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american west/bucking bronco
Bucking bronco
#media dmcs-5876866
american west/buffalo soldiers charging rescue
Buffalo soldiers charging to the rescue
#media dmcs-5877283
american west/buffalo soldiers rough trail
Buffalo soldiers on a rough trail
#media dmcs-5877271
american west/grizzly bear attacking pawnee hunter
Grizzly bear attacking a Pawnee hunter
#media dmcs-5877181
american west/buffalo soldier drinking canteen
Buffalo soldier drinking from his canteen
#media dmcs-5877287
american west/bozeman trail bridger mountains montana
Bozeman Trail over the Bridger Mountains, Montana
#media dmcs-5877590
american west/bozeman trail bridger mountains montana
Bozeman Trail over the Bridger Mountains, Montana
#media dmcs-5877588
american west/sam houston
Sam Houston
#media dmcs-5877336
american west/bear flag california republic
Bear Flag of the California Republic
#media dmcs-5877600
american west/oklahoma territory opened settlers 1891
Oklahoma Territory opened to settlers, 1891
#media dmcs-5877572
american west/black hills south dakota
Black Hills, South Dakota
#media dmcs-5877570
american west/panning gold california
Panning for gold, California
#media dmcs-5877510
american west/columbia river campsite native american fishermen
Columbia River campsite of Native American fishermen
#media dmcs-5877428
american west/gunfight street western town
Gunfight in the street of a western town
#media dmcs-5877341
american west/sheriff removing criminals boots
Sheriff removing criminals' boots
#media dmcs-5877339
american west/pexp2a 00105
#media dmcs-5877296
american west/hset2a 00088
#media dmcs-5877279
american west/hset2a 00125
#media dmcs-5877237
american west/columbia river fishing camp native americans
Columbia River fishing camp of Native Americans
#media dmcs-5877129
american west/george a custer
George A. Custer
#media dmcs-5877105
american west/evnt2a 00075
#media dmcs-5877099
american west/evnt2a 00012
#media dmcs-5877077
american west/bronco rider
Bronco rider
#media dmcs-5877072
american west/agri2a 00019
#media dmcs-5877068
american west/army survivors custers stand horse scout
US Army survivors of Custer's Last Stand - horse and scout, Curley
#media dmcs-5876951
american west/george a custer
George A. Custer
#media dmcs-5877113
american west/native american attack western stagecoach
Native American attack on a western stagecoach
#media dmcs-5877416
american west/shooting bison sport 1880s
Shooting bison for sport, 1880s
#media dmcs-5877364
american west/rowdy cowboys
Rowdy cowboys
#media dmcs-5877349
american west/missouri river near mandan north dakota
Missouri River near Mandan, North Dakota
#media dmcs-5877252