
literature theater/la fontaine moliere racine french writers
La Fontaine, Moliere, Racine, and other French writers, 1600s
#media dmcs-5881480
literature theater/psoc2a 00001
#media dmcs-5882015
literature theater/plit2a 00051
#media dmcs-5882355
literature theater/charles dickens writing
Charles Dickens writing
#media dmcs-5882305
literature theater/plit2a 00110
#media dmcs-5882241
literature theater/plit2a 00107
#media dmcs-5882229
literature theater/francis bacon
Francis Bacon
#media dmcs-5881450
animalswildlife/puss in boots
#media dmcs-5878503
literature theater/daniel defoe
Daniel Defoe
#media dmcs-5882183
literature theater/robert burns character tam oshanter
Robert Burns' character Tam O'Shanter
#media dmcs-5882139
literature theater/georg wilhelm friedrich hegel digitally
#media dmcs-5881998
literature theater/mystery play performed medieval coventry england
Mystery play performed in medieval Coventry, England
#media dmcs-5881975
french history/louis xiv moliere having breakfast
Louis XIV and Moliere having breakfast
#media dmcs-5881512
literature theater/dr jekyll mr hyde
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
#media dmcs-5882319
literature theater/scarlet letter protagonist hester prynne
"Scarlet Letter" protagonist Hester Prynne
#media dmcs-5882263
literature theater/harriet beecher stowe
Harriet Beecher Stowe
#media dmcs-5882095
literature theater/jane austin
Jane Austin
#media dmcs-5881474
literature theater/edgar allen poe
Edgar Allen Poe
#media dmcs-5882269
literature theater/plit2a 00106
#media dmcs-5882249
literature theater/robert burns character tam oshanter
Robert Burns' character Tam O'Shanter
#media dmcs-5882157
literature theater/robert burns site tam oshanter tavern
Robert Burns' site Tam O'Shanter Tavern
#media dmcs-5882151
literature theater/samuel johnson
Samuel Johnson
#media dmcs-5882127
literature theater/plit2c 00110
#media dmcs-5882111
literature theater/actors stage days shakespeare
Actors on stage in the days of Shakespeare
#media dmcs-5881992