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Weird and Ugly Creatures

As featured in World Book's Ugh! Yuck! and Whoa! series

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weird ugly creatures/tokay gecko gekko gecko licking eye captive
weird ugly creatures/common opossum didelphis marsupialis playing
weird ugly creatures/giant pangolin manis gigantea walking ground
weird ugly creatures/blue footed booby sula nebouxii excisa standing rock
weird ugly creatures/mosquito aedes punctor female resting sucking
weird ugly creatures/armadillo girdled lizard cordylus cataphractus
weird ugly creatures/malaysian orchid mantis nymph hymenopus coronatus
weird ugly creatures/leaf cutter ants atta cephalotes carrying sections
weird ugly creatures/binocular fish winteria telescopa
weird ugly creatures/inflated spotted porcupinefish diodon hystrix
weird ugly creatures/spinner dolphin stenella longirostris jumping
weird ugly creatures/rf green and black poison dart frog dendrobates
weird ugly creatures/rf mossy leaf tailed gecko uroplatus sikorae
weird ugly creatures/acrobat ant crematogaster sp tending aphids
weird ugly creatures/spotfin burrfish chilomycterus reticulatus
weird ugly creatures/yellow bellied toad bombina variegata showing
weird ugly creatures/sea butterfly peraclis bispinosa captive deep
weird ugly creatures/fangtooth moray eel enchelycore anatina mouth open
weird ugly creatures/tasseled wobbegong shark eucrossorhinus dasypogon
weird ugly creatures/illuminated netdevil linophryne arborifera
weird ugly creatures/kissing bug rhodnius pictipes important vector
weird ugly creatures/spiny flower mantis pseudocreobotra wahlbergii
weird ugly creatures/komodo dragon varanus komodoensis sensing forked
weird ugly creatures/aye aye daubentonia madagascariensis emerging
weird ugly creatures/european lobster homarus gammarus channel islands
weird ugly creatures/frilled lizard chlamydosaurus kingii neck frill
weird ugly creatures/narwhal monodon monoceros showing tusks water
weird ugly creatures/bearded pig sus barbatus portrait standing tropical
weird ugly creatures/portrait binturong asian bearcat arctictis
weird ugly creatures/siberian musk deer moschus moschiferus male
weird ugly creatures/male babirusa babyrousa celebensis island sulawesi
weird ugly creatures/dog flea ctenocephalides canis uk
weird ugly creatures/banded armadillo tolypeutes tricinctus uncurling
weird ugly creatures/european praying mantis female eats male mating
weird ugly creatures/fire bellied toad bombina bombina
weird ugly creatures/musk deer products moschus sp left right back
weird ugly creatures/scalloped hammerhead shark sphyrna lewini hawaii
weird ugly creatures/purple stinger pelagia noctiluca hawaii
weird ugly creatures/greylag geese anser anser fighting antwerpen
weird ugly creatures/sea cucumber bohadschia argus ejected internal
weird ugly creatures/red slug arion rufus vosges france september
weird ugly creatures/bobbit worm eunice sp emerges hole black sand
weird ugly creatures/tropical flounder bothus mancus socorro island
weird ugly creatures/lionfish pterois volitans indonesia
weird ugly creatures/peringueys sidewinding adder bitis peringueyi
weird ugly creatures/pearlfish carapus acus outside host sea cucumber
weird ugly creatures/pearlfish carapus acus anus sea cucumber stichopus
weird ugly creatures/rusty patched bumblebee bombus affinis female
weird ugly creatures/caddisfly hydropsychidae flight attracted mercury
weird ugly creatures/willow grouse lagopus lagopus feeding snow laden
weird ugly creatures/dung beetle scarabaeidae pushing ball dung venetia
weird ugly creatures/rf reticulated glass frog hyalinobatrachium
weird ugly creatures/rf strawberry poison frog oophaga pumilio
weird ugly creatures/common fangtooth anoplogaster cornuta deep sea
weird ugly creatures/glass octopus vitreledonella richardi deep
weird ugly creatures/sea butterfly hyalocylix striata captive atlantic
weird ugly creatures/short eared owl asio flammeus tilting head upside
weird ugly creatures/herring gull larus argentatus snatching food
weird ugly creatures/spotted hyena crocuta crocuta stretching ground
weird ugly creatures/hamerkop scopus umbretta tossing frog prey mkuze
weird ugly creatures/willow grouse ptarmigan lagopus lagopus pecking
weird ugly creatures/kea nestor notabilis standing wing mirror car
weird ugly creatures/dead leaf mantis deroplatys dessicata camouflaged
weird ugly creatures/american dog tick dermacentor variabilis adult
weird ugly creatures/golden poison dart frog phyllobates terribilis
weird ugly creatures/humboldt squid dosidicus gigas cannibalising
weird ugly creatures/woodlouse armadillidium pulchellum niedersechsische
weird ugly creatures/adult herring gull larus argentatus scavenging
weird ugly creatures/decorator crab unidentified soft coral night
weird ugly creatures/grass snake natrix natrix feigning death poitou
weird ugly creatures/lionesses panthera leo trying defend kill large
weird ugly creatures/leaf katydid cycloptera speculata camouflaged leaf
weird ugly creatures/bluestreak cleaner wrasse labroides dimidiatus
weird ugly creatures/king cobra ophiophagus hannah strike pose mouth open
weird ugly creatures/hippopotamus hippopotamus amphibius male marking
weird ugly creatures/head louse pediculus humanus capitus brackenridge
weird ugly creatures/macleays spectre extatosoma tiaratum captive
weird ugly creatures/illuminated netdevil linophyne arboritera male
weird ugly creatures/marbled electric ray torpedo marmorata bouley bay
weird ugly creatures/arctic fox vulpes lagopus summer moult stealing
weird ugly creatures/golf ball sized painted frogfish antennarius
weird ugly creatures/bioluminescent fungus gnat arachnocampa luminosa
weird ugly creatures/fungus gnat arachnocampa luminosa pupa nearly
weird ugly creatures/tassled scorpionfish scorpaenopsis oxycephala
weird ugly creatures/giant panda ailuropoda melanoleuca young male
weird ugly creatures/southern banded armadillo tolypeutes matacus
weird ugly creatures/leaf nosed bat stenodermatinae sp iwokrama guyana
weird ugly creatures/greater bulldog bat noctilio leporinus portrait
weird ugly creatures/goliath birdeater theraphosa blondi kanuku mountains
weird ugly creatures/snake madagascarophis meridionalis feeding chamaleon
weird ugly creatures/california condor gymnogyps californianus iucn
weird ugly creatures/round headed katydid amblycorypha female head
weird ugly creatures/needle bug nymph ranatra linearis hidden roots
weird ugly creatures/giraffe necked weevil trachelophorus giraffa
weird ugly creatures/lumholtzs tree kangaroo dendrolagus lumholtzi
weird ugly creatures/male japanese giant salamander andrias japonicus
weird ugly creatures/caribbean reef squid sepioteuthis sepioidea
weird ugly creatures/pine marten martes martes youngster moving branches
weird ugly creatures/stag beetle lucanus cervus defensive posture


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